Zero Gravity Boning


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Are you as amused as we are by the giant dildos flying into space lately? Brandi and Wells have traveled all over the country and the globe, but their next adventure may just be heading out to a space station turned bar, so please look out for our GoFundMe to get this going. They’re also trying to figure out what it will be like to have sex in zero G. Will it be like boning down in the deep end of our swimming pools? TBD. Our hosts also catch up on what they’ve been doing in the last week, and quick heads up to anyone who saw Wells driving in the nude recently... you weren’t hallucinating and we will explain. They also get into the emotional rollercoaster that was this week’s Bachelorette episode and Men Tell All combo. Is Brandi now a Michael A. guy? Was Thomas recording from Restoration Hardware? And why did this episode bring back all the memories of Wells realizing he wasn’t the next lead? All this and more. Catch you next time! Until then, we’ll be stoned at the nail salon.

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