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Be Less Typical - Car Sales
Insights, innovative ideas & solutions for automotive dealers, spoken candidly by car people for car people.
Auto Off Topic
Auto Off Topic is a weekly podcast where we talk cars, adventures with cars or anything that might be related to cars. We’ll even have the occasional guest.This is a cautionary podcast about rusty bolts, blown head gaskets, snapped timing belts, spun bearings and janky wiring. We'll share the highs and lows of old car/project car ownership. It won't be all horror, in the Spring, Summer, and Fall we actually drive some interesting cars when they aren't broken and do some fun things with them. ...
Auto Dealer Live
A radio show for automotive dealers by automotive dealers!
Car Pro Insider
Proven strategies, outside the box ideas and the latest resources to help car sales professionals sell more cars and be the go-to car sales person in their marketplace.
LotParty, helping dealerships move around their virtual lot.
Lotparty has the best weekly automotive sales show plus tips to help managers and sales people improve sales. LotParty is hosted by Jasen Rice, owner of Lotpop, Inc a company that helps automotive dealerships improve new and used car sales. Automotive tips and trends
Memoirs of a Used Car Salesman
No one wants to be this when they grow up, but it is the best job in the world. The stories you experience are truly unreal. Meet unique auto enthusiasts and learn about their wild/humurous trials and tribulations.
Smart Sales Pro Podcast: Sales Training | Prospecting | Education | Michael Mason
The Smart Sales Pro Podcast is created for the Sales Agent, Sales Trainers, Coaches or Sales Managers. If your looking for inspiration, motivation and training while on your way to work, in the gym, washing the car, etc. host Michael Mason uses his passion and fascination with sales to uncover how the most interesting and successful sales professionals of today got into sales, their trials along the way and the secrets to their sales success. Michael’s vision is to illuminate his listeners w ...
CheapShow is a comedy podcast all about getting the very best out of the worst! Be it Poundlands, Charity Shops, Car Boot Sales or Bargain Bins, hosts Paul Gannon & Eli Silverman (with help from Ash Frith) poke around in the corners of the high streets and internet to find treasure in the trash.One week it could be a studio based show, the next, a live comedy event. It could even be a location report or a scripted adventure! A few things it is, however, is rude, crude, silly and drizzled in ...
Smart Sales Pro Podcast with Michael Mason
The Smart Sales Pro Podcast is created for the Sales Agent, Sales Trainers/Coaches or Sales Managers. If your looking for inspiration, motivation and training while on your way to work, in the gym, washing the car, etc. host Michael Mason uses his passion and fascination with sales to uncover how the most interesting and successful sales professionals of today got into sales, their trials along the way and the secrets to their sales success. Michael’s vision is to illuminate his listeners wi ...
Of Dice and Pens: Reunion Campaign
We've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over a decade. After some college years apart, join us as we reunite over a D&D campaign.This campaign features a heavily modified version of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Guns, swords, magic and cars all play a key role in the adventure setting.Inspired by true events (kinda) and Mad Max (significantly)
The Waterless Pro Zone Podcast with David Elliott
The Waterless Pro Zone is a Sales & Marketing Podcast, helping Car Care Professionals Create, Grow & Monetize their businesses. Learn the Secret Tips and Tricks of the trade from the top Car Care Entrepreneurs and Detailing Professionals, from around the world. Learn Sales Tactics, Marketing Advice & Business Recommendations. Find out about the top books, other podcasts and internet tools that can greatly boost your business and your mind. This is a community of like-minded, car care profess ...
Muscle Car Radio
Welcome to Muscle Car Radio, hosted by veteran car enthusiast Harry Christian. Each episode we bring you special guests ranging from race drivers, industry experts and event promoters. We speak to listeners about their rides and feature a car for sale. From GT’s to Monaro’s to Chargers…Aussie and American, we’ve got you covered. Special cars - Special Events - Special Rev Heads…Listen in for your horsepower fix!
Marketing On The Move
Welcome to Marketing on the Move by This podcast was created for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to start, create and grow their sales funnel and business. Our marketing and entrepreneurship insights will give you a taste of how you can make more profit and grow your business. Each podcast is short and punchy, so you can listen to them in the office, in the car or anytime you want to ignite your marketing!
LIMITED EDITION RIDES 4K29 is an editorial video feed showcasing concept cars and limited edition versions of vehicles made for show and limited sales.
