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Best Amy Nicholson podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Amy Nicholson podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Amy Nicholson gets into the hows and whys of the whos of Hollywood and not-quite-Hollywood.
Who Charted?
Howard Kremer brings on some of your favorite comedians to discuss the top 5 songs and movies of the week. Plus, Howard, the guests and Who Charted crew each bring a new song that they recommend over all the garbage on the charts. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to stitcher.com/premium and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!)
Urban Life is a family of churches that meet in different locations arose our Gauteng cities. We have a passion to see those far from God encounter His abundant life. There are four weekend meetings that take place, so to find the specific preach select the "i" icon and view the podcast information in more detail. Visit our website on www.urbanlife.org.za to find out more about us. We trust that you enjoy the message.
Every week on the Creator At Large podcast host Jeremy Melloul speaks with creators and other professionals working in the comic book industry. He digs into how they’ve built their careers, as well as their thoughts and feelings on the industry’s trends and changes. Through these conversations, listeners will not only learn about the industry itself, but also get advice and information on how to build an independent living working in comics.
Interviews about cutting edge intellectual property and innovation law issues from participants in the Engelberg Center at NYU Law's Innovation Policy Colloquium.
Greg Pak's Pakcast
Writer and filmmaker Greg Pak ("Totally Awesome Hulk," "Planet Hulk," "Kingsway West") spills the beans about his latest projects and talks with interesting friends, collaborators, and colleagues about their work.
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Amy Nicholson Grace Beyond Grace | Open Heaven Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 17th November 2019
Professor Amy Adler of NYU Law discusses her work on the role that copyright plays in the world of fine art. We discuss her work on the mismatch between utilitarian copyright theory and copyright as it operates in that world, specifically how the norm of authenticity in the fine art world is much more important than the types of control the cop ...…
Danie van Tonder Jesus Is King Jesus Is King Series 2019 Week 1 | 1st December 2019
Chantelle Vischer Jesus Is King Jesus Is King Series 2019 Week 1 | 1 December 2019
Wanga Netsianda Jesus Is King Jesus Is King Series 2019 Week 1 | 24th November 2019
Professor William McGeveran of the University of Minnesota Law School discussed his work on selfmarks – trademarks that people – especially famous people or people who hope to be famous - use for themselves. We discuss why selfmarks exist, and how they relate both to rights of publicity and more traditional trademarks.…
Warren Hollenbach Grace Beyond Grace | The Perfect Pressure Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 24th November 2019
Gareth Nicholson Grace Beyond Grace | Is Your Soul Under Siege? Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 24th November 2019
Professor Joseph Fishman of Vanderbilt Law School and Professor Deepa Varadarajan of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University discuss setting boundaries on trade secrets. Trade secrets have become a hot topic lately, and Professor Fishman and Varadarajan’s work explores the best way to set boundaries on the doctrine, ...…
Warren Hollenbach Grace Beyond Grace | Stay Until The Start Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 17th November 2019
Professor Jane Anderson of New York University discussed how indigenous and traditional knowledge interacts with intellectual property law. Professor Anderson co-created the Local Contexts project, home to the Traditional Knowledge labels, which we discuss in today’s episode. The Traditional Knowledge labels are designed to help people understa ...…
Warren Hollenbach Grace Beyond Grace | Stay Until The Start Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 10th November 2019
Gareth Nicholson Grace Beyond Grace | The Ax Effect Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 10th November 2019
Professor Graeme Dinwoodie of the Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses non-traditional trademarks. While trademarks are usually words or logos, there is an entire universe of other things that can end up being used at trademarks. We discuss the reasons that it makes sense to allow non-traditional marks, as well as problems that non-traditional ...…
Craig Clark Positioning Ourselves For The Promises Of God Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 3rd November 2019
Aimy Nicholson Stay Till The Start Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 3rd November 2019
Aimy Nicholson Selfies Of The Soul Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 3rd November 2019
Professor Mark McKenna of Notre Dame Law School discussed his work, along with Professor Mark Lemley of Stanford Law School, on unfair disruption. When disruption comes to an industry, incumbents often look to IP law to defend their position even if their concern is not really rooted in intellectual property protection. Professors McKenna and L ...…
