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Two Teachers Who Love to Drink, Review, and Talk All Things Craft Beer. Weekly Craft Beer News Stories, Craft Beer Reviews & Craft Beer Culture Come Together on Brew Review Crew: On Tap
The Business of Craft Beer Podcast is hosted by Gregory Dunkling, director of the University of Vermont Business of Craft Beer online certificate program . We continually examine today's craft beer sector in the U.S. Whether you are looking to break into the craft beer industry or looking to start your own craft brewery this podcast is for you. With the number of U.S. craft breweries exploding from just 8 in 1980 to 6000+ as of 2017, our podcast interviews brewery owners across the country t ...
Welcome to Craft Beer and Data™️, the show with data conversations that will leave you thirsty for more. In this Podcast, Talend's Director of Developer Evangelism, Nick Piette, and Mark Balkenende, Director of Technical Marketing, talk about anything from the importance of datavaults methodology to batch vs. streaming. Sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy!
The Cycling Certified Cicerone rides a bike from brewery to brewery all around Seattle and Washington. Explore the inner workings and history of breweries in face to face interviews with brewers and founders. Do you think you have what it takes to run a brewery? Check out these first hand accounts of what it takes to open and run a brewery. We talk to brewer's about their origins, their day to days, and their plans to make it big, but most importantly, we talk about beer.
Beer Shark
Brisbane comics Jack Marsho and Josh Wessling sit down with Matt who doesn't do comedy but he's got some pretty good bits too. Check it out.Thanks to Ari Padilla for the logo and James Walmsley for the theme song.
Beer First
Beer First podcast takes the common mans approach to learning about craft beer. Join 3 friends on our quest to lupulin enlightenment.
Kamloops Beer
We talk beer in Kamloops
Minnesota Beercast
Andrew Lee and Andrew Schmitt talk to some of the people who bring you Minnesota beers and cover news and events relevant to the craft beer scene in Minnesota
Drinks Podcast
Wine, booze, liquor, the work of the devil, the sweat of the angels, call it what you will, it's grist to the mill and lubrication for the soul.
Good Beer Hunting
GBH is not a voice speaking only from the outside looking in, but rather, from the middle of some of the most rapidly changing dynamics that any U.S. industry has ever seen. The interviews go deeper and the articles work harder to balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports, shifting the conversation with our readers toward the future of the industry we love and the tenacity of its ideals.
Tossin Sauce
Hector and Andy talk about beer league hockey. We both play in Omaha, Nebraska. Tune in to hear about the Omaha beer league scene, beer league blunders, and our tip of the week.
Programledaren Christian ”CC” Eikner, till vardags barchef på Nya Carnegiebryggeriet i Hammarby Sjöstad, gästas i varje avsnitt av olika ölprofiler. Ämnena som diskuteras varierar mellan allt från hemmabryggning och smaktrender till hur man bäst kombinerar öl och mat. Nya avsnitt av Ölpodden släpps cirka en gång i månaden. Lyssna gör ni här: RSS: iTunes: Soundcloud: Fö ...
We Made a Beer
We Made a Beer is a podcast by two beer novices learning about beer by brewing it, drinking it and chatting to some really knowledgeable people about it. Expect brewing how-tos, failures and successes, as well as insights and recommendations from some of the UK's most exciting brewers, publicans and beer writers
Brewery Talks
I’m travelling across the country to bring you the stories behind the breweries of America. From home-brewers to brewpubs, you’ll hear from the people that put it all on the line to create that delicious glass of suds. Sit back, grab a drink, and hear the story behind the beer.Follow my journey, a self proclaimed Beer Geek, as I try to gain the beer-knowledge and expertise that it takes to make it in the beer industry.
Home Brewing and How to Brew Podcast for Beer Brewers
Life Behind Beer
The employees of Iron Horse Brewery take listeners "behind the curtain" on the weekly ups and downs of a regional brewery and spreading the magic of indie beer for a living. Have questions for us about running a brewery? E-mail us at and we'll answer them on the show! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Beer Report
If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting podcast... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! Your hosts, Groucho and CHUD, do drink a lot of good beer. We even talk about it... Sometimes we even know what we are talking about! On a real good show, we drink some shit beer! The Beer Report is about "confrontation" as CHUD would say... The beer is t ...
