Gone Camping


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Camping isn't for everybody, but for these ladies it's everything! Outdoor lovers Bryn and Laura take their nephew Kameron camping for his very first time in celebration of his sweet 16 at "Fitz Farm". Having grown up camping, Bryn shares some of the interesting experiences she and her family have had while enjoying the great outdoors like the time their family dog got spooked and ran away. Kam brings along his newly adopted pup as they talk about pet safety when camping and just what he embraces about being in the crisp fall air for his first time under the stars. Laura gets a little overzealous packing a utility wagon full of "necessities" only to stay one short night. But with camping comes unpredictable weather and that's just what these happy campers experienced the morning after. You won't want to miss out on these fireside tales as we roast a couple of marshmallows and share on the times we've gone camping.
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