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Vertical Roofing
IAS Legacy
Find playlist of audio podcast right here
alumni UBC Podcasts
Bringing the best of UBC to our alumni and listeners around the world. Episodes feature prominent speakers and insightful discussions about current issues, as well as covering topics related to career development and entrepreneurship.
My name is Dallas Cowan and I am the host of the Serve Better Podcast. Here, I talk about ideas, people, and events that are shaping the world of service locally and around the world. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Let Us Attend
Prepare your heart, and the hearts of your children, by listening to this Sunday’s Gospel. The Gospel is paraphrased for younger children and read for older children, followed by engaging questions to help us think about what we’ve heard.
There are hundreds of jobs that will pay you to think, solve, make, create and design. We speak to those who do them and tell you how to get them.
Arts, Medicine, and Literature conversations from Public Radio Tulsa
Relief for your radio imagination.
Awesome Science
This Podcast features segment clips, behind the scenes videos, interviews, and bloopers of the Awesome Science DVD series hosted by Noah Justice. The series presents compelling evidence for the Biblical account of creation and the global Flood from famous national parks and monuments. The goal of the series is to show the audience that the Bible can be trusted as earth's true history book.
CT Real Estate Radio
Podcast by One + Company
Michael Kelly
Thank you for coming to this channel and checking out the videos and content I have prepared. I hope you enjoy and follow my journey to document my work as a middle school principal and educational leader. I hope you follow, subscribe and share the content you find valuable with others.Mike Kelly is the Principal of Eyer Middle School, located in Macungie, PA which is part of the East Penn School District. Mike has a strong focus on school culture, empowering teachers to become leaders, and ...
Discussions oriented talkshow seeking to enlighten oneself and others to new ways of thinking about all things. On the road to eliminate the great divide, we must confront the barriers of our communication. We must speak on the uncomfortable topics and ask the critical questions in this process of our evolution. We must end the era of being politically correct and continuously have conversations about the many difficulties we face in these modern times. We must do it in Love, Truth and Under ...
Athletics- Sports-School
Reining Alana
Hey Y’all! I’m here to help you develop a better relationship with your horse at home and in the show pen!
This Or Thach
This show is all about options for health and wellness, from conventional to alternative and everything in-between. Interviews from my radio show on 97.5 CIOE-FM community radio ( with local and international guests as well as additional content. Personal stories of struggle and success, background information, education and inspiration for personal health and wellness. Delivered in an uplifting and sometimes fun way. My motto and that for my show is: "If you are stuck ...
All things about visa subclass 457; Temporary Work (Skilled) visa aka working visa, sponsored by employer.
It's about economics, politics, and science fiction.
Atlantic Edge
'Atlantic Edge' is a series of podcasts that explore the people and places of Durness: the Scottish Highlands' most north-westerly community.
Back2Us Radio
Back2Us Network where passion and purpose align to educate, empower, heal, and transform our community one show at a time. Back2Us Radio discusses a broad range of topics including sexual orientation, disability awareness, mental wellness, educational advocacy, emotional freedom, meditation, and the power of intention. We are YOUR community radio network...created for the community by the community.
Join the Ag Central Radio Network for Inside Agriculture Monday through Friday for breaking Agriculture stories along with Agriculture lifestyle stories!
Indy now hosting several programs on this channel. BEYOND POLITICS:If you have enjoyed Art Bell, George Noory, or Red Ice Creations, you will likely enjoy BeYond Politics. IndyInAsia and Co-Host Touchstone Tom Malone with in-depth interviews with the planet's most thought provoking guests. CURRENCY REVENUTION: Participate in a Ron Paul ReLovelution inspired business opportunity based on the reality that Food is Real Currency. Build your Food and Financial Reserves here. INDYINASIA (IIA) RETR ...
Fitness designed personally for your current stride of life. We will research tips and tricks that will help you reach your health, nutrition, and exercise/workout goals.
A collection of teacher talks and best practices meant to inspire and initiate conversation in the education community.
