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Best Conversations podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Conversations podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Profiles, storytelling and insightful conversations, hosted by David Remnick.
In their books "Freakonomics," "SuperFreakonomics" and "Think Like a Freak", Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explore "the hidden side of everything," telling stories about cheating schoolteachers and eating champions while teaching us all to think a bit more creatively, rationally, and productively. The Freakonomics Radio podcast, hosted by Dubner, carries on that tradition with weekly episodes. Prepare to be enlightened, engaged, perhaps enraged, and definitely surprised.
The Portal
Welcome to The Portal. This podcast does something different. Hosted by Eric Weinstein. Coming July 2019.
Learn to connect better with others in every area of your life. Immerse yourself in spirited conversations with people who know how hard it is, and yet how good it feels, to really connect with other people – whether it’s one person, an audience or a whole country. You'll know many of the people in these conversations – they are luminaries in our culture. Some you may not know. But what links them all is their powerful ability to relate and communicate. It's something we need now more than ever.
Dear Hank & John
Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios
Personally connecting the dots. All of them. Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at radiotopia.fm.
Hello Internet
CGP Grey and Brady Haran talk about YouTube, life, work, whatever.
Advice, commentary, and conversation from Daniel Mallory Ortberg, author of Slate's Dear Prudence column. Every week, Prudie and special guests answer questions about relationships, sex, work, family, and life.
Citation Needed
The podcast where we choose a subject, read a single Wikipedia article about it, and pretend we’re experts. Because this is the internet, and that’s how it works now.
A podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Co-hosted by BFFs Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow. Produced by Gina Delvac. Brand new every Friday.
Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.
Welcome to the Jenna & Julien Podcast where we talk about all the things. If you are looking for your everyday, normal, by the book podcast, then you're in the wrong place. We created this because we tend to have awesome, random, and sometimes drunk conversations that we realized had to be shared with the lovely internet world. So here we are. We also like to ustream during the podcast to get some live interaction and also quick on-the-spot input on our chats--you can participate here: http: ...
Planet Porky
An exciting new podcast from Mike Parry as he lets you into his madcap world twice a week. All visitors are welcome to Planet Porky.email: planetporkypod@gmail.com
Chat 10 Looks 3
A peripatetic podcast in which Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb discuss what they're reading, watching, cooking, listening to or irrationally exhilarated by.
You know how every day someone asks "how are you?" And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say "fine," so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that. Hosted by author and notable widow (her words) Nora McInerny, this is a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word. From American Public Media.
With guests that range from icons to outliers, host Matt D’Elia talks to anyone who can help him understand things that confuse him, make him laugh, or just plain trouble him. If you ever look out at the world and think “what the hell is happening?” then this podcast is for you.
Being a person is hard, and The Lazy Genius Podcast is here to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. From laundry to cooking chicken to making new friends, Kendra is here to welcome you into an easier way.
Slate Daily Feed
The Slate Daily feed includes new episodes from more than 30 shows in the Slate Podcast Network. You'll get thought provoking analysis, storytelling, and commentary on everything from news and politics to arts, culture, technology, and entertainment. Discover new shows you never knew you were missing.
Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with SuperSoul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.
Laura Tremaine has 10 Things To Tell You. And YOU have 10 Things To Tell. This is a show about sharing your stuff. Each episode asks a question, and you can take that prompt to your journal, to your best friend, or to social media. Let's dig deeper.
Love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore the sassy, quick-witted Stassi Schroeder, star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules.” Never one to hold back on any topic, Stassi is here with a weekly podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi’, a biting and hilarious look at the world and everyone in it, according to the Queen Bee herself.
Catching Foxes
Luke and Gomer became friends Freshman year at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and 14 years later they started a podcast. The show oscillates between a conversation between just the two of us and interviews that we do together of other, fancier people. Sometimes we get explicit either by being too honest or by being too stupid. Either way, it's fun!
Vox Day
Audio from Vox Day's Darkstream, Arkstream, Bookstream, Devstream, & more. http://voxday.blogspot.com
A podcast about being Middle Eastern and immigrants in America, hosted by two friends, an Iranian and a Syrian, telling you what's up.
Tyler Cowen engages today’s deepest thinkers in wide-ranging explorations of their work, the world, and everything in between. New conversations every other Wednesday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.
A podcast about YouTube stuff, making stuff, and life! It will make sense once you start listening... hopefully. New episodes every Monday!
KERA's Think
Think is a daily, topic-driven interview and call-in program hosted by Krys Boyd covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, politics, current events, science, technology and emerging trends to food and wine, travel, adventure, and entertainment.
