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It's Labor Day and Matt and Jim are off today.

That doesn't mean we don't have something for you to listen to. Check out our pal Steve-O on the UFC's newest show - 8 Questions hosted by Big Zuu.

A little about the show:

Rapper and presenter Big Zuu fires 8 Questions at some of the UFC’s biggest and most famous fans! On this episode, Jackass star Steve-O talks his favorite fights, calling out Justin Bieber, why Rose Namajunas is his favorite fighter of all time and who is the GOAT in the UFC?!

Check out the 8 Question now:

  1. (1:00) What is the first UFC fight you remember watching?
  2. (3:45) Who is your favorite UFC fighter of all time?
  3. (6:49) What is your favorite UFC fight you have attended or watched?
  4. (8:30) Is there anything left on your bucket list?
  5. (10:48) If you were a fighter, what would your fighter nickname be?
  6. (11:45) If you could fight one fighter in UFC history, who would it be?
  7. (13:11) What would your fantasy UFC matchup be?
  8. (14:45) Who is the GOAT in the UFC and in your line of business?

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