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Best Achilles podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Achilles podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was ...
Welcome to our NBA podcast, Off The Glass, where we talk about everything NBA
A weekly Magic the Gathering commander podcast brought to you by some of the minds behind EDHREC.
A slacker’s guide on how to pull off any problematic task… A Slacker's Guide Podcast features product reviews and step-by-step walk-through guides to complete any highly difficult task seemingly outside our limitation.
Good Luck High Five is a podcast about Magic the Gathering. Whether you’re a new player, a player who likes to sling spells at the kitchen table, an Arena buff, or someone who loves competition and dreams of the professional circuit – GLH5 is for you! Fun decks, tournament updates, absurdly funny segments – every episode is full of at least 1,000 laughs…and some excellent tips and knowledge.
Bryan Toporek and Morten Stig Jensen walk through all of the latest happenings in the NBA, both on and off the court.
Podcasts for the endurance athlete
Podcast and reviews from the team at Fusion Patrol
Weekly Sermons From Canvas Church Mankato
What does ‘2001: a Space Odyssey’ have to do with Odysseus? How does Brad Pitt's Achilles in 'Troy' match up to Homer's original hero? And is Arnold Schwarzenegger the new Heracles? This collection of video animations and audio discussions examines how the heroes of Greek mythology have been represented in popular culture, from ancient times to the modern day. Odysseus is the archetypal questing hero - a blank canvas on which every era has projected its own values. Heracles is the original s ...
Robert Plant is celebrating S2 of his hugely popular podcast, Digging Deep with Robert Plant, with the release of a very special limited edition 7’’ singles box set. DIGGING DEEP includes 16 A-sides and rare B-sides spanning three decades all beautifully packaged in a hardback book. Pre-order here: https://lnk.to/RP_DiggingDeep_Vinyl Robert Plant’s music is the result of a lifetime striding around the globe, from The Midlands to Morocco, from Nashville to North Wales, and the influences and ...
Howard Beck takes on the biggest topics and invites A-List guests along for a fast-moving NBA podcast from Bleacher Report that goes the full 48.
The ultimate guide to decreasing pain, optimizing athletic performance & finding your true strength by Dr. Aaron Horschig.
He’s the President, yet we’re still trying to answer basic questions about how his business works: What deals are happening, who they’re happening with, and if the President and his family are keeping their promise to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump White House. “Trump, Inc.” is a joint reporting project from WNYC Studios and ProPublica that digs deep into these questions. We’ll be layout out what we know, what we don’t and how you can help us fill in the gaps. WNYC Studios is ...
Real, candid, intelligent conversations about PT... over a beer.
Comedians Sam Morril and Stavros Halkias bring much needed confidence and passion to the world of basketball commentary
Famous Men of Greece is a series of biographical sketches written for the purpose of making the study of history lively and interesting by giving insight into the men who lived during this time.
Washington Redskins football through the eyes of three of their fans: Aaron, Josh, and John. Write us at: redskinsfan@harryhogfootball.com Hail to the Redskins!
A monthly podcast covering all things competitive and casual in the Beyblade community. Meta Madness is cohosted by The Supreme One (TSO) and Wombat. For more information on episode releases, please visit: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Beyblade-Meta-Madness-Podcast
This is Irish folklorist Padraic Colum's masterful retelling of many Greek myths, focusing on Jason and the Argonauts' quest to find the Golden Fleece. He also includes the stories of Atalanta, Heracles, Perseus, Theseus, and others. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
The newest sermons from Pottstown Bible Church on SermonAudio.
Our podcast investigates Trump and the GOP. We also talk to celebrities and politicians along the way.
The goal of this podcast is to bring you the latest in Foot and Ankle education, and to summarize the most up to date literature
Podcast by FPLTalk
Wills Valley Community Church is about providing a safe place for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable in a traditional church. It's about having an open door policy to accept everyone-right where they are. It's about not having to look or dress a certain way or have it altogether before we walk through the doors of the church. We'd like to invite you to come visit us at Wills Valley Community Church. When you do, you'll experience 'so much more'...a warm welcome, worship that will help you c ...
A podcast dedicated to the education of PM&R residents
Motivational, Inspirational podcast by Chase Armitage plant based Parkour athlete traveling the World searching for those life level ups.
Interviews with top UK runners, coaches and dietitians about their approach to training, and racing.