Bridget Phetasy admires grit and authenticity. On Walk-Ins Welcome, she talks about the beautiful failures and frightening successes of her own life and the lives of her guests. She doesn’t conduct interviews—she has conversations. Conversations with real people about the real struggle and will remind you that we can laugh in pain and cry in joy but there’s no greater mistake than hiding from it all. By embracing it all, and celebrating it with the stories she’ll bring listeners, she believe ...
The Other Side podcast is on a mission to discuss important cultural and social issues relating to race, culture, gender and equality.
The Happy Rant
Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin cheerfully - if sarcastically - rant about all the things that don't matter all that much (and some that do).
Maybe Don't
Kevin Bartelt and Yusong Liu, the producers of Hollywood Handbook and Doughboys, join forces to create their own instantly forgettable podcast. Each week features heart to heart discussions, groundbreaking interviews (of each other), captivating character studies (themselves), original short stories and even live music. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/maybedont/support
The PodGOATs
The history of everything
The Make Believe Show is our way of leaving the internet a little bit better than we found it. Founded by the creators of King Falls AM, The Make Believe Show celebrates the common ties we share as humans; through conversations about our pasts, our dreams, our setbacks and the lessons we've learned along the way.
John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way. Hosted by John Siracusa and Merlin Mann.
The Mustards
Jenny and David Mustard – the couple who's made a career out of yapping. Few people have before talked so much about topics so random. Prepare yourself for an abundance of coffee-induced reality depictions from the bubble that is influencer-hipster-London. Jenny Mustard is the popular fashion youtuber and author behind epic videos such as 'Why I Don't want Kids' and 'Why I don't have Eyebrows'. Jenny and David are also running the Swedish podcast called simply 'Jenny och David'.
Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.
Audio Mullet
Audio Mullet: Discussing topics that are out of fashion, and yet eternally cool, audibly. Featuring Mike Nelson of Rifftrax, Doug TenNapel of Earthworm Jim, and Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop. This is not an explicit podcast but it is also not recommended for kids.
Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.
Podcast by Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws
Merlin Mann's frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters
Join Dan & Kay Jones in the search for 'A Fresh Approach to Life'. Each episode you will join this husband and wife team on a country walk and listen in on the conversation and no subject is off limits....
Start the Week
Weekly discussion programme, setting the cultural agenda every Monday
Conversations about living well and ignoring the rest — with author and host Tsh Oxenreider.
Do you ever have blank moments? Then this is the podcast for you. Blank is an insightful interview podcast hosted by writer Giles Paley-Phillips and comedian Jim Daly, which delves into those moments when we go 'blank' whether it's writer's block, forgetting lines, losing an audience or being off form. In short, those times when everything just went...blank! We chat to well-known people from comedy, acting, writing, broadcasting, politics and sports people about their careers and how they ge ...
Flow Podcast acontece SÁBADOS as 19:00h ao VIVO no http://bit.ly/Flowpodcast Toda semana um CONVIDADO diferente!
Think of a topic that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable? From sex lives to salaries, gender to race - influencer, powerhouse and curator of hugely popular 'Mother Of All Lists' blog Clemmie Telford releases her first podcast that refreshingly tackles issues that we, as a society, often shy away from. In fact, the stickier, trickier and 'less spoken about' the subject, the more Clemmie wants to chat honestly about it.
Brooke and Jubal
Brooke & Jubal In The Morning is on-air weekdays from 6AM-10AM on MOViN 92.5, Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station. Listen to their daily podcasts which include some of their most popular segments "Jubal's Phone Taps," "Second Date Update," & more!
