Episode 157: Energy Mechanics Part 3


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Welcome back all my amazing brothers! Today we are finishing up the three-part series on energy mechanics, and stepping deeper into what comes after the first layer of cognitive mastery. Where do we find ourselves when we go beyond the surface-level binary? This is where we end up when we follow the development of the framework for cognitive mastery, and we need that foundation in order to arrive at this point. Before we can really engage with the power of energy and the mechanics behind it, we need alignment, and so we have to start with the mind.

There is a general and common misunderstanding about cause and effect in the material world. When we stay in this illusion, we are able to shift responsibility, using the mind's story to explain the effects that we see around us. However, brothers, this is not the truth! This is merely the mind and the stories it likes to tell us. We need to step out of this game, this view of cause and effect, and begin to understand the universal invisible energy that governs all planetary bodies.

This brings us to the concept of energy centers, and where these hubs reside in physical forms. We should all want to discover our unique energy mechanics, and in order to do this, we need to unpack how love, identity, and direction create perfection in the energy centers in you, and me, and everything around us. This is pure life, it is what remains when we strip away the lies and stories that crowd our vision and this step is part of the ongoing evolution we are experiencing right now. What a time to be alive!

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