The Gait Guys: Exploring the Links between Human Movement, Biomechanics and Gait. Website, www.thegaitguys.com We blog daily on Tumblr, Facebook & YouTube www.TheGaitGuys.com
This is the show where we cover all aspects of mastering. If you're interested in mastering, want to learn how to get better results mastering your own music, or even want to be a mastering engineer, this is the show you want to hear.
Trojan War: The Podcast is a serialized telling of the stories that together comprise the epic story of the Trojan War. From The Judgement of Paris through The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships to Achilles’ Heel and Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts, this epic story has it all! Each podcast episode features one self-contained episode in the overall story arc, followed by about fifteen minutes of conversation and commentary on the compelling and provocative contemporary ideas that emerge from ...
Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Personal TrainingWe help Sports Clinicians and Strength Coaches around the globe learn the skills necessary to become the "go-to" expert in their area so they can have both a prosperous career and make meaningful impacts on their clients lives!Have a question you would like to ask??? Submit them at: www.sportsrehabexpert.com
The first of two books that he wrote on golfing themes, The Clicking of Cuthbert by PG Wodehouse sparkles with typical Wodehousian wit, humor and general goofiness! An avid golfer himself, Wodehouse published the ten stories in this volume in 1922. In 1924, an American edition titled Golf Without Tears was published. Since then it has enjoyed undimmed popularity among both Wodehouse fans and golfing enthusiasts. Nine of the stories contained in this book are narrated by the Oldest Member, a ...
Our mission is to advance the competency of our members and the care of our patients.
Embrace your Core is the podcast with the primary goal of learning how to be the best you possible by embracing your talents from within.
Student-created content originally broadcast on Hillsdale College's student radio station, WRFH 101.7 FM.
Join the Oldest Member...whether you like it or not...and be carried on a magic carpet ride through the world of golf, love, and...aunts...as seen through the eyes of the creator of Jeeves and Wooster and Blandings Castle, the inimitable Pelham (Plum) Grenville Wodehouse. (Summary by Jonathan Burchard)
Sports talk radio, plus independent music and hot topics in America and around the world! #SportsHipHopNewsIt is our mission to:- Entertain and provoke thought on a variety of subjects- Bring light to enjoying the the best things in life without being pretentious or "bougie" - Keepin' it Real!- Play good music, showcasing new independent talent as well as established radio friendly and underground hits- Listen to YOU, the listener--taking questions, presenting topics you want to hear about- ...
Can a cat be both alive and dead? Can a computer think? How does a tortoise beat Achilles in a race? Voiced by comedian David Mitchell, these fast-paced animations explain six famous thought experiments, from the ancient Greeks to Albert Einstein, that have changed the way we see the world. Subjects as vast as time travel, infinity, quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence, are squeezed into 60-second clips that will tickle your funny bone and blow your mind.
Hip hop is a big part of the culture at Blair, so of course there are new artists with new ideas about hip hop right within our walls. Arpan Ghosh hosts prolific student hip-hop artists on Hip Hop Blazers.
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Just like Achilles, every Commander deck has a secret weakness. It's not about opponents having the perfect answer to your strategy - sometimes there's a hidden weak point in the deck itself... one the deck brewer may not even know, that can be the deck's downfall. Today the EDHRECast digs through tons of deck archetypes to find out these hidden we…
Matt Fisher reveals what Donald Trump's biggest weakness is as a president and candidate. He breaks down the impact of Tulsi Gabbard's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton. And he hosts Veepstakes Round 3!By Student Content
In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) discuss the latest Derrick Rose trade rumors, how Dwight Powell's Achilles injury will affect the Dallas Mavericks, and make their All-Star starter selections. Would Rose make much sense for the Los Angeles Lakers or Philadelphia 76ers? How will Powell's injur…
On this episode, Maria and Meghan climb aboard the hype train for Theros Beyond Death previews! Come hang out as they chat about their favorite new cards from Magic’s newest set as they get released. PLUS: Storytime with Meghan opens the book on Greek mythology and how it’s inspired several new cards in the set. I mean, c’mon, have YOU ever swallow…
Sponsor: You hear us talk about UCAN all the time. Many of our athletes and listeners swear by it. How about you? Maybe you’re ready to try UCAN but don’t know where to start? We have the perfect solution: Click here to get 50% off your UCAN Tri Starter pack. The Tri Starter Pack includes a sample of all the best UCAN products for just $15, normall…
This episode we talk about the impact that delaying knee extension can have on sprint performance as well as HUGE implications for rehabilitation that many people do not consider.
