005: Anya Fernald - Regenerative Agriculture and How’s It Transforming the Planet and the Meat Industry


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Is it possible to produce a higher quality of meat while reducing the impact farming and the meat industry have on the environment?

And, taking it a step further, what if it was possible to sequester enough carbon to reverse climate change?

While it sounds almost too good to be true, it’s exactly what happens with regenerative agriculture.

If you don’t know the term or this method of farming, this podcast episode with Belcampo’s co-founder and CEO Anya Fernald will help you understand all about this growing model of farming.

In the episode, Anya dives into what regenerative farming is, what makes it so special, and how it produces a higher quality of meat while reversing and reducing its environmental impact.

Anya also chats about why meat gets a bad rap and where this initially came from, how Belcampo, a 30,000+ acre regenerative agriculture farm, is transforming the industry, and what it’s going to take to make regenerative ag more accessible and available.

Anya and Chris Irvin, The Ketologist and Education Manager at Perfect Keto, also jump into other topics like their experience with the carnivore diet, the best ways to prepare meat, the difference between conventional meat and regenerative agriculture meat, and so much more.

Whether you’re new to regenerative agriculture or you already have an understanding of it, this episode will shed some light on why this farming method is so beneficial to people, the planet, and the environment.

On top of being Belcampo’s CEO and a co-founder, Anya Fernald is also an entrepreneur, chef, agriculture expert, and she’s appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America, Iron Chef Gauntlet, and The Next Iron Chef.

Tune in now to learn all about regenerative agriculture and so much more!

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