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Best CBC podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best CBC podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.
Front Burner
Front Burner is your essential daily news podcast, brought to you by CBC News & CBC Podcasts. Every weekday, award-winning investigative journalist Jayme Poisson takes you deep into the stories shapin ...
Under the Influence gives listeners a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry.Join host and adman Terry O’Reilly for fascinating (and humorous) stories that connect the dots between pop culture, marketing and human nature.
Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways.
CBC Radio's Dr. Brian Goldman takes listeners through the swinging doors of hospitals and doctors' offices, behind the curtain where the gurney lies.
IDEAS is a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. No topic is off-limits. In the age of clickbait and superficial headlines, it's for people who like to think.
Uncover is an investigative series from CBC Podcasts. Season 5: Sharmini. Season 4: The Cat Lady Case. Season 3: The Village. Season 2: Bomb on Board. Season 1: Escaping NXIVM.
Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. S1: Adrien McNaughton. S2 Sheryl Sheppard. S3: Dee ...
Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into — be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre or comedy — q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.
Cross Country Checkup is Canada's only weekly national open-line radio program. It is broadcast live across Canada every Sunday afternoon on CBC Radio One and SiriusXM, and streamed live on the Internet. Each week Canadians from coast to coast join in a lively discussion on an issue of national interest that affects their daily lives.
Remembering the good, the bad, and the awkward parts of growing up
CBC Radio's Laugh out Loud is Canada's home for comedy. Every week the show features the best and funniest comics in the business. Recorded at festivals and comedy clubs across the country, LOL is the ...
As Canada's most trusted audio newscast, The World This Hour brings you a Canadian perspective on what's happening here, and around the world right now... wherever and whenever you want it.
CBC Radio's The House takes you behind the scenes in the world of Canadian politics. Parliament may take a summer recess but the business of national politics never stops; nor does The House.
The Current
CBC Radio's The Current is a meeting place of perspectives with a fresh take on issues that affect Canadians today.
Player's Own Voice
Host Anastasia Bucsis, Two-time Canadian Olympic speedskater, brings her unique backstory to funny, friendly conversations with high performance athletes. No formulaic jock talk here ... these are bud ...
Take a trip around the world with CBC Radio's As It Happens. Hear from the people at the centre of the stories of the day — from the complex to the weird and wacky.
Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.
CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.
CBC polls analyst Éric Grenier takes a deep dive into the world of politics, elections and public opinion in conversations with journalists, decision makers and the pollsters tapping into what the country is thinking.
Unscripted and honest radio debates. Ontario Today is never shy. The host, studio guests and callers dive right into the contentious issues of the day. CBC Radio One from 12 to 1 ET. Call-in 1-888-817-8995.
Q: Video Podcast
Q is your window to cultural affairs, arts & entertainment. Think of it as a portal into the people and ideas that shape the cultural landscape. Q is broadcast across North America and around the world on radio, television and online. You can listen, watch or interact with all our content at www.cbc.ca/q, CBC Television: Sundays at 3pm & Thursday nights at 1:00am, Syndicated on Television across the United States, CBC Radio One: Monday to Friday, 10am and 10pm Sirius XM: Channel 169, U.S. Ra ...
Glasner on Film
CBC Radio Film Reviewer Eli Glasner shares his big screen thoughts on the latest and greatest movies appearing at theatre near you. Some cinema smarts (and snark) to go with your popcorn.
BC Today is where British Columbians connect on issues facing their lives and their community. Every week day at noon PT and 1pm MT, BC Today host Michelle Eliot delves into the top story for the province.
The World at Six is your destination for coverage, context and analysis of the day's top stories. It's a showcase for the best in CBC journalism prepared by reporters in Canada and around the world.
CBC News At Issue
The National's Rosemary Barton tackles the week's big political stories with Canada's leading political journalists, including Chantal Hébert and Andrew Coyne. A podcast that helps you understand the why behind the moves and decisions of your elected officials.
The Secret Life of Canada is a history podcast about the country you know and the stories you don't.
Ontario Morning tells you what's happening in your world - whether it's down the road or around the globe.Get the latest national and international news on World Report and local newscasts on the half-hour.