Links to find the podcast: Look for us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Podbean, PlayerFM, RADIO and more. Just Google "the gait guys podcast". Our Websites: www.thegaitguys.com Find Exclusive content at: https://www.patreon.com/thegaitguys doctorallen.co summitchiroandrehab.com shawnallen.net Our website is all you need to remember. Everything you …
In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) discuss the Willie Cauley-Stein trade, Zion Williamson's regular-season debut and behind-the-scenes drama with the Los Angeles Clippers. How much will Cauley-Stein help the Mavericks in the wake of Dwight Powell's injury? How concerned should Clippers fans be …
Quick! Name two famous inventors from the turn of the Twentieth Century. If you picked Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi, you are right! However, in this episode, Simon and Eugene talk about Nikola Tesla’s Night or Terror. Episode Synopsis: The Twentieth Century is dawning and Nikolas Tesla is having a bad day. He’s trying to find investors but i…
American View: January 24, 2020 by Student ContentBy Student Content
Stefan Kleinhenz and Victoria Marshall bring you the Collegian Week in Review for January 17, 2020.By Student Content
This week The Loft boys talk Hillsdale’s lawsuit, divorce court duels, ask Hillsdale history questions, and more.By Student Content
Sponsor: Our shop page includes the gold-standard supplements by Thorne Research that athletes trust. Whether for performance, improving wellbeing or enhancing health (or all of the above) Thorne Research will have a formula that fits your needs and it’ll be backed by clinical research and 100% quality. Some of our favorites by Thorne include Multi…
Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale discusses Michigan State Legislature's policy proposal to limit National Guard deployment when there is no active declaration of war or other constitutional Congressional war action.By Student Content
Good for you. Good for the planet. Hosted by Danielle Lee and William Persson.By Student Content
Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet discusses the Raptors current winning season, and why flying under the radar is a good thing, last year's Championship win, the superstar status of Pascal Siakam, Kawhi Leonard's departure, being an underdog, learning from Kyle Lowry, and the importance of setting goals. via Knit…
ZION!!! is something we don't cover in this pre-recorded bonus episode. Instead, enjoy the boy's picks for the All Star team. Did we do enough research? No. Do we start the pod with some anecdotes about eating pussy? yes
Reporters Ilya Marritz and Justin Elliott have been reporting on Trump's inauguration since 2018. They looked at how the inaugural committee raised a record $107 million (and the big questions behind where that money went) and examined the role Ivanka Trump played in negotiations over space at the Trump International Hotel, located just blocks from…
With Kiara Freeman, Lily McHale, and Megan GwiltBy Student Content
Total Bases: January 23, 2020 by Student ContentBy Student Content
Ryan Young and Ben Wilson of Radio Free Hillsdale discuss the increased usage of CBD across the country, Andrew Cuomo's strange timing with car accidents, plus respond to hate mail they recieved from last episode.By Student Content
Connor Warren identifies the quintessential episode of television shows through the years.By Student Content
For generations, the Trump family has used government and politicians as a path to profit. As president, Donald Trump has taken things even further. “This guy is a state capitalist,” said Trump’s first biographer, reporter Wayne Barrett, in a 1992 WNYC interview, cited extensively in this episode. “[In] every single one of his major deals, he was d…
This week, we’re back in the Icelandic sagas with the story of Grettir the strong, who, whether it’s by berserkers crashing his Christmas party, bears stealing his clothes, or his own obscene insult poetry, just can’t catch a break. Speaking of breaks, you should really break up if you find yourself dating the creature this week. The Myths and Lege…
On this episode, Maria and Meghan share stories from their Theros Beyond Death prereleases! Were their pools broken or bad? Busted or barfy? Big time or big…piles of garbage? Find out! PLUS: Meghan weaves tales of the Theros underworld in Storytime with Meghan, Flavor Text Theatre announces Movie Pitches, and Maria admits to a very embarrassing mus…
Matt Fisher discusses Hillary Clinton's controversial remarks concerning Bernie Sanders and its implications. He breaks down the senate vote on impeachment and political impact. And he weighs the Las Vegas odds on the 2020 election.By Student Content
Statesmanship is lost in today’s polarized political culture. This necessary art in a self-governing republic must take into account three main elements: Principles, Human Nature, and circumstances. We want to practice this lost art with our listeners by looking at one of the main political stories dominating the news cycle of the week and analyzin…
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