From Bankrupt to 6-Figure CEO Coach (with Brandy Mabra), plus the Olympic Athlete Tax


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What would be your first step in the right direction when life isn't going your way? How would you move forward and make the most important change ever? Brandy Mabra journeyed from bankruptcy to successful CEO coach and today shares her journey. She knew she needed to take every opportunity available (and even moved to another state!) to make a better life for her and her son. After a few crucial and well-thought pivots in her career, she started her coaching and consulting business and shares tips we can all use when faced with hurdles, however big or small.

During our headline segment, did you know that Olympic athletes earned money when they won medals? Neither did we, and at one point IRS taxed that income. It's hard to believe that you can rep the USA brand and Uncle Sam could still find you! After that eye-popper, we'll finish the show with a Haven Life line call from Julie who has questions about saving for her kids' future. And Doug will throw in some Madonna themed trivia.


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