Danie van Tonder Water In A Dry Land Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 27th October 2017
Gareth Nicholson Don't Miss The Moment Grace Beyond Grace | Series 2019 27th October 2017
Craig Clark Grace Beyond Grace | Is This The Time? 27th October 2019
Tony Rainbow Grace Beyond Grace | Legacy Living 20th October 2019
Professor Nicholson Price of the University of Michigan Law School discusses his work on grants with NYU Law Engelberg Center Executive Director Michael Weinberg. We talk about how grants fit in with other ways to incentivize innovation such as patents and prizes. Although the grant system is tens – if not hundreds – of times larger than the pr ...…
Mark van Pletsen Grace Beyond Grace | Fresh Faith 20th October 2019
Richard Mun - Gavin Grace Beyond Grace | Capacity For More 20th October 2019
This introductory episode of the Innovation Policy Colloquium podcast also acts as a preview of the upcoming season. Professors Beebe and Fromer describe how the Engelberg Center's Innovation Policy Colloquium works, as well as some of the scholars involved in this year's edition. You can find more information about the Engelberg Center Innovat ...…
Craig Clark Grace Beyond Grace | This Is A Setup 13th October 2019
Danie van Tonder Grace Beyond Grace | Making Room For God To Fill 13th October 2019
The September 2019 edition of the Creator At Large All-points Bulletin where we dive into what’s happened in the comic book industry over the last month and look at the podcast episodes we released to derive some more insights into the trends shaping & changing the comic industry and the place of professionals and creators working in it. And, y ...…
Bill Senyard Grace Beyond Grace | Forgiveness | 6th September 2019
Bill Senyard Grace Beyond Grace | Forgiveness | 6th September 2019
Bill Senyard Grace Beyond Grace | Forgiveness | 6th September 2019
Who Charted is still going strong! All new episodes can now be listened to on STITCHER PREMIUM. Go to https://www.stitcher.com/premium and sign up using offer code CHARTED for a free month trial, where you can listen to new eps, the entire ad-free archive, and virtually endless exclusive content.By Earwolf and Howard Kremer
ken Costa Preach it | Release Your Core Story 29th Sept 2019
Comedian Chill Trill Bill Kottkamp makes a grand return to Who Charted! Bill joins Howard, Stard, and Hugo in counting down the Music Chart all while busting out his best relationship rhymes and vaudeville jokes. Later, we’ll hear about TikTok strategies and where all the diners went during the Movie Chart, and comedian Max Beasley joins for an ...…
Amie Wright is the President of the Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable - a part of the American Library Association dedicated to support library staff in their efforts to engage with comics. In this episode we discuss the GNCRT, the ALA, as well as Amie’s own passion for comics & libraries and how it’s led her through her career so far.…
Craig Clark Preach it | Faith That Activates The Promises Of God 22nd Sept 2019
The legendary Paul F. Tompkins sweeps his way into the studio with Howard, Hugo, and Engineer Ryan! They count down Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart while throwing out opposing Lana Del Rey takes - and blowing the lid off Taylor Swift’s love life. Then, Paul talks about his brand new podcast The Neighborhood Listen during the Movie Chart, and c ...…
Hope Nicholson is a comics historian and the independent publisher behind Canadian comics company, Bedside Press. Through Bedside she’s published numerous comics and anthologies and charted a unique path in the comic industry. In this episode, we discuss how she’s gone about building Bedside.
Gareth Nicholson Preach It | Transition Zone: Speak Life In The Space You Are In 15th Sep 2019
Sarah And Blessing Makumbe Preach It |Trenches - Your Kingdom 15th Sep 2019
Comedians and hosts of Podcast But Outside Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch join Howard and the crew to count down the latest charts! They’ll discover what the SLIME MENTALITY is while counting down YouTube’s Trending U.S. Songs. Then, Hugo airs his troubles with Morgan Freeman and Howard shares a tip on beating the shower scaries during the Movi ...…
Chip Mosher is the Head of Content at Comixology and, after 20 years of experience, knows the comic book industry well. In this episode we go for a walk - an actual physical walk - and discuss the ins & outs of Comixology’s evolution, their new originals program, and explore Chip’s career in comics and perspective on the industry today.…
Gareth Nicholson Preach It | Transition Zone: Find A Bigger YES Behind Your NO 8th Sep 2019
Comedian and host of improv4humans Matt Besser returns to Who Charted to celebrate his upcoming stand-up special Pot Humor! We’ll hear Billboard’s Heatseeker Albums, plus a Bonanza quiz and a hot Rock take during the Movie Chart. Later, Besser conquers the Hot Picks with his own specially curated chart, treating our ears to some of the best new ...…
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