For Sale Podcast
Everything has a story... including the most interesting homes, businesses, cars, boats, planes and everything else that's FOR SALE! Want to feature an item that you have FOR SALE? Email:
Car Business Brisbane
Car Business is a multi-dimensional automotive company that aims to help you to buy your new car for a better price than you can do on your own. Based on the Redcliffe Peninsula about 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, Car Business is located in an area that allows us to pick and choose from Brisbane’s finest new cars for sale.WEBSITE:
Media Sales Basics
Short briefings on the basics of media advertising sales. Excellent for those new to the business or for those who want to keep their skills sharp. Subscribe and download to your favorite MP3 player to listen to in the car, at the gym, or on the way to your next sales call! Sponsored by: - The Local Advertising Sales Development System. AdMall is a registered trademark of Sales Development Services, Inc.
Curt Peyton
Curt Peyton Automotive Professional Resources. Shares real world experiences from automotive dealerships. Developing professional sales people. Training professional managers. Providing Marketing tools to Maximize your Market-Minimize your cost. Professional expertise in variable operations and fixed operations.Why Marketvision TM. Having trained and consulted with Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Buick and independent dealers. Mr. Peyton i ...
TheCreditGuyTV Podcast
This podcast is my attempt to END the credit repair industry. Since 1991 I have been providing credit reports to the lending community. I have always felt that the credit repair industry has taken advantage of people. If you want to fix your own credit it is not that hard, you just have to know what to do. Dave Sullivan graduated from Western Michigan University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He started in the mortgage industry as a loan officer in 1991. Less than one year late ...
Goodwood 73rd Members Meeting - 21-22 March 2015.
The Goodwood Members’ Meeting is a new style of motor racing event, conceived by Lord March to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of the original BARC Members’ Meetings held ‘in period’ at Goodwood through the 1950s and 1960s.Uniquely, as well as a full programme of racing, the Members’ Meeting offers visitors the chance to see demonstrations of racing cars never seen here in period.The 73rd Members’ Meeting in 2015 promises the spectacle of F1 cars from the 1970s, the biggest collectio ...
Jorge Koechlin Presenta
An all around 360 review of the automotive industry including AutoShows, concept cars, new models, reviews, tests, new technologies, hybrids, electric vehicles and safety tips. Also includes market news, sales and trends as well as Motor Racing with Latin/Hispanic drivers highlights, classic collector cars, auctions, and interviews with industry experts on relevant topics such as finance, leasing, maintenance and insurance.
Flatbush Homegrown
Look for the red Live button and drop in the chat room. Eclectic, excellent and entrancing music from our listeners, fellow artists, musicians and podcasters. Also, weekend weather forecasts and car boot sale news to help you figure out if there's any point in going outside. Usually on on Fridays. Drop in the chat room an voice your concerns.
Aren't you ready for some football? I sure as hell am. After eight days, and counting, of NFL-less living, I am as irritable as a post menopausal woman, oh, that's right, I am a post-menopausal woman! So what does a football junkie do to fill the hours before the BIG GAME? Oh, I don't know, I remodeled a room, I baked pies and cookies, I bought a new car, I put my old car up for sale and I painted the bathroom. My husband has fled. I want and I miss my NFL.
Gear Shift
Hey everyone! We are Christof and Kacper and we host the weekly podcast called Gear Shift. It is an hour long automotive podcast about life; we discuss topics like being a consumer, types of forced induction, and our personal stories with many types of vehicles. Christof is an Army veteran and father that has had three years of experience working in the automotive industry as a sales, service, and parts consultant, as well as owning his own photography business and detailing business. Kacper ...
The FRONT by Lead The Team with host Mike Phillips
One of my personal and business goals is to make a positive impact on people. Make an impact on my family, on other people, businesses, and in my community. I am a Digital Strategist and former General Sales Manager in the auto industry. I am considered by many an expert in automotive call centers and phone sales (BDC). I’ve done just about everything in an automotive dealership setting, and I still really enjoy selling cars! I love the study of psychology and the art of sales and negotiatio ...
Twin Brothers, Sal and Frank Santolla have been self employed business partners in the automotive field since 1981. They started Santolla Auto Repair in Patterson, NJ at the age of 21 while still attending area colleges. Sal is a graduate of Montclair State University with a BS Degree in Industrial Technology. Frank successfully completed automotive courses through the Bergen Vocational Tech Schools of Teterboro, Hackensack and Paramus N.J. and is an honor graduate from Bergen Community Coll ...
