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A railroad town surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Durango is in Colorado's Animas River Valley 6,512 feet above sea level. Best-known for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Durango was founded by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company in 1880. The steam-powered train marked 120 years of service in 2002 but is still going strong -- often as a setting for movies but also as a freight line for precious metals. It has carried more than $300 million in such cargo over the years. Hear more -- and all about nearby Mesa Verde National Park , Purgatory Resort, and the 1887 Strater Hotel -- when Rachel Welsh sits in the TRAVEL ITCH RADIO guest seat on Thursday, September 16, at 8p EDT. Listen live on iTunes or as Dan Schlossberg and Maryellen Nugent Lee ask her about the town's legacy, current status, and future plans. The archived show will be on Facebook after airing.

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