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Best CSPANs The podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best CSPANs The podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Join students in college classrooms to hear lectures on topics ranging from the American Revolution to 9-11.
Catch up on the stories of the day in Washington, DC. Hear portions of key events and interviews with journalists who provide background and perspective. Programs posted after 6pm ET, Monday - Friday.
The Communicators
Every week, hear from leaders in technology and communications about topics shaping our digital future on C-SPAN's The Communicators. Legislators and business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs discuss topics that influence technology in America today and tomorrow.
Join C-SPAN every Sunday for conversations with people making the news and the journalists who cover them. Guests come from a wide range of expertise in topics important in today's public affairs: the economy, technology, education, the environment, the military, and many more. Legislators and other experts talk with reporters who cover their shared area of interest.
Interesting people. Informative conversations. Every Sunday night on Q&A, we introduce you to the people who are making things happen in politics, the media, education, and science and technology in hour-long conversations about their lives and their work.
After Words
Interviews with top nonfiction authors by journalists, public policy makers, legislators, and others familiar with their work. After Words airs each weekend at the following times: Saturday at 10pm ET Sunday at 9pm ET Monday at 12am ET
PA Books features authors of books about Pennsylvania-related topics. These hour-long conversations allow authors to discuss both their subject matter and inspiration behind the books.
Whatever I'm thinking about .
Landmark Cases
C-SPAN's 12-part television series produced in cooperation with the National Constitution Center, exploring the issues, people, and places involved in some of the most significant Supreme Court cases in our nation's history.
Because of My Podcast
Because of My Podcast spotlights the achievements people are achieving. Things that only happened because they started a podcast.
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Insightful callers across America discuss the finer points of politics on "The Washington Journal."By Dream Eskimo
Today's program looks at Speaker Nancy Pelosi's remarks this morning on impeachment. Plus an interview with Mike DeBonis of The Washinton Post (20).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at today's House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impeachment inquiry. Interviews with Anita Kumar of Politico (20) and William Booth of The Washington Post (30).By C-SPAN
Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-WA, talks about privacy (she has a bill -the Information Transparency & Personal Data Control Act), Big tech companies, free speech and more. Rep. DelBene is a CEO of start-up companies.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the latest on the impeachment inquiry with Kyle Cheney of Politico (15). Plus more on China and trade with Michael Wursthorn of The Wall Street Journal (40). And Zach Montellaro of Politico (50) on Senator Kamala Harris's decision.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the latest on the impeachment inquiry with Mike Lillis of The Hill (7). Plus more on SCOTUS with Robert Barnes of The Washington Post (20).By C-SPAN
"Lee is Trapped and Must be Taken" focuses on the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg and addresses how Maj. Gen. George G. Meade organized and motivated his Army of the Potomac in response to President Abraham Lincoln’s mandate to bring about the “literal or substantial destruction” of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s retreating Army of Northe ...…
Peter Ambler, executive director of Giffords, talked about governmental efforts to pass laws to curb gun violence. Giffords is the gun-control advocacy organization started by former Representative Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), who in 2011 was shot during a public meeting with constituents at a Tucson supermarket. Eighteen others were injured besides ...…
The Newseum's Patty Rhule talks on Q&A about how the press has covered American presidents over the course of our history. She is vice president of the museum's content and exhibit development.By C-SPAN
University of Virginia history professor Sarah Milov explores the political history of tobacco in America. She's interviewed by former FDA Commissioner David Kessler.By C-SPAN
Johnson County Community College professor Tai Edwards teaches a class about the expansion of the United States during the Spanish-American War and the acquisition of Hawaii.By C-SPAN
Telecom CEO Bob Udell talks about the future of communications and the issues facing them, such as how to bridge the digital divide between rural areas that have little internet access and urban areas that have it.By C-SPAN
Fox News legal and political analyst Gregg Jarrett offers his thoughts on the Mueller report and the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election. He's interviewed by Matt Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at remarks by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and more on the impeachment inquiry. Interviews with Bryan Bender of Politico (8), Ann Marimow of The Washington Post (17), and Rebecca David O'Brien of The Wall Street Journal (30).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at President's remarks on the Secretary of the Navy, and more on Campaign 2020. Interviews Dan Lamothe of The Washington Post (5)and Selena Zito of The Washington Examiner (17).By C-SPAN
The Great War challenged all who were touched by it. Italian immigrants, torn between their country of origin and country of relocation, confronted political allegiances that forced them to consider the meaning and relevance of Americanization. In his engrossing study, "Little Italy in the Great War," Richard Juliani focuses on Philadelphia’s I ...…
Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN), chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, talked about the 2020 elections and the outlook for electing more Republicans to the House. He also discussed the impact of President Trump’s re-election effort and the impeachment inquiry of the 45th president.…
Lara Brown of George Washington University discusses how the current presidential nominating system developed. She is the political management school director at George Washington University & author of "Jockeying for the American Presidency."By C-SPAN
