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Best Consumption podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Consumption podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Join Matt, Jay, Dylan and Dave each week as they discuss everything between important and stupid.
A podcast autopsy of media: how we consume it and how it informs our everyday culture.
Box Office Battle
Two movies go head to head for redemption. There can only be one.
In Syndication
The history of television one show at a time.
Modern wisdom from 100 years ago.
We Love You (And So Can You) follows the journey of a guest looking to makeover part of their life: like jumping back into the dating world, dealing with professional jealousy, or navigating a new phase in life as an empty nester. Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg draw on extensive knowledge of self-help to provide a prescription of wellness practices, creative activities, media consumption, and more, which the guest follows while we eavesdrop on their progress. The goal: for the g ...
Three women unraveling the mysteries of the Mueller investigation each week as alt government employee and anonymous host, AG simplifies the absurd amount of Trump Russia news and wraps it up into tasty bites for human consumption. Mueller, She Wrote is committed to reporting facts and conjecture with just the right amount of snark. Come for the news, stay for the Fantasy Indictment Draft!
Teachers on Fire
Profiling agents of growth and transformation in K-12 education. Advocating for collaboration, communication, creation > consumption, critical thinking, design thinking, growth mindset, inquiry, PBL, and strategic uses of technology in education. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/teachersonfire/support
Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.
The alcohol-fueled podcast.
Mass Consumption
I am Joshua Reilly a comic book creator. You can view and purchase my art at reillycomics.com and follow me @reillycomics on all social media platforms. The podcast is me talking about my interests which include Comic books, movies, art, sports, science, and because it's mandatory, politics.
Recaps, reviews, and pop culture news.
Promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance through deeper understandings of biology.
Play/Test is one part Actual Play Podcast, one part Interview Show, one part shameless promotional material for the tabletop role-playing games I make. Each week you'll hear actual playtests, edited for your consumption, of Hard-Space Hustle, a low-glamour sci-fi action game!
The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. It's like the blog but with sound: Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, all spoken after consumption. Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.
Three women unraveling the mysteries of the Mueller investigation each week as alt government employee and anonymous host, AG simplifies the absurd amount of Trump Russia news and wraps it up into tasty bites for human consumption. Mueller, She Wrote is committed to reporting facts and conjecture with just the right amount of snark. Come for the news, stay for the Fantasy Indictment Draft!
WAFL Productions' WAFLcast examines the consumption of media in all sorts of mediums. And neither fIlm, TV, or comic books are safe when hosts, Karwin Walker and Marco Flores, Jr. let their thoughts loose to dissect all things pop culture.www.waflproductions.com
Jayhawky Bois
The essential podcast for all Jayhawk basketball fans. Analysis, insights, predictions, and more than a little goofing around- it's all here for your crimson-and-blue consumption.
Orignally written as a series of newspaper articles in 1847, Wage-Labour and Capital was intended to give a short overview, for popular consumption, of Marx’s central threories regarding the economic relationships between workers and capitalists. These theories outlined include the Marxian form of the Labour Theory of Value, which distinguishes “labour” from “labour-power”, and the Theory of Concentration of Capital, which states that capitalism tends towards the creation of monopolies and t ...
The simple sophisticate is someone who prefers quality over quantity, sensible living over mindless consumption, personal style instead of trendy fashions, has an insatiable curiosity for life’s endless questions and a desire to live a truly fulfilling life rather than being led around by the nose. Inspired by her lifestyle blog The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables (the original Simple Sophisticate) shares with listeners tips on how to live a refined life on an everyday income. From achi ...
Lit & Lucid Podcast Series aims to educate the consumer on various cannabis laws and regulations, best practices for consumption, and more. Discussing how entrepreneurs are utilizing the cannabis industry to pursue their dreams. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lit-and-lucid/support
Blaney's Blarney
Provocative & Opinionated Commentary on Politics, Current Affairs, Football & Culture
Floor 9
Welcome to the IPG Media Lab's original podcast, welcome to Floor 9. For over a decade, we’ve been evaluating new technology, identifying how it changes consumer behavior and media consumption, and providing our clients with actionable insights to help navigate the evolving media landscape.
Montucky Skies
Pop culture talk.
