Why Not in LA?


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WHY NOT IN LA? The Los Angeles Lakers agreed on a trade with the Washington Wizards sending Russell Westbrook to team up with Lebron James and Anthony Davis next season! Should the Lakers be favorites after the blockbuster trade? The MLB's trade deadline has been more active than ever and the Dodgers aggressively traded for Nationals 3x Cy Young winner Max Scherzer and all star SS Trea Turner! Are the Dodgers in position to repeat? In the AL East, the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees also were active trading for players sending Kyle Schwarber to Boston and Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo to The Bronx! The STP crew grades the moves made by the teams! Also, could Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill defeat Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt in a foot race? He seems to think so but can he?! That and more on this episode of Stir the Pot Sports presented by CMG Podcasts and Rocky Hill Accountants, LLC.

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