33. Danielle Salinger Discusses Prince, 1999


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I know Danielle Salinger from her writing and tweeting on mental health and as a member of the fantasy sports community, and on this episode, we all get to know her for her love of music and of Prince. Danielle chose the first double album to be covered on a You, Me and An Album episode, as we discussed Prince’s 1999. In addition to discussing all four sides of this decade-shaping album, we talked about the progression of Prince’s music throughout his career, how Danielle was introduced to his music and the important role that music can play in mental health.

As she mentioned on this episode, Danielle has a blog, and you can find it here: https://beingrealwithdanielle.com/.

Danielle talked about the mental health meetup that she has created. If you are interested in learning more about this group or joining, please DM her on Twitter at @MrsDSalinger. Danielle is also a great follow, so give that Follow button a click!

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1:32 Danielle joins the show

2:10 Danielle is enjoying her first season of playing fantasy baseball

5:29 Danielle is getting ready to blog about mental health again

7:37 Danielle created an online mental health meetup

9:21 Music’s ability to create connection is important to mental health

12:33 Danielle was introduced to Prince’s music at an inappropriately young age

18:44 Al didn’t know much of 1999 beyond the radio hits

19:48 Danielle’s favorite Prince music is generally from the era of his commercial peak

21:40 Danielle took part in a Prince song draft

23:05 Danielle is also a fan of several Prince songs that were performed by other artists

Track by track breakdown

24:44 1999

32:55 Little Red Corvette

40:14 Delirious

42:43 Let’s Pretend We’re Married

48:09 D.M.S.R.

53:48 Automatic

58:52 Something In the Water (Does Not Compute)

1:03:03 Free

1:06:16 Lady Cab Driver

1:12:07 All the Critics Love U in New York

1:18:00 International Lover

1:21:30 Al remembers Prince’s music getting maligned after the success of 1999 and Purple Rain

1:24:40 Prince was able to challenge his listeners while entertaining them

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