Pacific Beer Chat
We Talk About Craft Beer
A show about beer and comics made by friends who want to hang out inside your ear canals for a few hours each month.
This is the Rebellion Brewing Podcast. We want you to love craft beer as much as we do. Each week, your host Matthew Barton and guest taste and talk about beer, followed by an interview on topics ranging from beer, food, music, politics, wrestling, videogames and more.
Four Brewers is a weekly craft beer and homebrew podcast made up of three avid homebrewers and a rotating cast of professional brewers.
Crack open an ice cold beer and join Mitch, Matt, and Joseph as we drink beer and talk about cars. New episodes go live every Monday!
Game of Beers
Beer-cast based in Portland, OR (PDX), the boys talk about every beer from Seattle to San Diego, and everything else they know about. Check out our blog:
902 BrewCast
The East Coast Craft Beer podcast, exploring the stories behind your favorite craft breweries and craft beer destinations in Atlantic Canada.
Crack open a cold one and join me on the quest for truth!
Improvised comedy inspired by science
Beer Busters
A bi-weekly podcast where we sit down with brewers, owners, representatives and others in the craft beer industry to sip some brews, play some games, learn some things and talk about all the people and places that make the craft beer world the wonderful community that it is. On the road more often than not, we set up our mics in breweries, beer bars, at beer fests and even hop farms and malt houses to get to know the people that make great beer possible. Whether you’re a casual craft beer dr ...
Myles and Rob explore the North East Beer scene. Each episode we review a North East beer. We also have other features such as #DrHop, Supermarket Sup, Pint with a Publican amongst others!#capitalofcraft
Beer Download
The only podcast that pits beers head to head in tournament style competitions to find out which beer reigns supreme.
At The Bar Podcast
Join Mike and Jeff as they talk about the craft beer industry
Beervana Podcast
About the art, culture, economics and business of beer and brewing with hosts Jeff Alworth (The Beer Bible, The Secrets of Master Brewers) and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson.
Beers, Blokes & Business was borne out of a casual catch up with a few mates who have an entrepreneurial bent that like having a beer and discussing topics around business – marketing, growth, sales, networking, learning and more
Chris and Mike's Beer Chat the podcast about enjoying beer.
Beer Download
The only podcast that pits beers head to head in tournament style competitions to find out which beer reigns supreme.
Craft Beer Radio, a mostly weekly discussion exploring the world of craft beer since 2005. Hosted by Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss.
2 Hopped Broads
Beer tasting and smack talking!
DJ w/ Ecogreen & Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
2 Songs 2 Beers
A podcast about the genesis of a rock band. Two friends decided to meet new people and play music through beery interviews and jam sessions. Listen in as they hold auditions, play rocking tunes and chat about music and craft beer.
The Brewers Lectures
The professional magazine for the beer brewing industry
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show available at Problems with the download? Go to To subscribe to the podcast, visit
Jill and Dick are a married couple who love to drink beer and discuss true crime. Join them at the quiet end of the bar. Dick will bring along an excellent beer from the region where the crime occurred. He will give us a little beer lesson and review before Jill starts off their true crime discussion. The discussions are well-researched and in depth. Dick is a physician and often shares his medical expertise at Jill's urging.
Jeff Glucker (Hooniverse Co-Founder & Executive Editor) is joined by Chris Hayes (CEO ShoutEngine & Producer The Smoking Tire) to chat about cars. Well, that's the idea because it usually devolves into a discussion about life, the universe, and everything... especially beer.Hooniverse \ who-kni-vur-s \ noun;A combination of the words “Hoon” and “Universe”The universe of all things hoon.Your favorite website devoted to a love of all things with wheels and an engine.Hooniverse.comis the place ...
The flight crew consist of comedians Lamar Mitchell J.R. and Timothy Lynn. We are avid beer and marijuana connoisseurs that likes to speak on issues from a higher perspective. We will be speaking on all current topics while elevated on high grade THC and sipping on a flight of select beers. We will discuss new beer selections and strains that are available for consumers legal purchase. We will also include the Bomb Squad marijuana educators and the Brew Crew beer experts for discussion. This ...
