Mentor Relationships - Timothy Stratton Interview Part 5


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The last part of the series in the Tim Stratton interview goes into how he got here and touches on mentor relationships. While we stick to the specifics, there are some valuable generalizations to take away from it. We saved the best for last as we wrap up our time with Tim.

Mentor Relationships Change

We briefly dropped the idea that Timothy has had multiple mentors throughout his life. It is important to note that these have to do with the stage of life we are in. I think most of us know that a childhood mentor is not going to necessarily help us as an adult. However, it is important to remember that as we move through our careers. The invaluable person in our early career development may not be very helpful and might even hold us back as our career proceeds. We can outgrow our mentors and leaders in life.

Nothing is Free

Nothing worthwhile is free or easy. We have to put something into mentor relationships in order to get value out of them. Timothy spends some time talking about how he takes these relationships seriously. He is intentional about listening for guidance and then acting on it. He also provides feedback after the fact in order to get further mentoring.

A Little Background

Timothy is a software development manager at XSolis with a strong development background. He has a master's degree and a love for learning. We gave some details in part one and then dug deeper into how his career started and how those steps led to success today in part 2.

Contacting Timothy

You can send an email to for other methods of connection. Unfortunately (for us), he is not a fan of social sites. Thus, he keeps that footprint small. However, he is happy to help others, and we can connect you through any of the normal Develpreneur avenues.

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