Deeper Sensation Mix By Simon Sim's
SIMON SIM'S: High in the House and synthetic sounds, Simon Sim's had a passion for music very early, diversifying its activities in the field of DJing and production. * In 2004, Simon Sim's working with DJ / producers like Chris Kaeser and Laurent pautrat and released his first EPs records: "Sim's - Indian Spirit" (co produced with Laurent Pautrat and Antoine Clamaran) "Zukker Party Band - All Right ( . Co produced with Laurent Pautrat) Chris Kaeser & Sim's - Hypnotick Music) for Pool E Musi ...
BRDC SuperStars 2017 - Audio Podcasts
Now in its tenth year, BRDC SuperStars is well established as a programme which any serious young British driver aspires to be part of. As the scheme only selects the very brightest prospects, competition for places is tough and keenly fought. The SuperStars are supported with training programmes which the on-track results of the last two years suggest, do help give those taking part a competitive edge. SuperStars compete across the different disciplines from single seaters to prototypes, to ...
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In order to have a trustless system that is able to verify location for smart contracts, Foam is currently developing a spatial protocol that can run on the Ethereum blockchain. This system would give users the ability to verify real-time locations through the blockchain and would be useful in various use cases, including location-based gaming ...…
Eyes For The Road - Places & Travel & Photography Podcast
Car Spy Photographer Brenda Priddy 7 Tips for Road Trips 1.Know the route 2.Check your car- tire pressure, fluids. 3. Emergency Kit 4. Snacks/drinks 5. Keep the Windows Clean 6, Cash 7. Know the Route What’s in Brenda Priddy’s Camera Bag Sony A6300 mated with a Sony 90mm macro lens Sony RX10 III for everyday shooting (car shows, etc.) Sony RX10 ...…
Mike discusses the electric vehicle market and how the consensus view is that they are getting close to parity in price with combustion engine vehicles. The E.U., USA, Japan, and China markets will all reach price parity within six years and possibly sooner. Many governments are pushing regulations requiring electric vehicles within the next fe ...…
This week your hosts Sean Chin and Mehek Seyid discuss travelling to Portugal, Taylor Swift’s Reputation, Tesla Roadster & Semi-Truck, iPhone X follow-up, streaming sales, and summarize Stranger Things season 2. Links: Tesla Roadster & Semi-Truck YouTube signs Ticketmaster deal Universal’s streaming revenues to smash past $2 Billion Taylor Swif ...…
Happy November 20, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from November 14, 2016. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser David DeWitt has a held a variety of sales and management positions across three industries, and he currently uses his successful experiences to help business owners build strong, healthy businesses thr ...…
Matt Albrizio is the Vice President of Sales at Forever Fierce. Matt is passionate about working along side other small businesses. His focus is working with CrossFit owners to maximize their revenue selling original and branded apparel. His clients have made thousands of extra dollars per implementing his go-to strategies. Forever Fierce is a ...…
At the Western I want to give you an update on what is happening with our relocation project and before I say anything else I just want to say and I've mentioned this to some of you before that I have never been a part of something so so big and so complex as a possible relocation project and have done so little work to make this happen so this ...…
Today on the Episode, I’m talking with two wonderful women from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Sasha Hausman is the Director of Philanthropy and Kelly Quintero is the Director of Advocacy and Government Relations. Together, they work as advocates for Second Harvest’s many programs. In our episode, we discuss what food insecurity i ...…
echarny on Narro
Who delivers Amazon orders? Increasingly, it’s plainclothes contractors with few labor protections, driving their own cars, competing for shifts on the company’s own Uber-like platform. Though it’s deployed in dozens of cities and associated with one of the world’s biggest companies, government agencies and customers alike are nearly oblivious ...…
Introducing Robert DeVore Robert is the founder of WP Dispensary, an online menu management software for the cannabis industry. He says he also has a “healthy” obsession with open source, caffeine, pizza and building life on his own terms. Show Notes Website | Website | Twitter | @deviorobert Twitter | ...…
Join us today for the second part of Chip’s Mattress Situation. Chip got bamboozled by a “friend” and Chip has been suffering the consequences for months. If you missed the first part of the Mattress Situation be sure to listen. Chip and his wife were able to find someone on Craigslist to look at the mattress. Chip and his wife were invested $5 ...…
