Secrets of the Holographic Universe with Carl Vibe Part 1


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YouTube sensation Carl Vibe, who you may have seen, or be one of his 3.1 million subscribers, on YouTube. He's also Carl the Crusher, from Carl and Jinger, on his family YouTube channel. In addition to being a true family man at heart, he's also a spiritual truth seeker and enjoys taking his viewers on paranormal investigations, UFO experiences, and anthropological trips to an ancient civilizations on his YouTube Channel, Carl Vibe.
We met on a live broadcast of The Singularity Lab YouTube channel and, despite the fact that he is a kind, thoughtful, empath, and I'm a bipolar autistic psychopath . . . and despite the fact that our brains work in completely different directions from polar opposite perspectives, we find ourselves agreeing in principle on almost everything we've talked about.
After The Singularity Lab, he started orbiting in Sonic Gravity . . . after he had seen the universe through the eyes of a madman, he did me the honor of inviting me to be a guest on the Carl Vibe show and share Sonic Gravity with his listeners.
It was a great conversation. He was gracious enough to give me the audio so I could share our conversation with you as bonus episodes. The full YouTube video of our conversation is here:
And if you have kids, his family channel is something you definitely want to check out here:
I hope you enjoy our conversation as much we enjoyed having it.

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