iPhone101: Freeing Up Storage Space on your iDevice by Removing Large Files and Attachments by Recommendations from Your iDevice Itself!


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Is your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch big enough? Are you constantly worrying about not having enough space on your phone to upgrade to the latest iOS update, or even download that new app you want? If so, you may be experiencing “Small Device Storage Syndrome”. This is a potentially serious condition which is growing among smart phone users around the globe and you owe it to yourself to find out if you are afflicted by this ailment.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you spring for the 256 Gb model? Or maybe the 512 Gb model when you have only used 50 Gigs on your last three iPhones?
  • Have you already decided on the larger phone the next time you upgrade, even though you just bought the latest model?
  • Will you justify buying the largest model available, even though it will cost $200 more than you are paying in rent?
  • Do you panic Whenever your available storage space dips under 200 Gigs?
  • Do you instantly delete each and every message in your Messages app or What’s App as soon as you read it?

Answer key: if you answered yes to all of these questions, you may be suffering from an illness called “Small Device Storage Syndrome”. This bears the symptoms of always feeling like you just can’t have enough iPhone storage, no matter how much available space you have.. It’s like a constant hunger!

Well, here at BlindAbilities, we provide urgent care attention to those who suffer, and we do not “judge”, regardless of your addictions or habits.

Let this episode of the iPhone101 series start the healing process and begin the journey back to normalcy.

One way to start this process is to clear out some of those large, unneeded or unwanted files such as videos, photos, audio files or documents that are occupying large chunks of space. in this episode Pete Lane walks us through a couple of methods to do precisely that. Learn how to free up storage space on your device by clearing out large attachments received in your Messages app and more!

Join Pete as he walks through the iPhone storage settings, describing how to identify which apps are using the most space on your device, which are your largest files, and how to remove them. As usual, Pete describes in detail the step by step ways to do this And of course, he enlists the help of music and effects to make your listening experience entertaining and enjoyable along the way.

Listen in on this brief and fast-paced demonstration of deleting large attachments to free up that priceless space on your device,!

Here are the steps for Storage Recommendations:

  1. Go to iPhone settings,
  2. Go to General,
  3. Go to iPhone Storage:
  4. Go to Recommendations:
  • Review the list of Large Attachments that you have received in your Messages app and decide whether or not you wish to save them or you can delete them. This list is provided for you in order of size so you will know how much storage space they are occupying.
  • Review your apps which are also displayed in order of space occupied. This will help you know which are taking up the most space on your phone as you move forward.

Stay tuned as Blind Abilities continues to add to its growing library of iPhone 101 demonstrations aimed at teaching you about specific features or apps on your iDevice, or reacquainting you with some that have faded with time. Also, be sure to offer suggestions for additional topics that Jeff and Pete can cover in future episodes of this series.

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