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When it comes to losing your ‘last’ pounds (and even the first ones!) something that gets in the way for SO many women is that they struggle with taking center stage in their life.

Let me paint a picture…

You end your day feeling completely, absolutely depleted. You end your day feeling like 110% of you has been given to everything and everyone else, and you’ve got nothing left for you.Then, enter food... (hello, late night eating!)Food then becomes that ‘go to’. It feels like the one thing you ‘get to enjoy’. It feels like the one time of the day where it’s ‘time for me’.

But if you asked most women, they wouldn’t tell you that THIS is what they wanted for their life...

They wouldn’t tell you that they wanted to feel completely depleted day-after-day, living their life in a way that the only ‘thing’ to enjoy, the only ‘time’ to enjoy would have become a moment with food, at the end of the day on the couch.

Today's podcast episode concept: TAKING CENTER STAGE, it is an invitation to reclaim and restate your position in your life- as being one where you’re not just getting the crumbs of yourself at the end of the day.

It's YOUR LIFE AFTER ALL... right?

Our lives are NOT dress rehearsals. This is it. And IT MATTERS FOR YOU TO TAKE CENTER STAGE.

This episode is for any woman that’s ever felt like there’s no time for you. That’s ever felt like you can’t even have a moment to yourself. (special shout out to the moms!)

This episode is for any woman that’s ever believed that you can’t do this weight loss thing, that it’s not possible for you, or that you don’t even deserve it.

In this episode you’re gonna learn exactly what to do when your brain wants to tell you that: - you can’t lose the weight you want to lose - that you’re not capable of changing the habits you want to change - that you’re not capable of experiencing emotions without going to food/emotionally eating - that it’s impossible to achieve the kinds of results you’re wanting to create - that you don’t deserve having what you want, or Taking Center Stage

Your brain was simply misinformed.

We’re gonna re-educate it. LISTEN NOW

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