Best of: Renaissance Man In Transition Pants - Paul Roberts


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Stay tuned until the end of this episode to hear some outtakes...

Paul shares the rollercoaster ride of his journey from growing up in a family of teachers and coaches. His family owned a peach farm; he worked on the wildlife refuge in the summers. He was given a lot of opportunities to learn to become a jack of all trades. He also speaks to the other side of being a jack of all trades, which is being a master of none. Growing up in a one-stoplight small town and ended up playing football at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Worked for Lowes Home Improvement as a manager and graduated with a major in Peace/War/and defense. He was a police officer in Carborro, then a wildland firefighter. Where he was a bulldozer operator and did prescribed fires, he also got his general contractor license.

Paul is one of the rare few people that Sarah believes is a representation of a perfect balance between masculine (assertive) and feminine energy (nurturing).

Paul shares about the type of leadership/management that he thrived under in his early work career and why it empowered him to excel. He was left to "figure it out" and take responsibility to fix any mistakes.

There is a difference between perfectionism and healthy striving. Healthy striving is wanting to learn and excel at the craft, it's internally motivated. Perfectionism is externally motivated and about wanting to look the part and meet other's expectations.

Done is better than perfect.

One of the keys to success for Paul was networking. He talks through his approach.

Paul also discussed his strong belief about his beard. He goes so far as to start a job interview or potential client meeting with a caveat the he will not be shaving his beard.

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