The Debaters
The Debaters is the hit show where comedians go toe-to-toe in a battle of laughs and logic. Hosted by award-winning funnyman Steve Patterson, the program is a combustible combination of sharply crafted comedic rants and hilarious ad libs. The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition, with the live audience picking the winners.
World Report is the first word on the day's top international and Canadian stories and reveals original work by CBC journalists. Join Nil Köksal weekdays and Marcia Young on the weekends on CBC Radio One.
Because News is Canada's funniest news quiz. Host Gavin Crawford quizzes comedians and celebrities about the headlines. Subscribe to get Members Only bonus episodes every Wednesday.
The Eyeopener sets the agenda for the day, asking the questions that need to be answered and bringing compelling local stories to Calgarians
The Doc Project
High-stakes storytelling at its most artful and human — radio documentary on the next level. Stories lived, stories told.
The CBC Podcast
Talking tv, film, and comics with Armin, Mitch, Tristen & Shae
CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.
If a joke's worth telling, it's worth repeating. Comedy Factory host Jane Testar collects our favourite skits, commentaries and funny bits that appeared on CBC Radio over the past week. It's an assembly line of humour, safety-tested and priced to move!
CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition is a lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music. Michael Enright, an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, is the host and tackles everything ...
CBC Radio's Writers and Company offers an opportunity to explore in depth the lives, thoughts and works of remarkable writers from around the world. Hosted by Eleanor Wachtel.
Author David Barr Kirtley talks geek culture with guests such as Neil Gaiman (#253), George R. R. Martin (#22), Richard Dawkins (#46), Paul Krugman (#61), Bill Nye (#273), Margaret Atwood (#94), Neil deGrasse Tyson (#32), and Joyce Carol Oates (#202). The A.V. Club calls the show, "An informative and impressively in-depth podcast well worth checking out," and io9 lists it as one of "13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas." NPR's earbuds.fm lists the show as a re ...
If you're talking about it, so is Judy Aldous on Alberta's only province wide open line. From strong opinions, to thoughtful arguments, to stories worth repeating - you never know what you'll hear nex ...
A vibrant blend of top news stories, local weather, traffic reports, comedy, local music, and interviews about politics, science and culture. Tune into Mainstreet on weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
Weekend AM
Weekend AM is CBC Radio One's province-wide, Saturday and Sunday morning show across Newfoundland and Labrador. You'll meet creative people up to all sorts of things that keep life in Newfoundland and Labrador interesting.
All in a Day
CBC Radio's All In A Day is Ottawa's number one afternoon drive program -- and covers all of Eastern Ontario and West Quebec. Join Alan Neal each weekday for a fresh take on the news you need to know, regular weather and traffic updates, an overview of the best cultural events the area has to offer, and insightful interviews with politicians, musicians, thinkers and more. Contact the show at allinaday@cbc.ca or follow along on Twitter @cbcallinaday
Information Morning Fredericton is your window on the community every weekday morning, from 5:55 to 8:37 on CBC Radio One, the news and stories of our lives in your city and around the province; keeping you informed and engaged.
CBC Radio's Morning North is a weekday news and current affairs program hosted by Markus Schwabe.
Information Morning from CBC Moncton is your essential source of news, weather, traffic and stories from your community. Join Jonna weekday mornings.
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What is their story of sacrifice and what does it mean to you.
Historian and author Mark Zuehlke discusses Remembrance Day.
Kristin Topping has been in the Air Force for 21 years, and will be retiring from the forces next year. She tells us about an initiative from The Prince's Trust called Operation Entrepreneur that helps veterans launch businesses for their civilian careers; Paul Howe of he Royal Canadian Legion Branch 68 Penetanguishene explains why he is oppose ...…
On the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street, Ryan Dillon, the puppeteer and voice behind Elmo, talks about how he went from a childhood fan of the show to claiming centre stage.
Don Cherry fired, Halifax detention convictions, Italian campaign vet, Paradise fire survivor, Bolivia coup and more
“There’s never been a better time in human history to be a woman,” says Sally Armstrong in the first of her first 2019 CBC Massey Lectures: Power Shift: The Longest Revolution. The acclaimed journalist and activist argues that women are closer to gaining equality than ever before. She examines how over the centuries women lost power and status ...…
A walk-in medical clinic just for veterans of recent conflicts. How that idea is moving toward reality, despite some challenges finding the money for it.
