Matthew Whitaker Releases His 3rd Album, Connections, Finishes His 2nd Year at Juilliard and His 1st Interview in the Blind Abilities Studio! Meet Matthew Whitaker Musician Extraordinaire!


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Show Summary:

Matthew Whitaker started playing piano at age 3 and has been studying and practicing music ever since. He plays all types of music and Jazz is the place where he likes to reside as he has the freedom to improvise. Matthew has just released his 3rd album, Connections, and talks about the recording process, the people he worked with and how his original songs came about.

Matthew takes us through his arrangements, time shifts and his instruments surrounding him in his studio. Matthew also stresses how he does not let his Blindness hold him back. From rock climbing, skiing to touring the world and entertaining people with his music, Matthew always finds the time to take a break and we caught him at just the right time for this interview. His 2nd year at The Juilliard School and his 3rd record now complete, Matthew joined Jeff and Pete in the Blind Abilities Studio.

Learn about Matthew’s musical journey, his passion for music and his wide range of musical instruments that fill his studio. Most importantly, you get a chance to meet Matthew Whitaker, a 20 year old musician who just happens to be Blind. And, as you will find out, a pretty nice guy!

You can find out more about Matthew Whitaker on his web site and be sure to check out Matthew’s music wherever you listen to music.

And be sure to check out all the fine companies Matthew mentioned in the interview:


Freedom Scientific:

NVDA Access:

Native Instruments:

Hammond Organ Company:

USA Yamaha:


American Foundation for the Blind:

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