304: The Legend of Zelda


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Section Chief Zelda Anders is haunted by memories of her first case...and Special Agent Chet Phillips is playing video games.

Written and Directed by
J. Michael DeAngelis

Chris Klaniecki as Skip Granger
Nazli Sarpkaya as Mackenzie McGrath
Dave Stanger as Bowden Montcrief
Paige Klaniecki as Gloria Kovak
Faith Dowgin as Section Chief Zelda Anders
with Kirk White as Chet Phillips
and Kevin McGrath as The Mission Voice

Also Starring
Ashley Banks as Athena O'Brien
Jill Ivey as Harley
and Bob Killion as Hightower and The Admiral

Guest Starring
Eric Werner as Balthazar Montcrief
Pete Barry as Bud
Shannon Perry as Atlas
J. Michael DeAngelis as Royce Blayton
Dave Serfass as Sandy Bottoms
John Dowgin as Link Lynell
and Sarah Rhea Werner as Pat

"Oceanology Hymn" and "Chain Breaker"
Music by Pete Barry
Lyrics by J. Michael DeAngelis

Music, sound editing and mixing by Pete Barry

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Sound effect attributions below. All other effects by Pete Barry.

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