This is the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) official podcast for student conduct in higher education. Credits:Jill Creighton, Producer & HostColleen Maeder, Producer, Editor & MixerEmail: ascapodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @ascapodcast
Hi, I'm Karan, a Small Business Mentor + Personal Development Life Coach + Young Person's E-mentor for The Princes Trust. I'm a results orientated force multiplier, and these are my podcasts - let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you.More bio on website:
Kurlys Poetry
Hello and welcome to the place where I'll mainly be sharing practical insights into helping children read and build literacy confidence through poetry and Hip Hop. I'm a Shortlisted Birmingham Poet Laureate, Hip Hop artist, former teacher in a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit - which is a school for excluded pupils) and a self employed literacy engagement specialist who visits schools and community settings throughout the U.K.
Your online guide to a daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice at home
As I Was Saying
Art Traffic
A podcast dedicated to the greater LA Art world, following artist, Thomas Adams, around the city interviewing artists, gallerists, curators, and museum directors- but mostly, artist. This podcast is an attempt to introduce the LA art scene to a larger audience that might not be exposed to art as much as they would like to be but also to have a forum for us to talk about our art world to each other.
On Konnect and Elevate Podcast Eva and Racquel talk about all things relating to women living in the 21st century, from Health to Wellness, to Finance and Spirituality to help ease your challenges, get you unstuck, inspire and support you in your life’s journey.
Talking all things Life, Motivation, Inspiration and Awareness, managing our anchored roots while learning, and finally Letting Flowers Bloom...💫
Sharing our lives with you and each other so you will be inspired to "Choose to Sing Your Own Song". Become a supporter of this podcast:
Micro snippets and thoughts about the Future of Work & Education with a small smell of Berlin
Cypress University
Amelia Protiva
Alpha Brainery
I talk about learning, life, love, and what it means to be a creator in today's world.
CRMA Podcast
Partnered with the University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice, this podcast aims to educate, inform, and promote awareness of criminal justice issues and research.
House Smarts Radio
House Smarts Radio
Have fun learning about countries with this podcast from CASE OF ADVENTURE
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This week, our Quick Question focus is introducing your family to some simple Gospel-sharing tools (along with some wonderful global-impacting ministries). Today, our focus is introducing you to Operation Christmas Child, with Samaritan's Purse. You and our kids can fill up a shoe-box and help share the Gospel with children in another country a ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Natalie got her entrepreneurial start Where BossBabe came into Natalie’s life Experiencing burn-out Deciding to take a stand for her health Balancing self-care and high standards Finding the right type of integrator for your business Creating more space Being direct and honest in conversations The bigge ...…
Join me as I share this interview with you with a First Responder. He had loads of stress and wasn’t managing it at all. He speaks openly about cancer, his anxiety and how he manages his stress now. He wants to help as many people as possible with his story. Thank you Rush.…
Nice little talk about Ashwagandha and a weeks round up on the newest news in the supp industry
John 1:14 is a beautiful verse about Jesus. The Bible tells us, "And the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us, and we behold His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." Jesus is called the WORD of God. At Christmas time, we can learn to love and know the Lord more by growing in our LOVE for Him and for ...…
It’s important to stop and breathe. Relax your body with each breath. Reset your body and mind, with this simple technique.
This week's Quick Questions focus on highlighting famous missionary heroes from history, with quotes and inspiring mission excerpts. Today's focus is Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India (1867-1951) who rescued girls trapped in Hindu temple prostitution. She started an orphanage and was a Christian mission writer.…
For today's 5th Day of Christmas with Ann Dunagan - our focus is God's GRACE. What is God's grace all about? How can we grow in God's grace? Whether you feel totally inadequate or completely self-sufficient, God wants you to grow in His grace.
This is another easy way to relieve stress, that is quick and easy. Remembering to take care of yourself daily and not waiting for a day off to do so. Practice this daily.