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show series
At the age of 2, Rebekah Robertson's son George calmly explained to his mum that he was a girl, not a boy. After years of turmoil in the family, Rebekah began to devote much of her life to helping Georgie be herself. In the process, she changed history
Three years after her first appearance, Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop joins Tyler to celebrate the release of her latest cookbook and talk all things food and China. This time the conversation was held over a special homestyle meal at Mama Chang, the newest restaurant from Chef Peter and Lisa Chang. Together with their daughter Lydia Chang ...…
Iyanla Vanzant joins Oprah to help viewers move beyond the guilt weighing them down in their lives. Iyanla teaches us how to grow beyond guilt so that we may experience true freedom. Oprah and Iyanla talk with Amy, a mother of three, who says she is shackled to her guilt after making a terrible decision two years ago. Iyanla helps Amy uncover t ...…
As we wrap up season 2 with this week's topic of infertility, Clemmie is joined by author and podcast host Izzy Judd and fertility expert Emma Cannon. In this moving and informative episode, Izzy tells Clemmie and Emma about her problems conceiving and what eventually worked, whilst Emma adds crucial reassurance from her extensive 15 years of e ...…
You know it, you see it: there’s something about Lakeith. It’s there in Atlanta, in Get Out, in Someone Great… the list goes on. It’s actually many things — ace acting ability, a bucketload of confident, quirky charm, and a presence that belies his slight and lovely frame, all in a relatively short career so far. We wade through all these thirs ...…
The latest round of elections in Virginia brought in a new Democratic majority to the state Legislature. It’s the first time Virginia’s government has been fully Democratic in 26 years. The question now is: What will the Democrats do with all that power? Entrench their newfound majority through partisan gerrymanders or seek a bipartisan solutio ...…
For nearly a decade, governments have been using behavioral nudges to solve problems — and the strategy is catching on in healthcare, firefighting, and policing. But is that thinking too small? Could nudging be used to fight income inequality and achieve world peace? Recorded live in London, with commentary from Andy Zaltzman (The Bugle).…
On The Gist, Purple: Project for Democracy. In the interview, Mike talks to writer and National Review editor Rich Lowry about the tradition of American nationalism, how to reclaim the term, and why we need it more than ever. His new book is The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free. In the Spiel, the impeachment heari ...…
Virginia Heffernan talks to Andrew Marantz, a staff writer at the New Yorker and author of Anti-Social, about Facebook and the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s “tuberculosis” and other memes, the difference between word and lived experience, the philosophy of Richard Rorty,the line between speech and violence, and so much more. This is a previe ...…
At the age of 2, Rebekah Robertson's son George calmly explained to his mum that he was a girl, not a boy. After years of turmoil in the family, Rebekah began to devote much of her life to helping Georgie be herself. In the process, she changed history
There are lots of cars in the street today. One is a white van. The other two are ambulances.By ABC Radio National
A disability support worker in northern Tasmania has been helping patients with limited communication re-discover their precious nostalgia.By ABC Radio National
We've been seeing lots of examples of courage and commitment this week, as volunteers battle fires in New South Wales and Queensland.As with many situations, natural disasters or otherwise, communities band together in these times of need.Whether it's the local bakery passing out bread, or the pub opening up as a place of respite, plenty of peo ...…
You thought guys could be wicked. Wow! Check out these evil women. They put some of the bad guys to shame. Phil and Campbell delve into the histories of the very baddest bad girls.By Comworld Media
The call of the West pulled adventurous Americans from the East Coast to cross the Mississippi in search of fortune. H.W. Brands, Jack S. Blanton, Sr. chair in history at the University of Texas at Austin, joins host Krys Boyd to talk about the perseverance that these pioneers displayed – and about the extreme violence they were capable of. His ...…
This list of confidence tricks and scams should not be considered complete, but covers the most common examples. Confidence tricks and scams are difficult to classify, because they change often and often contain elements of more than one type. Throughout this list, the perpetrator of the confidence trick is called the "con artist" or simply "ar ...…
In his second solo episode, Matt talks about things that have been confusing or upsetting him lately, including the ways people behave towards loved ones on social media, the sudden omnipotence of the term ‘quid pro quo’, the overwhelming shittiness of CNN headlines, and the true value of privacy. Please subscribe, share, and leave a review. Jo ...…
Three years after her first appearance, Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop joins Tyler to celebrate the release of her latest cookbook and talk all things food and China. This time the conversation was held over a special homestyle meal at Mama Chang, the newest restaurant from Chef Peter and Lisa Chang. Together with their daughter Lydia Chang ...…
In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas discuss the following: Piper's issues with Kanye's album Consumer goods as planks in your platform Enjoyment vs. persona Smugness as the currency of the day Vulnerability VoiceBy Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, Ronnie Martin
In the first episode of season 2, Aymann talks to a 23-year-old virgin who's looking for dating tips in all the wrong places. To get him back on the right track, Aymann enlists the help of Andrea Silenzi, host of the hit dating podcast, Why Oh Why. Are you a work in progress? Do you need help with something related to manhood or masculinity? Le ...…
In this bonus episode, the girls are joined by comedian and one third of Facial Recognition Comedy's Zahra Ali to discuss her upbringing, growing up in New Jersey, how she got into comedy, her day job, dealing with immigrant parents, and more! It's a real therapy session! We think y'all will relate to this episode a lot!! Follow Zahra on Twitte ...…
