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"The Reaper of the House" (tm)delivers an opinionated online talk show and podcast with insight and views of what's going on in the Big Brother house this summer. From broadcast's to HouseCalls to feeds posted around the web, "The Reaper of the House" (tm)sheds light on his insights, strategies and predictions for up-coming shows. Visit the site at
The Fan Section

The Fan Section

Allen Blenkers and Tyson Quiller

A college football podcast made for fans by fans. Hosted by two friends, we are here to cover the entire landscape of College Football. We talk about everything from recruiting to conference outlook, season news and updates, and your favorite team development. We aren’t here to repeat the same stories you’ve heard on other shows, or to perpetuate the media bias. Just two diehard sports fanatics talking from the best section there is: the fan section.
A fairly recent time ago, in a studio that’s actually pretty close... (depending on where you live)... Let the Wookiee Win: An Unofficial Star Wars Podcast - is a show by fans, for fans. Let The Wookiee Win is hosted by Jay R. Adams & Ian Bensman. Join them each week as they chat on all things related to “The Wars”. We'll look at everything from hot news and rumors, to the making of the holy saga and more. If you love Star Wars, then Let The Wookiee Win is the show for you.
Let me take you behind the scenes as I use try to quickly launch and scale a new business while utilizing various marketing strategies to build a powerful brand around the business.Initially we'll focus on building the business by using Amazon as the primary sales channel - but together we'll watch as the brand grows beyond the basic FBA marketing tactics.
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This episode of The Fan Section, Allen flies solo yet again and gives you his thoughts on potential teams and upcoming games that will have big season ending implications. Also going in on his new segment the Golden Ticket! Telling you how teams 1-10 get into the college playoff laying out a few scenarios that you might find interesting for teams 5…
This episode Allen dives into the games coming up previewing a few big games he sees that could have end of the year impact. Allen also talks about some potential upsets as well as highlights his playoff preview picture with one big game in particular coming up this week that will set up the one through four rankings. Is he calling it right? Find o…
This episode Tyson and Allen discuss their outlook they do their college five power pickem as well. Who does Allen get brave and pick? It's a team you aren't expecting. Tyson gets ballsy as well and might surprise you with his picks. Tyson and Allen also preview their top 6 rankings ahead of the week and discuss whose in their top 6 and A big 10 te…
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