FMM136 - Creative Joy Is Yours for the Taking


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Ever caught yourself saying things like “when I can write music as good as this top producer, then I’ll be happy”...?

Or, “when I have this piece of hardware, then I’ll be on fire”...?While it may seem harmless at first, it’s actually a sure fire way to kill the vibe and all of your fun in the studio.Because the issue with looking at external outcomes for your happiness as a producer is that it so often results in feeling a lack of contentment and joy RIGHT NOW...And this of course leads you to avoid doing the very things that will get you the outcomes you really crave.

So today I’m going to be tackling what the solution is, sharing how you can stay upbeat and motivated in the studio every single day, and give your best towards getting the goals you really want to achieve.Listen now to find out how!

Are you finding joy at the moment? Are you becoming the person you need to be?

Let me know in the comments…

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