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Throughout the pandemic many clinicians and patients have learned to adapt and change expectations in their daily lives. Alongside all of those changes, the urgency for optimizing health became apparent. Functional and personalized medicine offers the greatest opportunity to advance how medicine is practiced. As a prominent health economist, James Maskell has been at the forefront of this movement for many years and championing its expansion to make true healthcare available for everyone. Through his many platforms including books, podcasts, international speaking events, and online practice implementation tools, James continues to further the conversation.

In today’s podcast, we catch up with James and re-examine what’s worked throughout the past year and half as functional medicine has evolved as a community. We also discuss his latest venture HealCommunity to support patients and clinicians in behavior change adherence.

Today on The Lab Report:

  • 2:15 Introducing THE James Maskell
  • 4:20 The Power of Community Healthcare
  • 8:50 HealCommunity – Overcoming Obstacles To Community Medicine
  • 17:20 Advantages of Groups – Reinforcement, Support, and Accountability
  • 23:10 Monitoring Outcomes of Community Functional Medicine
  • 25:55 Unforeseen Positives of Telemedicine
  • 31:30 Return to LIVE Functional Forums
  • 40:30 The Fireball

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