Anthony Gargano Breaks Down the Ben Simmons Saga In Philly, Looking Ahead to the College Football Playoff, Can the Dodgers Pull Off A Comback In Atlanta?, Betting Analyst Brad Feinberg Joins the Show


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The Fellas with Anthony Gargano dive into the Ben Simmons situation in Philadelphia after another setback with the star point guard. The college football playoffs are up in the air this season with several unbeaten teams left and several questions that have yet to be answered. The Dodgers don't have the series momentum on their side in the NLCS, but is their talent deep enough enough to win two games in Atlanta? Plus, the Geek joins the show to answer all of your fantasy football questions. Then, betting analyst Brad Feinberg joins the show to break down week 7 in the NFL and his other money making match-ups in a big weekend in sports.

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