Ep 140 "You Are Whoreible"


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Praise the lawd the beast is fixed!... Allegedly. This week Wax let us know he is fixed now, after going to therapy, but after listening to this episode he definitely needs a lot more work to do. Moreover, speaking of problems the bully and the beast helped their listeners out with their problems, and lets just say one of the voicemails definitely triggered Lore'l! And of course the beast added more fire to the fuel when he starts to preach about how ladies should only have one penis a year! Also don't miss their extra content exclusively on Patreon, where a woman writes in completely over her situation at home. Tune in! ****************************** DON'T FORGET! FOLLOW US ON IG @BULLYANDTHEBEASTPODCAST FOLLOW US ON TWITTER : @BULLYNTHEBEAST ************************************ Blue Chew Go to http://go.bluechew.com/bully-beast Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code BULLY at checkout-- just pay $5 shipping. ********************************** For Exclusive Content got to Patreon.com/thebullyandthebeast - extra email and voicemail -waxdom - behind the scene clips

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