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What happens when you mix a life of media expertise with the desire to help us collectively look after our health, planet and ‘precious life’? Well, we think you get Sarah Wilson!

We used to call her the Sugar Lady, as she wrote, best selling book, I Quit Sugar and founded, a program that has been completed by 1.5 million people in 133 countries.

But will find no mention of sugar in this episode as Sarah is so much more than that we discovered!

Why? In 2018, Sarah closed the business and gave all money to charity. She now lives minimally, cycling her hand-built bike to red carpet events.

Sarah is also the author or two other books: another best seller, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, and her latest book, This One Wild and Precious Life which explores the complexities of climate change, coronavirus, racial inequalities and our disconnection from what matters.

Enjoy this delightful exchange!

Big Love,

Dave & Steve x

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