Guru Singh On Intuition Over Impulse


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Last week we dipped our toes into sacred waters both spiritual and metaphysical. This week we are diving off the deep end.

In other words, welcome to another incarnation of Guru Multiverse, the latest in my ongoing series of communions with Guru Singh, my treasured friend and favorite sparring partner when it comes to matters heart and soul.

Aside from being a modern-day Gandalf, Guru Singh is a master of the Kundalini arts, a celebrated spiritual teacher, a third-generation Sikh yogi, an author, accomplished musician, father, grandfather, and an overall gift to humanity who has been teaching and studying Kundalini yoga for the past 40-plus years who now holds virtual court at

The Guru joins me in the studio to offer a dissertation on divining and discerning the delicate and detailed differences that differentiate: instinct, impulse, intuition, and intelligence—the four “I’s” if you will.

This is a conversation about perspective, accountability, the willingness to solicit and receive feedback, and why growth depends upon the ability to truly understand and appreciate the nuances that distinguish these “I” words.

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Make sure to stick around until the end. As has become his custom, Guru Singh closes things out with a song.

This might be one of my favorite Vulcan mind-melds to date. So let us not waste another moment.

Peace + Plants,

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