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Best Awkward podcasts we could find (updated April 2020)
Best Awkward podcasts we could find
Updated April 2020
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Welcome to Awkward Silences by User Interviews, where we interview the people who interview people. Listen as we geek out on all things UX research, qualitative data, and the craft of understanding people to build better products and businesses. Hosted by Erin May and JH Forster, VPs of growth/marketing and product at User Interviews.
From a Galaxy best heard through headphones comes, the adventures of The Awkward Screw! Climb aboard this Heavy-Repair vessel and get to know the four-person multi-species crew as they work their way through the Bell-Wave Galaxy. But somewhere along their path they find themselves in the midst of a quest to save the entire universe...
A weekly podcast chronicling the adventures in the life of hybrid author Alissa Grosso. Learn about her writing progress, find out more about her marketing efforts, take a look at her monthly income and get a peak into all the ups and downs of this publishing business.
Kay Cee and Hendrix are 2 Awkward Millennials, with something to say. With uncommon perspectives and an underrepresented voice they enter the realm of podcasting to give a voice to those who probably honestly rather not talk to you. They're young, socially uncomfortable and finding our voice and sharing some laughs. Send your questions, comments and concerns to to be answered aloud on the show.
New York City's finest storytellers relive their most embarrassing sexual experiences just for your pleasure. Based on the popular touring storytelling show, Awkward Sex And The City is hosted by comedian and storyteller, Natalie Wall, and features guests discussing real stories about their sexual exploits, adventures, discoveries, and revelations. For every hilarious sexual tale, there are gross moments to match and love of everything awkward.
The Awkward Minority Podcast is the break that you need from the monotonous pace of the week. Commentary from two of your favorite creators, Jesus Shuttlesworth (of Planet Of The Sanquon) and Lady Godiva ( of Words By Lady G). Covering topics that are sure to touch the soul, tickle the funny bone but most important unlock the mind. Breaking you feel of the group think. Leaving you too an Awkward Minority.
Ever wish you could go back to high school? A Bradford Corbitt is doing the next best thing. He's tracking down everyone from his high school class (Wissahickon High School, 2001) that he WASN'T friends with. The awkward relationships, the fights, the failed crushes. Is this really what we remember? Under the surface of an awkward meet-up may begin the budding of a new friendship, or just more awkwardness.
Your one stop pod for everything pop culture! Will and Matt talk through the big issues, but mainly the small ones, awkward social encounters, pitch T.V shows, review films and books and all the while at risk of bursting into song! Get in touch at
If you can't seem to overcome your social anxiety and you're frustrated about your results, and worried you'll have to live with your social anxiety for the rest of your life... this podcast is for you. You'll hear me (an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer) interview the super stars of the therapy and psychology world who have been traditionally trained psychologists or psychotherapists who have incorporated an exciting new field into their practice: "Energy psychology". These experts share ...
Welcome Travelers! Natural Fun is a dungeons and dragons 5e real play podcast. Join our party every other Sunday as they explore the homebrew world of Mygaathe: a world where the Gods walk among mortals and magic is at the heart of everything. Our silly, sometimes lewd, often awkward, cast will be glad to be your guides! Join our quest today. Steph the DM
Catch Brooke & Jubal weekday mornings on NOW 96.3 from 6am-10am. Here's what you can expect on the show... Jubal’s Phone Taps – Jubal brings you hilarious prank calls with unsuspecting targets. Listeners can submit requests to prank their friends and family. Second Date – Brooke & Jubal take calls from listeners who went on a date, and are getting blown off for the second date. Brooke & Jubal call their prospective listeners to find out why they are not getting the call back. Loser Line - Wh ...
Let’s talk about money — but not *boring* money. Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jason Feifer and money expert Nicole Lapin go straight at the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. In each episode they debate the trickiest questions, offering genuine financial advice about typically hush-hush issues. Then they bring in a celebrity judge to decide who’s right.
Tom and Josh are two gay men from Washington, DC, bonding over libations and conversations. From awkward hookups to the outrageous news cycle, they're talking about all the things that you overhear your drunk friends talking about, with a focus on queer issues and culture. Put on your cutest underwear and grab a drink!
Hey Poopy with Dave & Ellen is a comedy podcast laughing and learning everything Butt! We discuss all the funny, weird and awkward stuff about farting and pooping. News, special guests, our checks-ins, follow us to laugh and learn. Email us at or follow @heypoopypodcast on Instagram and @HeyPoopy on Twitter .
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McD is alone on this week's episode, but he provides you with content to go and watch or listen to. Website: Twitter: Peter McKinnon: MKBHD: Matt D'Avella:…
Just as Marrk and Tony were pulling the Captain into the cargo bay, the Screw was hit by a derelict Pirate fighter and a large mass of shrapnel. Jasska is desperately attempting to rouse them and as they come to, they discover the Captain is again drifting away from them. Will their hastily formed plan to rescue the Captain work before he is out of…
This week on Awkward Silences, Erin and JH chatted with Joel Klettke, who has 6+ years of experience writing killer conversion copy for clients like Hubspot, Scott's Cheap Flights, and WP Engine. His first piece of advice? "All the best copy [is] words you've stolen from the customers themselves." He also stressed the importance of meeting your cus…
This week's episode is unique, because well, you know why. Natalie Wall's first episode solo involves a listener write in of an awkward sex story, some news on what's going on in NY and especially at Trader Joes, and some sincere hope that all of you out there are doing well and staying safe.By More Banana
This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on life on the inside. TRips to Wal Mart and the internet is wilding. Aslo washing yo hands. That's it. Wash yo handsOnly The Ol' Dirty Bastard: Godiva next performances: Aphrodisiacs: Cocktails, & Chocolate! (Phoenix , AZ)…
The guys are back in your ears with an all new episode of the SAS. Tap it! kofiwidget2.init('Support the FERN', '#46b798', 'U7U36I7E');kofiwidget2.draw(); For more great shows and podcasts, check out Support the Four Eyed Radio Network by checking out our sponsors! RevengeLover, for illustration and design that fit YOUR per…
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