This Podcast is created and curated by Deepak Jayaraman (an Executive Coach and a Leadership Advisor). He lives in Mumbai and is the CEO of Transition Insight where he works with successful Senior Executives by helping them play to their unique potential but with a sharp focus on transitions (business or career).Guests on this podcast range across backgrounds and contexts. Guests includea) Sportsmen and sportswomen - Viswanathan Anand (Chess), Vijay Amritraj (Tennis), Deepa Malik (Paralympia ...
The Energy Show
The Energy Show, hosted by Barry Cinnamon, is a weekly 30 minute talk show that runs every Saturday on KDOW Radio AM in San Jose California.Every week Barry provides practical money-saving tips on ways to reduce your home and business energy consumption.Barry Cinnamon heads up Cinnamon Energy Systems (a San Jose residential and commercial solar and energy storage contractor) and Spice Solar (suppliers of built-in solar racking technology). After 10,000+ installations at Akeena Solar and West ...
Media Consumption
Urban Media Lab presents Media Consumption. A weekly audio show about what's good, bad, and addicting in media. Hosted by Papa Smurf and co-host Slums as well as special weekly guests. The show features media tips, gadget reviews, software downloads, and free music downloads.
Please Don't Listen to This, Your Life Depends On It! A bunch of 20-somethings with a diverse range of interests try to show each other new experiences. Each week, one of our heroes puts forth a piece of media or kind of experience, and then they meet to discuss their thoughts, argue and generally goof off. Show not meant for human consumption.
Think about all of the things you consider every day to help keep yourself, your loved ones, and your community happy, healthy, and hopeful. Now consider this: There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating significant negative impacts, for yourself and the ones you love, in the consumption of pornography. It can change the way you think, harm your ability to connect with other people, and can contribute to changing the world in negative ways. Join us every other week as we consider ...
Podcasts and Resources on the Contemporary Social-Scientific Study of Religion
Failure To Launch
We’re all familiar with the idea of a pilot episode, the one-off test run of a series to see whether or not it could ever work as a television show. But what happens to the shows that never make it past that stage? Usually they’re cast aside and disappear from the public eye forever, doomed to fade into obscurity. But Melbourne comedy troupe The Consumption say “No more!” We are reaching deep into the bowels of television history to bring you back hot, steaming piles of TV's many bizarre mis ...
Henry Stanton’s 1922 book Sex – Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English is intended as a frank (although consevative and moralistic) guide to human sexual behaviour and relationships. It is partly a self-help book, partly an attempt to relay the scientific knowledge of the day in relation to sex and reproduction in a way suitable for popular consumption.
RNG Podcast
The RNG podcast is exactly what it sounds like, a random range of topics that go from funny life stories to the meaning of life all in one conversation provided by YouTubers King Raja & Grizzly Berry. Some of the topics include TF2, Overwatch, Smash, or even the consumption of raw cow milk. And sometimes there might even be guest interviews, so if you're wanting to hear interesting conversations and perspectives or just need background noise then the RNG Podcast is for you!
Black Market Reads is a menu for Black literary consumption and all of its spin-offs. Featuring Black artists who love to read and write and engage in arts and culture. PRODUCER: The Givens Foundation for African American Literature PRODUCTION SERVICES: iDream.tv MUSIC: Sarah White - Through People [M¥K Remix] BMR is made possible through the generous support of our individual donors, Target Foundation, and the voters of Minnesota, through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant ...
Every episode we blast anyone who gets in our way. We bring critical thinking, skepticism, and irreverence to any topic that makes the news, makes it big, or makes us mad. It’s skeptical, it’s political and there is no welcome mat.
A lifestyle podcast for the eco-conscious. Each week, Laura Diez, M.S., is diving into sustainability + practical climate science. This podcast explores fashion, economics, food, conscious consumerism… just about everything in our lives is tied to the environment.
How many times have you tried to get your friend to watch your favorite television show only to say, "But you have to watch the next episode." or "Don't judge it off the first episode," ? Here at #first! we know the woes of the pilot episode and lean into it. With a friendship forged through media consumption, Alex and Spencer kindly request one another to watch the pilot of a show they love. Oh, now's a good time to mention these two will fight over anything. Bringing no experience other th ...
Do you like puns? Do you particularity enjoy punny headlines in newspapers? Would you like to hear masses of them recited in quick succession? If so, you’ll probably enjoy Punwatch. Punwatch is a game show in which 3 or 4 funny people try to guess the correct pun-ish headline attached to various news stories from the week. Some of the puns are brilliant, some of them awful, and some are such tenuous stretches they’d make Lilia Stepanova wince (look her up). Either way, there’s lots of ‘em. E ...