We are a weekly podcast featuring a group of friends coming together to share great beer (sometimes), questionable facts about beer and hopefully a laugh. Grab a beer and join us on our craft beer journey.
Dudes & Beer
Hey there everybody, welcome to Dudes and Beer. This podcast is all about fun,friends, family, projects, and of course…there’s beer! So tune tune in, and enjoy the hi-jinx and conversation that is Dudes and Beer!
Join the Gutter Geeks every week as our panel of 5 to 10 veteran gamers of all ages talk about the latest AND oldest in video and table top gaming. Whether it’s interviews with indie and established developers, deep dives on classic hardware, or just sitting around the table talking games while throwing back a few beers you are sure to have a great time with the gang from Guys Games and Beer! Contacting Us: If you are a developer and would like us to check out your game or product contact us ...
Each month we sit down and talk beer with people on the front lines of the Ohio craft beer scene.
Puck Talks
Puck Talks is a podcast produced by Homestand Sports taken from live shows across North America.
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We sat down at Stillwell ahead of Bissell's tap takeover to talk about how Bissell Brothers came to be, where they're going, and what it means to be from Maine. Bissell Brothers Instagram Pete's GBH article on Own-Premise Bissell on GBH Mike IG Pete IG The Highroller Lobster Co. Make sure to visit our podcast sponsor Bishop's Cellar! Find out w ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/10/18.By (
More than $33M in funding was announced to deal with the rail yards located in the middle of Regina, at the southern edge of the Warehouse District. Development of the land is estimated to take more than 15 years, and that has some people frustrated.Business and residents have been floating ideas for years about what could happen to this open s ...…
We needed to get the band back together for a livestream show. Recently, your ear holes have been treated to a handful of SEMA episodes but a fresh batch has been cooked up for those that like to mix it up. Patrick Costello joins us once again so we can talk about his show Truck Night in America, which enters Season 2 starting early in 2019. Ad ...…
On this episode we sat down to a trio of beer from East Vancouver including two from Andina Brewing that included Mapalé Milk Stout and Brumosa Hazy IPA. We also had the Strathcona Beer Company second anniversary Head Banger Triple IPA. Tune in to learn more about the beer. Podcasters Involved: Mike G of Steve … C ...…
We're back for episode 76 of the Gears and Beers Podcast!The first bit of news we talk about this week is the official launch date of Mitch's favorite car, the new Suzuki Jimny. We then talk about Volkswagen only committing to one more generation of cars with Internal Combustion Engines as they're focusing on electric, and we briefly talk about ...…
We’ve all heard the adage of “location, location, location.” The idea that when it comes to real estate, it’s about where you are—something that can be doubly important for a business.When Marie and Jamie Fox set out to find the spot for their brewery, it was not easy. The effort, which became a journey, took them all over Boulder, Colorado to ...…
We get back to the basics and fall of the rails a little in this one. We have our Beer League hero who pushes pace but also skates to the level of the skate. Douche of the Week gets personal. Tip of week revisits a true battle of keeping your head up.
In March 2013 Peter Charbonnier opened up the smallest brewery in Ballard. Even after moving out of their tiny bachelor shack brewery and into the grand place next door, they still have their 7-barrel brew house and their smallest Ballard brewery prize. Pete recounts the early days of trying to keep beer in the wall, selling out of everything, ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/07/18.By (
Drew & Schmitty chat with Jeff from Dakota County Technical College, and Mark from Chop Liver Productions about some recent news, upcoming fests, and more - Cheers!
