Real Estate Investing is a High Risk & High Reward Game!


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Guest: Angie Pettyjohn, Mortgage Broker & Victoria Pettyjohn Mortgage Agent

Angie & Victoria are an awesome mother-daughter team! Angie began doing some private lending using her HELOC and registered funds. She’s passionate about helping investors grow and build their portfolios. Victoria is her underwriter and as a team, they are helping hundreds of investors succeed in this extreme real estate environment. Both are now starting to get the bug and hoping to buy some properties soon! Being self-employed, they understand the struggles that full-time investors are facing. They can ensure that agents can keep growing and scaling up! Money is quite readily available, however, there are lots of risk mitigation measures that must be put in place.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Lots of emotional buying happening
  • Appraisals not matching with purchase prices
  • Values have gone up but don’t match purchase prices
  • BRRRs now sometimes require to leave some money in the deal
  • Investors now qualify with a lower ARV
  • How to become a private lender
  • Using RSP money as a private lender
  • Trust but verify!
  • How to vet lenders and borrowers

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