Sleepy Hollow – Mama (Ep 2.09)


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*Trigger Warning for discussion of mental illness, suicide, and institutionalisation*

On this episode of Fat Pink Cast,

“Do you guys like white boys in dirty coats with long hair? Do you guys like Sleepy Hollow? Are you guys aware that there are diverse people on this show? But would you rather see Ichabod in the front, looking serious about standing in front of all the people of colour on the show–and Katrina? Well then, we have the magazine for you!”

“I feel like they should at least make it Katrina’s choice to kill Henry.”

“Is it paranoid to be constantly looking over your shoulder thinking that someone’s gonna hurt you when you’re walking down the street in your neighborhood at night when that happens?”

“Eyes open, Head up, Trust no one; this is like what black mothers tell their kids now.”

“How scary is it that she was right? They took a shortcut and look at what happened!”

“Is it too late to sell Nick Hawley to you?” “Yeah.”

“We saved you because Frank Irving deserves better than this flop plot.”

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow: Heartless

We mourn that the succubus didn’t eat Hawley.

What’s up next:

We won’t be reviewing an episode this week, but next week, stay tuned as we wrap up the first half of season 2 (Magnum Opus and The Akeda)! We’ll be tracking the entire season of Sleepy Hollow and ringing in the midseason break with a very special Outlander episode.

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