Gettysburg College professor Timothy Shannon teaches a class on Colonial-era diplomatic ties between the Iroquois Confederacy of the eastern Great Lakes region and European settlers.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump (2) and Presidential Candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-NH) in New Hampshire (20).By C-SPAN
Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner (R), talks about issues affecting the FCC, including spectrum auctions, 5G, STELAR, impact of the Sprint-T Mobile merger, and cyber attacks.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at day seven of the impeachment inquiry hearings. Darren Samuelsohn of Politico (20) joins us to recap the past week and preview what might happen next in the impeachment process.By C-SPAN
Beyond the legend of the creation of the American flag, we know very little about the facts of Betsy Ross’ life. Perhaps with one snip of her scissors she convinced the nation’s future first president that five-pointed stars suited better than six. Perhaps not. Miller recovers for the first time the full story of Betsy Ross, sharing the woman a ...…
Today's program looks at the testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland with an interview with Anita Kumar of Politico (25).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the passage of the CR to funding the government in the House and day three of the impeachment inquiry. We speak with Colby Itkowitz, of The Washington Post (30) on today's testimony.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the week ahead with Nick Timiraos of The Wall Street Journal (15), Caitin Emma on funding the government (20), and Michael Sherer of The New York Times on Campaign 2020 (35).By C-SPAN
House Budget Committee Chair John Yarmuth talks about expectations that the House will vote next week on a short-term CR to avert a government shutdown, the risks of potential recession, & the Fed's independence. He also talks about impeachment.By C-SPAN
Pamela Constable recently completed a lengthy tour as the [Washington Post]'s Afghanistan/Pakistan bureau chief. She talks about her work, the people she's met, the issues she's covered, and conditions today.By C-SPAN
Former Harvard Law School dean Martha Minow examines cases in which the law is forgiving. She's interviewed by Georgetown Law professor and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler.By C-SPAN
Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, talks about his adventures starting Netflix with Reed Hastings. His book, [That Will Never Work], is filled with anecdotes and lessons about creating the streaming service.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the testimony of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie before the House Intelligence Committee in the impeachment inquiry (2). President Trump's response (5), and an interview on impeachment with Vox reporter Andrew Prokop on impeachment (22).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at reaction to yesterday's first day of impeaching hearings with Anita Kumar of Politico (15) and a look at a possible continuing resolution to fund the government with Jordain Carney of The Hill (25).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the first day of impeachment hearings with Mike DeBonis of The Washington Post (30).By C-SPAN
Today's program includes interviews with Robert Barnes of The Washington Post on DACA (10) and Daniel Lippman of Politico (25) on the impeachment hearing tomorrow.By C-SPAN
Today's program includes Veterans Day remarks by President Trump (1), Vice President Pence (8), plus Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg (14), and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Turkish President's visit to the White House this week (21).By C-SPAN
A show that can kiss my assBy Dream Eskimo
In "Bosom Friends: The Intimate World of James Buchanan and William Rufus King," Thomas J. Balcerski explores the lives of these two politicians and discovers one of the most significant collaborations in American political history. He traces the parallels in the men's personal and professional lives before elected office, including their faile ...…
Journalist Susannah Cahalan discusses her book, [The Great Pretender], about a 1973 experiment led by Stanford psychologist David Rosenhan that was conducted to test the legitimacy of psychiatric hospitals in America.By C-SPAN
Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich offers his thoughts on the threats the U.S.faces from China. He's interviewed by the American Enterprise Institute's Oriana Mastro.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in New Hampshire ballot (1:30), President Donald Trump on releasing a second transcript of a call with the President of Ukraine (9:30) and Politico's Emma Caitlin government spending (18:00).By C-SPAN
Representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Energy & Commerce Committee vice chair, talks about "smart cities" and the technology that enables them. She also talks about election security, "deepfakes" and facial recognition issues.By C-SPAN
Two weeks before federal funding runs out, the top Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, assesses the status of appropriations legislation in Congress. Senator Leahy may also discuss impeachment actions.By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the latest with the impeachment hearings next week with Sarah Ferris of Politico (6:20).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks at the upcoming impeachment hearings next week with Nahal Toosi of Politico (11).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks the release of more transcripts and the trial of Roger Stone. Interviews with Phillip Bump of The Washington Post (12) and Darren Samuelsohn of Politico (25).By C-SPAN
Today's program looks the release of transcripts from the impeachment inquiry and the Washington Nationals visit The White House. Interviews with Anita Kumar of Politico (10) and Dave Boyer of The Washington Times (25).By C-SPAN
Even as a young officer George Marshall was heralded as a genius, a reputation that grew when in WWI he planned and executed a nighttime movement of more than a half million troops from one battlefield to another that led to the armistice. Between the wars he helped modernize combat training, and re-staffed the U.S. Army's officer corps with th ...…
Elizabeth Papez - a litigator and partner in the firm of Gibson Dunn, and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas -- discusses several high profile U.S. Supreme Court chief justices.By C-SPAN
David Shulkin recounts his time as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. He's interviewed by Jeremy Butler, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America CEO.By C-SPAN
MIT Professor Sinan Aral proposes ways to measure disinformation on social media in order to safeguard elections and democracy.By C-SPAN
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