Transcript: Rob Maine: Hey guys, we're going to go ahead and get started and really glad that you guys are here. Want to make sure that you're in the right spots. We are doing the talk on- Nick Bogardus: Feminism. Rob Maine: That's right. Nick Bogardus: Just kidding. Rob Maine: That's right. No, being a multiplying and missional pastor in a pos ...…
UPDATE: EA Exec Responds To Battlefront 2 Microtransaction Controversy Star Wars Battlefront II is an upcoming action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series ...…
At the southern end of the Surprise Valley on the border of California and Nevada, Bare Ranch looks essentially like it did in the early 1900s: sheep and cattle grazing on broad fields under a backdrop of mountains. But because of some subtle changes, the ranch now produces what’s being marketed as “climate beneficial” wool. The wool–which The ...…
The Berkshire Edge LLC is a locally owned, regional publication. Our goal is to provide – regularly and in depth – content that truly reflects the life, interests and aspirations of this unusually rich and vibrant community. Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, econo ...…
People know me as the “Bicycle Touring Pro” because, for the last 17 years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle and teaching people like you to conduct their own incredible bicycle touring adventures. But this autumn, rather than going on another big bike tour in some foreign country, I decided to try something a little different ...…
(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.) Women and the Science of Belief – Magic of Believing As ideas for this book occurred to me, I frequently thought of the many famous women who had used the power of belief. Once Ben Hur Lampman specifically suggested that I write about them: “Many women may not realize they ...…
- Model 3 Customers Waiting Patiently- Tesla to Unveil Electric Semi- Mercedes' Tests Electric Bus- Mahindra Considers Ssangyong for U.S.- Chevrolet Reveals New ZR1 Corvette- Plug-In Sales Outpace Market- Arguments Over New Ford ExpeditionBy
Change is speeding up, but the fundamentals of the indie author business are actually stabilizing. In today's show, I talk about how you can bed down your processes in order to position for the next phase of growth and offer ways to balance your time so you can continue to create, even as you scale. I spent the last week of October on the Orego ...…
Landaas & Company Money Talk Podcast
Landaas & Company newsletter November edition now available. Advisors on This Week’s Show Bob Landaas Brian Kilb Kyle Tetting Steve Giles (with Max Hoelzl and Joel Dresang) Week in Review (Nov. 6-10, 2017) Significant economic indicators & reports Monday No major releases Tuesday American employers had an annual rate of 6.1 million job openings ...…
We were extremely lucky to have Grant Casstevens join us on this week's episode. Grant has been involved in airplane sales, charter, and brokerage and has been behind over $100 Million in sales, all before he can legally rent a car in all 50 states! Grant shares his knowledge on entrepreneurial spirit, the issues with the current "mold", and ho ...…
- Inventory Levels Under Control- Global Car Sales Continue To Grow- Continental Acquires Argus Cyber Security- Rider Assistance Features for Motorcycles- GM Tests V2I in China- Can Tesla Meet Production Goals?By
Are you being "nice guy'd" during your sales process or in your daily life? Today I'll discuss 5 topics to help bring awareness to what is going on and take you from Nice Guy to Value Guy! Current meaning of the word NICE; pleasant, agreeable, fine. Nice originated from Latin nescire meaning; to NOT know, ignorant, foolish, stupid. I know I don ...…
The Property Pineapple is one of three segments you will hear on the Performance Property Data podcast. Property Insiders are released monthly and are conversations with industry leaders offering knowledge and expertise. And Performance Insights are released every Wednesday and Friday, giving you the lowdown on key property markets around Austr ...…
Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better
Subscribe to Podcastification Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Podbean | iHeart Radio | Spreaker If I had a nickel for every time a client or potential client or random podcaster has asked me… How can I monetize a podcast? I wouldn’t need to monetize a podcast. It’s a natural question, I guess ...…
Wow! I knew God had a good reason for keeping me from getting home today by way of car troubles but I had no idea it would be for this! I just figured maybe I would have gotten in an accident or something had I stayed on the road. Although in the title I call ours a "chance encounter" I believe it's much more than that. As I have stepped out in ...…
