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“You think you know someone, and then one day you just don’t, and that’s just life.” That is Brandi’s take on the Bach-ette Greggy situation, soooo, that’s that on that. After a quick Bach chat, your hosts dive into a more serious conversation about sneezing; can you sneeze when you’re asleep? If you sneeze with your eyes open, will they pop out of your head? What’s scarier than sneezing and driving? All this is discussed for your listening pleasure. Also, are there any high school kids playing high school kids on television? Because the Outer Banks kids are like basically 30. Brandi is looking for some Halloween costume ideas, and Wells thinks Tokyo is too far to send horses for the Olympic horse-showed. Lastly, your hosts discuss the obscurity of Olympic sports and why we assign the hardest one exclusively to 12-year-old girls. Like, that’s not fair. Anyways, next week episode one of BIP will be out! Stay tuned to see how much Wells gets cut out.

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