In this episode of Ölpodden, CC and Christian visit the fourth biggest craft brewery in the US –New Belgium. At New Belgium in Fort Collins, Colorado, CC and Christian meet Ross Koenigs and Jesse Claeys and talk about how New Belgium grew from the basement of a completely ordinary suburban town house, how they make their employees feel apprecia ...…
Wes, Jared, Nerd Paul, and Morgan talk about Oskar Blue's release of Hard Seltzer and what that means for the market. Trillium Brewing had some public HR issues. PBR and Miller Coors are BFF's again. And the answer the age old question what is the difference between QA and QC. Become a supporter of this podcast: ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/06/18.By (
Well, we have not had a good train wreck of an episode in a few months, so I hope you enjoy the carnage. We do talk a bit about inexpensive gaming gifts so hopefully you can salvage something useful from this. Audio Only Version BelowBy (
The week fourteen preview episode of the Dudes and Beer fantasy football podcast is here! Join host Matthew McPeek and fellow fantasy freak Paul as they Cheers to the week thirteen winners, and poor one out for the losers (2:00.) Matt runs through his Fanduel lineup for week fourteen (13:40) The post DnB Fantasy Football S1 Ep15: NFL Week 14 Th ...…
Did you know Solutions Finish started out of a garage? Do you know the difference between a Double IPA and Single IPA? Ashley, daughter of Chris West (owner of Solutions Finish), came on to give some insight on the company and knowledge behind a true plastic restorer. Her boyfriend Nick, who is a beer connoisseur, gave an in depth review of IPA ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/05/18.By (
Welcome back to the GBH Collective, a special series of interviews where we have the chance to dive a little deeper with Good Beer Hunting contributors, and friends on topics of writing, beer and the stories you read and hear from GBH.We’re stepping outside our normal lineup of GBH writers this week to visit with someone you may not be familiar ...…
In this episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan begins with a live call with David Koster, Alaskan resident to discuss the recent massive 7.0 earthquake that hit the state as well as the aftershocks and subsequent quake that have followed. What has it been like to The post DnB Ep 194: Earthquake Updates from Alaska and Healt ...…
I give a brief overview of the ACTUAL story behind Hanukkah, talk about a very special Patio Sunday and we get to read a children's book!
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/04/18.By (
It was a sunny July day in 2009 and 36-year old Diane Schuler was driving southbound in the northbound lanes of the Taconic State Parkway in New York. Witnesses watched in horror as a minivan barreled down the parkway in the wrong direction. Blaring horns, flashing lights, and cars swerving out of her way made no difference. She appeared focuse ...…
This week on the show, Jeff Veillette of The Faceoff Circle hops on to chat the Nylander situation, Leivo trade and more Leafs topics. We also talk World Juniors, the return of Shea Weber and more.
This episode we sat down to a mixed pack of stouts put out by Stone Angel Brewing out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. There were 2 cans of three different beers. The beers were from Stone Angel Brewing Foynes Irish Coffee Stout, Kilter Brewing Coconutzo Coconut Cocoa Stout and Devil May Care Brewing Do A Cinnaroll Cinnamon … Continue reading Episode 74 ...…
We sat down with Shane in the Rothesay taproom to talk about being the first brewery in the KV, brewery dogs, and music pun beer names. Hammond River Brewing Make sure to visit our podcast sponsor Bishop's Cellar! Find out what's on tap and shop online! Sign up for the Behind the Taps Newsletter! Make sure to subscribe on iTunes, and rate and r ...…
Go here to see notes for this episode: Subscribe: RSS | Apple Podcasts | Google Play Music | Stitcher | YouTube | Twitch | Support the show: Patreon | PayPal Donation 4B Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | tumblr | Flickr | Snapchat Email 4B: 4B Theme Song: The Sleeping Sea Ki ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 12/03/18.By (
Have you ever tasted a true sourdough donut? Katie Schmelinski of The Everyday Kitchen is creating a rare and masterful treat, and is one of a few bakers in the world who makes donuts in the sourdough style.She gives us a look at how she got started, and the kind of passion and attention to detail required to make these amazing donuts.We also d ...…
The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Sit down with two friends, Aaron and Justin, who break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies. Listen to Generation Why now at…
We're back with episode 75, and this week we start off with some bollocks and then we rattle off what we're going to talk about this week.Then Matt clarifies his 'No Porsche' rule, before we talk about the new Porsche 911 (992).Then Joseph explains our goal of having a 'Hooptie Fleet'; cars that a sub-$1500 and iconic vehicles for what they are ...…
Omaha Beer League: Fall Brawl update, Lancers Tournament, and upcoming tournament for QLI. Beer League Blunder/Douche of the week: Coming back to soon from injury/ Who took my gear. Tip of the Week: Use your backhand/stay with the play, don't give up.
