Korea 24 - 2021.10.28


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Korea24 – 2021.10.28. (Thursday)
News Briefing: Starting next month, COVID-19 vaccine booster shots will be available for people in their 50s, those with underlying illnesses and recipients of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Meanwhile, the government has announced that it will create a committee tasked with extensively examining adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines. (Koo Hee-jin)
In-Depth News Analysis (Korean Politics Digest): There was a surprise boost for People Power Party presidential hopeful Yoon Seok-youl this week, after lawmaker Ha Tae-keung joined his camp as co-chief of the election committee. Meanwhile, the re-emergence of former PPP interim leader, Kim Chong-in, the so-called ‘Kingmaker’ in Korean politics, has caused a stir in political circles. On the other side of the divide, the former Gyeonggi Province Governor, Lee Jae-myung, officially registered as the ruling Democratic Party’s presidential candidate this week. Affiliate Professor Kim Byung-joo from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies provides his analysis on these developments, as well as his thoughts on former President Roh Tae-woo’s passing this week.
Korea Trending with Jung Ye-won:
1. Two brothers, aged 16 and 18, have admitted to all charges, including the murder of their grandmother and the attempted murder of their grandfather, during their initial trial on Thursday. (잔소리하는 할머니 흉기 살해 10대 형제 "혐의 인정")
2. A professor at a local university was caught conducting an online lecture whilst taking a bath. (화상수업 중 물소리, 캠 켜지자… 욕조에 몸 담근 교수 등장했다)
3. The U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck has granted a royalty-free license for its promising COVID-19 treatment pill in an aim to give poorer countries access to the potentially life-saving drug. (머크 "'먹는 치료제' 다른 제약사 제조 허용")
Explore Korea: Winter is coming… and that means in Korea that it’s time to make kimchi! This week Hannah from Moon Bear Travel joins us to tell us about kimjang, the UNESCO recognized intangible cultural heritage of making and sharing kimchi. She’ll also introduce us to the Gwangju World Kimchi Festival, which will be holding events both off- and online, as well as the Kimchikan Museum and Tongin Market.
Morning Edition Preview with Mark Wilson-Choi:
- Tomorrow’s Korea Times features a report by Jun Ji-hye about a recent survey that ranked Juju as the top destination for travellers with companion animals.
- Tomorrow’s Korea Herald features a story by Kim Da-sol on South Korea’s Korea Forest Service(KFS) being involved in a major forestation project in Mongolia’s Gobi desert since 2007.

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