Qualities of Reproducing Leaders


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Question: Why is it so difficult to reproduce quality leaders? Could it be there are insecurities in current leaders. If they raise up quality leaders, they might take our place, They will become better than me.

Leaders reproduce who they are, not what they want. Are we inadvertently reproducing leaders that have a fortress mentality? Learn to be a river and not a reservoir.

Perhaps our vision is too small to see the value of reproducing quality leaders. In the condition we find our world currently we need a larger vision of preproducing leaders. There truly is a leadership vacuum. The leadership models that are currently on display do not inspire people to be like them. We are a mad group of people looking for someone to inject quality leadership for the greater good of humanity.

Let’s dive into the 5 qualities of reproducing leaders. Take good notes, develop an intentional action plan to change. If you aim at nothing you are destined to hit it every single time.

Reproducing Leaders have a heart for the culture

A reproducing leader is the culture carrier! The culture is first owned by the leader and then associates. What is Culture? The culture of any organization is the shared values, actions, and missional purpose for existence of an org. It stands to reason the culture is visible and actionable. What are the values you espouse? As a Leader are you a super-server of others? Ultimately the culture is a set of shared ideas that is being placed on display for all to see and connect with.

Reproducing Leaders have a “Potential Radar”

If you possess a preferred vision for the future, then you must believe your team has the potential to get you there. Set people’s skills FREE! Reward progress. Be on the alert for progress in the lives of your team – polish and refine that progress and motivate them for greatness.

Reproducing Leaders have a heart for Legacy

Have a heart for the infinite and not the finite! This is not about being first, biggest, or exclusive. This is about positioning your org to outlast your life span. Others will accomplish greater feats than you. With this mindset you are released to assist others in the journey of Legacy by removing yourself out of the picture. Pause and ask yourself this question; If I am truly to become an infinite minded leader, what do I need to change in my leadership style?

Reproducing Leaders have a confident competency

Do not try to live with confidence unless it is undergirded by competency! Right or Wrong social media gives us access to world class leaders and their content, do not become a copy-cat as though you have paid that price to achieve that level of thinking and acting. Leaders are REQUIRED to continually grow, live out excellence, keep improving, keep inspiring others. Know that you have so much in you that life will not be long enough to get it out.

Reproducing Leaders have a generous voice

Your words is what backs up your true actions and intentions. Here are 4 voices of great leadership….

•Gifted Voice – Generosity with your words of adoration for your team

•Character Voice – Demonstrate an alignment in your life – congruence speaks louder than words only

•Experience Voice – Share what you have learned on your journey of Leading

•Heart Voice – Dare to express a loving affection for your Team


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