In this episode Peter Swindells and Marshall Tulley discuss the #1 Biggest Mistake people make when trying to get a bad credit car loan. Questions? Reach out to Peter - The Muzi Minute is an automotive podcast produced by Muzi Ford & Chevy in Needham, MA and it covers everyting in the automotive industry from a dealer ...…
Recapping the most interesting news for the tech blogosphere from October 23-29. From Mashable, articles on Walmart brings in robots to help compete with Amazon, and Facebook launches a marketplace for car sales. Engadget explains how Google is taking the fight against fake news into the real world with a partnership with the International Face ...…
Car Confessions Episode 024; Are Wrong Questions Killing Your Sales? What type of questions are you asking? Open? What made you decide to come in today? What is your most important priority when making this decision? Closed? What question haven’t I asked you? Typically can be answered with a YES or NO. 7 top questions to ask during the sales pr ...…
After years of false starts and broken promises, electric vehicles are finally hitting the road. But for all the hoopla around companies like Tesla, the electric car market has barely put a dent in the sales of gas-powered cars and trucks. Of the 17.5 million cars sold in the US each year, less than 1% are fully electric. It will not stay that ...…
- VW Plans EV Race Car for Pikes Peak- Dealer Follow Ups Can Impact Sales- Land Rover Concerned About Copycats- Audi A7 Sportback Updates- Nissan Expands EV-To-Grid Program- Is America Losing Its Wanderlust?By
On this week’s episode of F&I Today, Becky invites Joe Lescota to discuss dealer used-car trends and how to create a seamless process that impacts profits both in sales and in the F&I department.
Toyota Motor Corp. is set to unveil a fuel-cell concept car that aims to offer 50 percent more driving range than its current hydrogen-powered sedan in a technology push that defies a rising wave of battery-driven vehicles. Japan’s biggest auto manufacturer is targeting a 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) range for the Fine-Comfort Ride concept saloon ...…
10.18.17 Larry Dawson on Ask The ExpertLarry Dawson joins Dale Cooper for their bi-weekly show on all things car sales
This week the chaps have to work hard at this show not being all doom and gloom! FOLLOW UP: LONDON’S TAX ON THE POOR STARTS MONDAY Transport for London is bringing in the new Toxicity Charge, for older vehicles, earlier than expected. Monday is when it starts. See many previous episodes for our thoughts on this and what TfL and Sadie Khan could ...…
During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) breaks down the specific proven path for building a successful online store. During today’s show Clay breaks down the following topics and more: The power of business coaching, what you don’t know is […] The post Prov ...…
Why I do this podcast? I do this podcast because I want to show everyone what separates me from any other, every other salesperson in this industry! I don't want to under promise and over delivery (as is typical with the industry standard); I want to OVER promise and OVER delivery! That's why I do this podcast, send out a monthly newsletter, an ...…
IGN acquires Humble, Steam games get cheap, RPCS3 goes HD, and Overgrowth enters final beta. Then Death Point faces the CHAIRQUISITION! Special thanks: Mike G (Newest Executive producer) Subscribe: Listen: Download: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro Steam News: What’s in ...…
First Segment: PLNAR. Andy Greff, CEO.PLNAR is the perfect solution for any business that requires home or commercial property floor plans. The PLNAR App interface is designed with the consumer in mind. The entire app + cloud solution drops easily into any sales or claim process.Second Segment: Computer and Technology News.Today's topics includ ...…
Chip and Cern Show
It is that time of the year again, 360 videos, sour beers and Cern’s Companies Annual Golf Tournament. Chip, Cern, Stat Boy Dana and Joe teed off for some mid week golf. They might be getting nicer to each other, or are at least trying, but a good time is had by all. Chip and Cern are back on their sours kick this week, this time trying out the ...…
Sell with a Story Podcast | How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale
{The 7th in a series of the 25 most useful sales stories} One of the things I learned from interviewing professional buyers was that there are two things salespeople can do to immediately earn buyers’ trust and credibility. In the words one buyer used to explain it, “First, tell me when you can not help me. And second, tell me when you made a m ...…
Most marketers use Facebook ads for top-of-the-funnel brand awareness and lead gen, but did you know that they are an effective way to nurture sales-ready leads and shorten the sales cycle? In this week's episode of The Inbound Success Podcast, I'm interviewing Rick Kranz, the CEO of OverGo Studio and the Founder of the Facebook Ads Studio, abo ...…
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