From the Digital Box Set: In this episode, we look at what happens when seemingly unrelated companies decide to partner up. By pooling their resources and, more importantly, by leveraging each other's strengths, unlikely brands collaborate to achieve much more than they could have achieved alone. We'll look at a hotel that partnered with an ani ...…
Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Sequel Announced [1:49]Matt Reeves : The Batman Updates [9:10]Ant-Man 3 Gets Director & Start Date [18:17]Deadpool 3 Possibly Revealed [25:19]Fantastic Four Rumored for Production [31:17]By The Comic Book Cast
Children's entertainers Sharon and Bram take calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners.
Raised in the former East Germany, Schulze draws on his own experience of mayhem and transformation at an unexpected historical moment in his novel, New Lives. He shares his thoughts with Eleanor Wachtel in this revisited conversation from 2009.
This week on The House, Liberal Whip Mark Holland talks about how his party will manage the challenges of working across the aisle. P.E.I. Premier Dennis King walks us through his advice to the prime minister on working in his own minority government. Finally, interim Green Party Leader Jo-Ann Roberts chats with host Chris Hall about her tasks ...…
The lionfish is an Olympic athlete of digestion — and that's an ecological disaster; After a 42-year journey, Voyager 2 goes interstellar; 'We have to do everything:' Why capturing carbon shows real promise; AI is reviewing scientists' old work and discovering things they missed; Fear and trauma are useful for animals — can we learn from them h ...…
Michael Armstrong, associate professor of business at Brock University, says curbing the black market has been a challenge across the country.
Kate calls from Sudbury hoping to win a CBC cutting board, among other prizes offered in our weekly news quiz show.
Canadian-born Nashville-based singer-songwriter Trevor Finlay talks about recording a new album the old fashioned way. Plus songs you wish you could go back and hear for the first time.
Steve Patterson, Martha Chaves and Jan Caruana take the news quiz with host Gavin Crawford
In celebration of Tapestry's 25th anniversary, here's two interviews that won gold at the New York Festivals Radio Awards: The tattooed pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber and The atheist evangelical minister known as “Adam.”
People with disabilities want to be participants in design, not recipients of design.
Angus Hamilton of Fredericton has many memories of serving during the Second World War. The 97-year-old veteran has just written a book about those years, and shares some of those stories with us.
On today's show: the UCP government responds to criticisms over its decision to cut the wildfire rappel program. Agriculture & Forestry Minister, Devin Dreeshen joins us; we talk to a Calgary Stampeders fan who cheers on her team by baking them fresh cookies; restaurant critic Elizabeth Carson gives us her take on Sidewalk Citizen's new locatio ...…
From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Gerry Dee offers some strategies to consider when putting your kids in sports...and Erica Sigurdson talks about an exercise you can do with your partner - specifically if you are interested in ending that partnership.
Award-winning Irish author and playwright Arnold Thomas Fanning sits down with Dr. Brian Goldman to discuss his new book Mind on Fire: A Memoir of Madness and Recovery.
Ninety years ago, the Grand Banks earthquake and tsunami devastated Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula. New research by Calvin Campbell with the Geological Survey of Canada shows incidents such as this are more common than previously thought.
Some brand new releases plus a conversation with Malcolm Gladwell. Featuring: Dolly Parton's America, Revisionist History, Scattered, Larger Than Life, Hunting Warhead. Dolly Parton's America – "Porter Wagoner led the most successful country music television show of its time, and in 1967 he needed a new "girl singer." He turned to a 21 year old ...…
Both Liberal and Conservative MPs return to Ottawa for their first post-election meetings. This week,the panel looks at the challenges ahead for the Conservatives, what the future holds for the Greens and what the Liberals need to do to reassure western provinces. Rosemary Barton hosts Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Althia Raj.…
We speak to Daemon Fairless about his new CBC podcast Hunting Warhead, which tracks a global hunt to stop child abuse online.
On this episode of the Pollcast, host Eric Grenier sits down for an interview with Dan Arnold, the Liberal Party's director of research over the last two election campaigns, to talk about what worked and what didn't during this election.
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