This is an introductory talk on some of the key themes in my recent book, Somebody Else’s Problem: Consumerism, Sustainability and Design (Greenleaf UK), on the environmental impacts of everyday consumption, and the role of established systems and ‘post-cautionary ‘ forms of design and production, in locking in high carbon forms of consumption, pollution and waste. I argue that we need to ensure all environmental costs are included in the price of all goods and services consumed, but explain ...
From waste to wealth, and grids to growth, the show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life — it tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future.
Conscious consumption requires one key ingredient: knowledge. MEAT: The Ultimate Podcast by Vic’s Meat will take you under the fence of the world of meat; through the eyes of those who grow it, those who cut it, those who cook it, and even those who are against it. We dive deeply into topics such as health, history, science, innovation, environment and sustainability, all with a meat-bent. If you want to think wisely about meat and make informed choices, MEAT: The Ultimate Podcast is for you.
The Unreserved Wine Talk podcast features candid conversations with the most fascinating people in the wine world. Your host, award-winning journalist Natalie MacLean, dives into how it feels to compete in the nerve-wracking World's Best Sommelier Competition, the shadowy underground of wine forgery, the zany tactics of a winemaker who hosted a funeral for cork, and more. Nestled in these colourful stories are practical tips on how to choose wine from a restaurant list, pair it with food and ...
Narcotica Podcast
A podcast about the war on drugs and the people caught in the middle, brought to you by dedicated science and drug policy journalists Christopher Moraff, Zachary Siegel, and Troy Farah.
Inspiring you to LIVETHEFUEL! This podcast shows' purpose is to help to FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle goals. To some of you, the very idea of launching that next big thing seems daunting and unattainable. Are you still using that four-letter word of DIET vs living the LIFESTYLE? Maybe you are struggling with that next big business idea? How about challenging yourself to grow your personal brand online? Maybe you simply want to build the confidence to be more adventurous in life a ...
a simple podcast of biographical vignettes
A podcast about best practice, guidance, news and cutting edge Microsoft cloud technologies. Interviews with passionate people in the cloud space, hosted by MVPs Nicolas Blank (twitter.com/nicolasblank), Warren du Toit (twitter.com/warrendt) and Chris Goosen (twitter.com/chrisgoosen)This podcast is brought to you by KEMP Technologies. We chose KEMP as a sponsor due to their amazing Cloud product line. For more information, visit KEMP on the web at https://kemptechnologies.com
"An entertaining and thought-provoking way to address how coffee consumption affects the wider world" - Caffeine Magazine "Quality production and compassionate, well-researched presentation" - Daily Coffee News"These are untold stories, the sort you won’t find in glossy Instagram posts" - European Coffee TripJames Harper is a coffee professional and storyteller who travels the world to reveal the truth behind our morning coffees.Each episode takes over 100 hours to make and sheds a light on ...
Fashion and apparel. It touches nearly everyone. When its at its best, fashion and apparel is not only functional, but also fun, expressive, sexy, and for some businesses, very profitable. But when it is at its worst, fashion and apparel is superficial, exploitative, polluting and extremely wasteful - in other words the essence of unsustainable consumption. And while it is argued that the industry's rapid growth has created employment opportunities for more than 300 million people worldwide, ...
