"out of Egypt" with Gary McCants and Dr. Lisa N. Babbage:Episode 2


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Welcome back to our 2nd episode of "out of Egypt". We will be discussing Education, Politics and the Christian, Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Social issues and much more.

Dr. Lisa Noël Babbage an Author, Teacher, Adjunct Professor, Political Activist, Former Candidate for Georgia's 7th Congressional District and Philanthropist who has dedicated her keyboard to challenging topics that edify her readers. As the great-granddaughter, four times removed, of English polymath Charles Babbage, she has spent fifteen years teaching math and science in the public school system in Georgia, where she lives. In 2011, she took a three-year leave of absence from her profession to inaugurate a non-profit organization, Maranatha House Ministries (MHM, Inc.), aimed at the fight against homelessness.

After returning to the classroom for two consecutive years, Dr. Babbage left the public school arena permanently to simultaneously launch what she calls “her dream job” as Dean of King’s Preparatory Academy, while working as an adjunct professor through Southeastern University.

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