Episode 1348: The Richie Allen Show Wednesday October 13th 2021


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Richie Allen is joined by Dr. Katherine Horton PhD.
Back in 2016, Oxford University graduate Dr. Katherine Horton reached out to the show. She holds a masters in particle physics and has had a very impressive career, including working at CERN. Katherine told Richie then, that she was a Targeted Individual. Katherine believed that she and her family were being harassed with energy weapons and something called gang-stalking. Katherine was a compelling witness. She came back today to talk about Havana Syndrome. CIA agents believe that they are being targeted by directed energy weapons in Cuba and beyond. Katherine tells Richie that the weaponry has become much more sophisticated and dangerous in recent years. She also discusses the Covid pandemic, the mRNA vaccine rollout and explains why she believes all of it is connected to the Targeted Individual phenomenon.
Find out more about Katherine at www.stop007.org

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