This week’s episode is a unique one for us. It brings together a bunch of voices who were in Nashville for the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference. In order to capture the feelings of that particular moment in the beer industry, we invited people into a private room at the Flying Saucer, set them up with one of our hosts (myself, Bryan Roth, and Matt ...…
Outlander Brewery over in Fremont is quite a unique story. Known for its strange recipes featuring tons of unexpected ingredients, it started off much like any brewery: friends Dragon and Nigel build a small brewery in an old house and brought it up from nothing. 6 years later, they are ready to get out of the game. In August of 2018, everythin ...…
We venture out of our comfort zone in this first ever episode devoted entirely to cider. Joined by Co-Owner and Head Cidermaker, Joe Getz, we set up shop at Kurant Cider in Philadelphia. It was an amazing learning experience for all of us as we talked about the cider making process, history, and of course the story and goings-on of Kurant. Dan ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 11/29/18.By (
This week Randy Mosher joins me to discuss cutting edge research into beer sensory perception and how our brain uniquely perceives and distorts the flavor, aroma and taste of beer.You can find show notes and additional episodes on my blog here.
In this NFL Week Thirteen preview episode of the Dudes n Beer Fantasy Football Podcast as the fantasy regular season comes to a close, host Matthew McPeek and friend Adam Nattress get you ready for the final push to the playoffs. In part 1 of the episode they begin with The post DnB Fantasy Football Podcast S1 Ep15: NFL Week 13 The Beginning of ...…
Live from GameHole Con 2018 the Gutter Geeks bring you 3 more amazing interviews! First we drag Jerry Savage from Savage creations from his cozy booth at the vender hall to chat about his astounding carved creations. Next? Fan favorite Last Hope drops by to discuss the joy of LARPing. What? want more? OK fine. Storm Bunny Studios drops by to di ...…
Brew Dog gives a flight of beer a whole new meaning. Got beer? Will travel!! This is why we cant have nice things...Bud lights assault on World Series Trophy!
Drew & Schmitty head over to Red Cow in the North Loop and talk craft cocktails with Ian, plus we're joined by Jeremy from Pryes - Cheers!
Did you grown up playing sports? The competitiveness of playing sports at an earlier age may possibly contribute to the work hustle that some of us Detailers have. Were you on a good team or did you like to be the star? How does athletics transition into being a business owner? This is one of the few topics that we talked about with Ronald of A ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 11/28/18.By (
The perfect way to celebrate the holidays, drinking beer! The broads try Shiner's Holday Cheer, Belle's Christmas Ale, Barista Chocolate Quad, and of course St Bernardus Christmas Ale. What are your favorite Christmas beers???
In this episode of the the Dudes n Beer podcast Host Christopher Jordan is joined by Steven Bishop as they once again welcome Dr John Hall, D.O. , Lecturer and author of the books Guinea Pigs, Technologies of Control and A New Breed Satellite Terrorism to the podcast to discuss The post DnB Ep 193: Government Mind Control Technology CONFIRMED w ...…
Thanks for listening to the Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast! Please consider leaving us a review on iTunes at Have you ever thought of opening a brewery? Ever wonder what the process is like, or what it takes to open a craft brewery? In this multi-part series, I sit down with Brew Review Crew's own Cory Smith; owner and ...…
Free Clip of the Day from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show from 11/27/18.By (
This week on Les Beer Leaguers, Jacob and Mitchell discuss Karl Alzner being waived, and what this means for the Canadiens going forward. They also chat some NHL coach firings, a milestone for Marleau and ridiculous comments from Alex Ovechkin.
Just listen to the episode you punk! There's not even a bit of bar ethics this time!
On July 5, 2012, 16-year old Skylar Neese returned to her family's West Virginia apartment after working an evening shift at Wendy's. Her apartment complex's surveillance video showed that Skylar snuck out of the apartment through her bedroom window at 12:30 A.M. on July 6 and got into an unknown vehicle. Her father said that she did not take h ...…
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