The Trans Sporter Room Ep96 -- Zooey Zephyr: Fighting the fight in Big Sky country


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Zooey Zephyr is a grad student and administrator at the University of Montana. She grew up as a high-level amateur who is now speedy on a soccer pitch.

She's also one of the voices rising and activists working against the coordinated wave of legislation currently targeting trans youth in more than 30 states in the last year.

Karleigh Webb got the chance to sit down one of the many activists, supporters and allies mounting a determined resistance to this surge, including getting involved in the process on electoral front. They also explore loving sports and how it became a pathway to finding oneself and why the body politic could use a few good gamers and anime fans.

Also the week:

  • Team LGBTQ Olympic Recap: A top ten finish in every metric, including the "Karleigh Olympic Index"
  • Eddy Demarez: SHUT UP FOOL!
  • A call to the red, white and blue on Team LGBTQ

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