Today, when the House Intelligence Committee comes to order to host the first public impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, Michael McFaul knows better than most what will happen next. Not only did he serve at the State Department with several of the individuals publicly testifying this week, but he himself testified to the Adam S ...…
In this episode: Biggie releases “Who Shot Ya,” an instant hip-hop classic that Tupac takes as a personal affront. Tupac calls out Biggie and Puffy in a jailhouse interview. And the Death Row and Bad Boy crews start preparing for war. Slate Plus members get bonus episodes of Slow Burn and ad-free podcast feeds. Sign up now. Learn more about you ...…
On The Gist, treason and bribery. In the interview, Irish writer and critic Fintan O’Toole talks to Mike about Brexit, the nationalist wave sweeping England, and country’s future without the European Union. His book The Politics of Pain: Postwar England and the Rise of Nationalism is out now. In the Spiel, scandals and apologies. Slate Plus mem ...…
How Clare overcame grief she'd stored away since childhood, found a way to manage anxiety, and embraced a joyful, messy life
How Clare overcame grief she'd stored away since childhood, found a way to manage anxiety, and embraced a joyful, messy life
If the terrible things that happened to you during childhood can affect your health later in life, how do you NOT live out the worst possibilities for yourself? Is that even possible? In this second episode of our series about childhood trauma, we look at protective factors and resilience. This episode was produced in partnership with Call to M ...…
In which we meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg and walk to the post office.By ABC Radio National
Hospital design is changing, and it's changing for the better.New ideas around patient experience are leading to faster recovery times and big savings in long-term recovery and rehabilitation.The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a case in point, where stroke recovery patients are on their feet 24 hours after admission and walking around a specially ...…
Richard “Harry” Harris's father took him out in a boat once when he was a child and he then began diving as a teenager. These experiences inspired a passion for the underwater world that would one day take Richard to the deep, dark innards of a cave in Thailand.Richard Harris was one of the Australian cave divers who helped rescue 12 boys and t ...…
Jaquira Diaz’s formative years were complicated. Growing up in Puerto Rican housing projects, in a family affected by mental illness, all while navigating her own struggles with sexual assault and depression – it’s a wonder she survived. But survive, she did – and the now visiting assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison joins ...…
Derek Black is the son of a KKK grand wizard and godson of David Duke. And when he met Matthew Stevenson, an Orthodox Jew, in college, the two seemed like an unlikely pair. They join host Krys Boyd to talk about the time Matthew invited Derek to attend a Shabbat dinner – and how that interaction paved the way to a new understanding. They’ll tal ...…
Eliza Griswold spoke recently with Doug Pagitt, a pastor from Minneapolis who is a politically progressive evangelical Christian. Pagitt left his church to found an organization called Vote Common Good, which aims to move at least some religious voters away from decades of supporting conservatism, and toward messages of inclusion and tolerance ...…
Prudence is joined this week by Alexandra Petri, a humor columnist for the Washington Post, author of A Field Guide To Awkward Silences, and also working assiduously on a new book! Prudie and Petri tackle letters about how to handle that you’re husband of 30 years may have given you an STI, what to do when you keep catching your mother having a ...…
Prudence is joined this week by Alexandra Petri, a humor columnist for the Washington Post, author of A Field Guide To Awkward Silences, and also working assiduously on a new book! Prudie and Petri tackle letters about how to handle that you’re husband of 30 years may have given you an STI, what to do when you keep catching your mother having a ...…
What is it with people and animals and irregular plurals? Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at www.slate.com/podcastsplus. Twitter: @lexiconvalley Facebook: facebook.com/LexiconValley Email: lexiconvalley@slate.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megapho ...…
Darkstream 525: Cutting out the Corporate CancerBy Vox Day
Philosopher Daniel Heller-Roazen tells us the story of Pythagoras and the fifth hammer and how Kant and Kepler both tried (and failed) to record the universal harmonies Pythagoras once heard. Your host sets out to make some money doing experimental medical testing, and gets the chance to record the voice in his head.…
In this Slate Money mini-series, Felix Salmon will investigate SWAG -- Silver Wine Art Gold -- and other things people invest in. This week, Felix talks to Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times about whether cryptocurrency is a real investment asset or a total gamble. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices…
The childlike, cartoonish typeface Comic Sans is the most hated font in the world. Twenty-five years after its release, it's become notorious for showing up in seemingly inappropriate contexts, from office memos to newspapers and government documents. But librarian and technology educator Jessamyn West argues that hating on Comic Sans is elitis ...…
Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that could have an enormous effect on the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people known as Dreamers. Back in 2017, the Trump administration ended DACA, a program created by the Obama administration to protect Dreamers, by saying it was unlawful and unconstitutional, and that it could ...…
Mike’s dream job of playing bass in a Chicago orchestra is within reach — if only he can conquer his nerves and master the audition. In this episode of How To!, we bring in Dr. Don Greene, a peak performance psychologist who’s worked with Wall Street traders and Olympic athletes, to see if he can help Mike perform his best under the spotlight. ...…
This episode is for you if you are overwhelmed by photos. My guest Casey von Stein (aka Miss Freddy) is here to give us 10 Tips on how to organize all our photos. We talk about how to get photos from your phone to one central place, which services to use as backup, and what to do with them all once they're wrangled. We cover a lot of informatio ...…
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