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Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, Games, Life, and everything in between! Season 3 of NFHC Podcast Starts now and Big baby komodo dragon is out here rollin', Black Friday Origins?, Blunts, Smuggling, Rebels, Cybertrucks, Bloody Biden Eyes, South Dakota Does Meth, Mobile Hoarding, The Drunkest Broad ...…
Black Friday sales are upon us, and holiday gift giving is definitely testing our commitment to being conscious consumers! On today’s bonus episodes, we’ll be going through guidelines to be a mindful shopper for both yourself and others. We’re sharing some creative ideas as alternatives to likely landfill-bound presents, plus reframing our mind ...…
It's that time of the year when corporate America cashes in on sentimentality and nostalgia.By King Raja & Grizzly Berry
Use Your Difference to Make a difference: Tayo Rockson has returned since his first episode 071. He and I catch up on his mission to improve the cross-cultural relations in our world today with his new book launch! We catch up on his talks, podcasts, his past TEDx public speaking achievement and now his first authored book release, "Use Your Di ...…
Thank you to our Co-producer patron Kevin Wetter for selecting this week's topic! This 1994 indie rock album means a lot to its fans as proof positive that you can survive a romantic breakup. We look at the small business that drove its creation and try to put ourselves in the shoes of the listeners who cherish it. Interested in the media we di ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Karl Marx
Rainy Day Special | WAFL Watches 50 Shades of Grey by WAFL ProductionsBy WAFL Productions
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Karl Marx
Welcome back to Floor 9. This week hosts Scott and Adam are joined by Ben and Ryan, two gaming experts on the Lab team, to talk all about the latest developments in the gaming space, as well as what they say about the future of gaming. From the new cloud-based gaming services like Google Stadia to the shifting landscape of game streaming and es ...…
Copyright 2019 - The Energy Show, Barry CinnamonThe annual Solar Power International show held in October of this year celebrated its 16th year. The first show was a tiny venue that started in back in 2004 and was held in a tiny venue in San Francisco. Since that day back in 2004, the show has grown significantly as has the solar industry itsel ...…
In this episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, we’re chatting with Christine Sismondo, writer, teacher and barfly who, when not teaching literature at York University, is tracking down the city’s best drinks and the bars in which they’re served for her columns. She also writes wine and cocktail articles for the Globe and Mail, Canada’s la ...…
You buying a coffee from El Salvador and Trump building a border wall have nothing in common. Or do they?Over five episodes, we explore a story of El Salvador. We confront massacres, wide inequalities and the specialty coffee you drink today. Buried deep in this story is a group of people our coffee dollars are neglecting across the world.Part ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Karl Marx
The United Nations has set Sustainable Development Goals to help us tackle concerns across multiple dimensions: societal, economic, and environmental. Today, we’re speaking with Claudia La Rue, the First Secretary to the Dominican Republic mission of the United Nations. We’re first overviewing the Millennium Development Goals, then discussing w ...…
Who does the 800 lb Gorilla do business with?!: Answer - Whomever they want to! Carl Utter is the trainer-coach and creator of the 800 lb. Gorilla growth system. The 800 lb. Gorilla may have started out small but grew over time to become the pack leader. As the alpha the 800 lb. Gorilla will generate More Leads - Sell More Deals - and put more ...…
Today's episode of The Qualys is from podcast #14 – Robert Lustig, M.D., M.S.L.: fructose, processed food, NAFLD, and changing the food system. The Qualys is a subscriber-exclusive podcast, released Tuesday through Friday, and published exclusively on our private, subscriber-only podcast feed. Qualys is short-hand for “qualifying round,” which ...…
While you wait for the second season, Kristen and Jolenta have some special bonus episodes that explore their own experiences with the predicaments their guests have gone through. For the first episode, Kristen and Jolenta explore their own struggles with creative confidence, just like Cameron. Want to be a future guest on the show? Or do you h ...…
For the bonus episode of Box Office Battle this week we review Iron Sky: The Coming Race, Ford v Ferrari, Bikram: Yogi Guru, Predator, and Parasite.By notsafefornetwork@gmail.com
Trump: Why Wasn’t Suffrage Centennial Observed ‘Years Ago?’ The GOP Is Mired in Conspiracies—and It's About to Get Worse | WIRED Dave Daubenmire: Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff Are Either Demon-Possessed or 'Non-Human' | Right Wing Watch 'Jew Coup': Impeachment Effort Prompts Another Anti-Semitic Tirade from Rick Wiles | Right Wing Watch Donald T ...…
In this episode, Mark Messier, six-time Stanley Cup champion, shares the most valuable lessons he picked up over 25+ years of professional hockey resulting in one of the longest and most decorated careers in hockey history. Mark shares what lead to his unique brand of humble leadership, how he was able to get talented individuals to effectively ...…
