Future News and Views - Tesla's Thumper, The Diving Horses, Quantum Poetry, Dr. Michael Arnold on Fluvoxamine, Official Narratives, and Mrs. Future's 'Wave of Inevitability'


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Listen Now to Dr. Mrs. Future Show 9.7.2021

How might this show be described? Certainly not what we had planned. For starters, walking into the KSCO studios we find Billy Sunshine, one of our fav KSCO talk jocks! We invite him to stick around and boom, the show is off and running! This show is a bit more biographical, as you will find out more about Dr. Future’s teen years in the city of Brotherly Love, and the diving horses of Atlantic City, the strange thumper invention of Nikola Tesla, that leads to the famous comedic line, “Earth cracks in half, details at 11.”

Later we pay tribute to local quantum physicist Nick Herbert with a call from his biggest fan, Gaby in NJ, some stories, and a fresh recording of Nick performing one of his quantum tantra poems.

In the second hour Michael Arnold, M.D, calls in with an update on his Covid-19 investigations, including info on Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine. He also speaks of the current intimidation of doctors by the powers that be, should they do not conform to the the official narrative. Mrs. Future speaks of the upcoming ‘wave of inevitability,’ and we get the wolf we feed. Lots of call-ins, and Dr. Future speaks of his recent work with Divine Humans. Really? Enjoy..

Dr. Mrs. Future with Billy Sunshine during the show today.

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