Daily: Jews and the Left – Why antisemitism isn’t over


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Antisemitism remains one of the Labour Party’s most painful problems. It’s an issue with deep roots, dragged up by Corbyn, and left to Starmer to deal with. Trade unionist Daniel Randall, author of Confronting Antisemitism on the Left, and sociologist Keith Kahn-Harris, join Dorian Lynskey to discuss what distinguishes left from right wing anti-Jewish racism, and what can be done about it.

  • “The 2007 financial crisis brought antisemitism on the left to the fore.” - Daniel Randall
  • “Gaslighting and denial is just as harmful as antisemitism itself.” - Keith Kahn-Harris
  • “In some analyses, capitalism is coded as a specifically Jewish endeavour.” - Daniel Randall
  • “Antisemitism has a complicated ideology. It's not just, 'Jews bad, non-Jews good.'“ - Daniel Randall
  • “There's a moralistic element to Corbyn's politics, and it's difficult to situate Jews within that.” - Daniel Randall
  • “Anti-racism is a lifelong struggle. But Corbyn treated it like a journey where one could arrive.” - Keith Kahn-Harris

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