ABIGAIL FRENCH is a mother of four, a teacher of sixth graders, an advocate of public education, and an explorer of the natural world in Woodstock, VA. In our conversation, Abby recalls the how and why behind the jaw-dropping snake capture video pinned to the top of her Twitter feed. She describes the challenges she experienced when she returne ...…
Unbelief has often been defined as either ignorance or rejection of religious systems, but this week’s guests David Herbert and Josh Bullock see far more diversity in the ways one can be nonreligious. Sharing lessons from their project “Reaching for a new sense of connection? Towards a deeper understanding of the sociality of generation y non-b ...…
We have a ton of updates for you on this week's MSW including Flynn, Trump's taxes, and IG Horowitz. Become a Patron today at patreon.com/muellershewrote for some great fan perks, and follow us on Twitter @muellershewrote! Thanks for supporting our show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
We have a ton of updates for you on this week's MSW including Flynn, Trump's taxes, and IG Horowitz. Become a Patron today at patreon.com/muellershewrote for some great fan perks, and follow us on Twitter @muellershewrote! Thanks for supporting our show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
We have a ton of updates for you on this week's MSW including Flynn, Trump's taxes, and IG Horowitz. Become a Patron today at patreon.com/muellershewrote for some great fan perks, and follow us on Twitter @muellershewrote! Thanks for supporting our show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
Bettina was discovered moldering and forgotten in an old house. We decided to test what remains true from 1917 about pleasing husbands, food and family life. It's about more than a pretty face pushing a floor sweep. Buckle up, Bettina has something to tell you.By notsafefornetwork@gmail.com
"Everyone knows you don't have to be born in Paris to dress like a Parisian." —Ines de la Fressange, author of Parisian Chic, Encore!: A Style Guide (2019) with Sophie Gachet, co-author Listen to Episode #269 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld's muse and the first m ...…
"Everyone knows you don't have to be born in Paris to dress like a Parisian." —Ines de la Fressange, author of Parisian Chic, Encore!: A Style Guide (2019) with Sophie Gachet, co-author Listen to Episode #269 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | YouTube | Spotify In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld's muse and the first m ...…
Episode 412 of Punwatch, with 100+ vacuum cleaners and a bystander pig. Punsters: Lisa Dib, David Shaw, James Ferris Host: Andrew Cherry Patreon Twitter Facebook YouTube theconsumption.net
NOT QUITE A WAFLCAST AND NOT QUITE A B-SIDE! This synopsis won't let you for what you may think is in this episode! Dig in!And please if you haven't yet, listen, like, share, repost, follow, and rate our episodes! We want to hear from you, dear listeners!Follow us for more of that WAFL behavior at waflproductions.comAnd everything else WAFL on. ...…
The boys talk about bad habits, what they are, and how they plan to break them.By King Raja & Grizzly Berry
Dr. Michael Ward is a professor at both Oxford University and Houston Baptist University where he teaches on imaginative apologetics. Dr. Ward is perhaps best know as a C.S. Lewis scholar and for his groundbreaking work Planet Narnia. I interviewed Dr. Ward in research for my book Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, and in our interview we di ...…
This animated series was an MTV oddity, televised between 1991 and 1994 in a blur of non-linear, ambiguous chunks. We talk about how creator Peter Chung got this made while inserting symbolic references to the limits of 1990's storytelling. We also wonder why we're so nostalgic for a simpler time when our entertainment was more nebulous and wei ...…
this week is about something I do, for fellow software developers that I rarely talk about
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Karl Marx
"Gobble gobble" is the keyword of this two-parter episode of The WAFLcas!, There was a lot of ground to cover with history of pardoning turkeys, Papa John's swearing for a comeback, and false purchases ("News News"). HOLD ON THOUGH, THERE'S MORE! Don't forget there's a second part to this WAFLcast episode!And please if you haven't yet, listen, ...…
Tune in to Episode 73 to learn about Rosebud Ice Cream one of the first CBD-infused ice cream’s to come to market! Founder, Sam Rose discusses his entrepreneurial path over the past three years finally getting himself to today where his products are found in local grocery stores in Colorado. We discuss the importance of perservernce as a young ...…
On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Matt Cauz, on his excellent podcast called Matt Talks Wine and Stuff with Interesting People. Matt interviews sommeliers, winemakers and wine writers so this is a bit of a turnaround from my usual format because Matt is interviewing me. I wanted to share this episode with you because we dig into lots of gre ...…
Here is a quick dose of inspiration! At Planet Textiles, Mike spoke to Spencer Null about Natural Fiber Welding's breakthrough solution: enabling natural fibers like cotton to behave like polyester. Is this a game changer? It is if it means poor quality fibers can be upgraded to premium fibers... Listen to this bite size pod to get a quick less ...…
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