Episode 70 - Behind the Beak.


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After ANOTHER impromptu hiatus, Lee & Ryan are back! We may have been gone, but the quality of the show remains - how? Well, how about THIS...the Hate List, Seagull News and Kidding is back like big swinging d**ks and we hear a VERY disgruntled voice-message amongst other such madness, don't miss out. If you do miss out, then don't worry - you may be scorned by your friends but lets face it, if they scorn you then maybe they're not really you friends at all? Hmm, see - a lot to ponder upon our return.

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@babblementpod on Instagram and Twitter, babblementpod@gmail.com or by carrier pigeon, stand atop a large building and call for STEVEN, he'll know what to do.

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