In this mini-episode, Ann tackles one of the biggest questions about world missions: "Why GO overseas when we have so many needs here at home?". The episode includes an introduction to UPG's (Unreached People Groups) and also a spiritually needy area of the world called the 10/40 Window. This episode includes an excerpt from Ann's book, The Mis ...…
This week we’re getting dreamy! That’s right, we’re talkin’ the science of dreams, from what dreams really are, to why we have them, to if there’s a way to control them, we’ve got all the sleepy science you’ve been dreaming of. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On our 4th Day of Christmas, we're looking at the biblical example of ANNA (from Luke 2) - a woman of prayer and faith, who recognized baby Jesus (when he was dedicated in the temple) as the promised Messiah of Israel. Anna was a godly woman who loved the presence of the Lord. Come listen an be encouraged to focus on the true meaning of Christm ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: What passion really looks like Going all in The boats in your life right now Resources: Learn more: The Bliss Project March 2019 Show Notes It’s time for a quickie episode! Today I want to have a conversation around going ALL IN on your dreams, and no longer play the back and forth game. So many of you are ...…
• After the Camp Fire, a Butte County business asks: ‘How can we help?’ • Chemicals without borders: Unearthing the Green RevolutionBy (KALW).
This week, we're focusing on needs of the world and the importance of compassion, from a Biblical and mission-minded perspective. In today's Quick Question, Ann Dunagan answers, "Why should we care for ORPHANS?"
Panel: Charles Max Wood Guest: Ryan Chenkie This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Ryan Chenkie (Canada). He is a developer who uses JavaScript with Angular and Node and he does screencasting at They talk about Ryan’s background, his current projects, and getting over imposter syndrome! Check it out! In particular, ...…
In today's podcast, we're looking at the beautiful faithfulness of Elizabeth. It's Day 3 of our 12-Days of Christmas Bible study, from a mission-minded perspective. Listen and be encouraged!
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Fun questions Evans and I have for each other Struggles as an entrepreneur Finding your own style My fashion journey + self expression Resources: Learn more: The Bliss Project March 2019 Show Notes It’s time for another Q&A Day with Evans and I. Today you’ll hear our favorite quote for this moment, and we a ...…
Your breath can help you relax and help you release tension in your body. I love using this with my meditations and as a daily exercise to practice self-care. Take time for yourself every single day.
• After Paradise: Day 18 (excerpted segment) • After Paradise: Day 19 (excerpted segment) • A pattern of farmer suicides in Punjab: Unearthing the Green RevolutionBy (KALW).
With encouragement and Biblical help, Ann Dunagan shares in this Quick Question about the importance of forgiveness.
Panel: Charles Max Wood In this episode, Chuck discusses his new podcast show titled the DevRev. Chuck also asks you very honest questions that will get you thinking; such as: What does freedom mean to you? How do you want your life and career to unfold? How can we (at the DevRev) help you with your career decisions? Check out today’s episode t ...…
In the Bible, Mary said, "My soul magnifies the LORD and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior" (Luke 1:46-47). Today, Day #2 in our 12-Days of Christmas Bible study is focused on 5 Keys for Mission-Minded Families from the example of Mary the mother of Jesus: Grace, Faith, Humility, Simplicity and Obedience. Like Mary, let's DARE TO OBEY, an ...…
Focus on your breath. Grab a pen and paper and write this amazing mantra down. This book is amazing. Pocket Mantras by Tanaaz Chubb. Take daily steps to take better care of yourself. Don’t wait for a day off. Do it today.
Today we travel between the Central Valley and Punjab, India, to see how “the green revolution” transformed agriculture and immigration. Then, hear from SF muralist and tattoo artist Mel Waters about paying tribute to the city’s history through art.By (KALW).
Question from a mom in South Carolina: "How can I come against feelings of failure as a mom? Ann Dunagan responds to this question by sharing about the difference between conviction from the Lord and condemnation of the enemy, with encouragement to come against guilt with assurance in God's grace.
For Day #1 of our 12-Days of Christmas Bible study, our focus is SALVATION: thanking God for His gift of salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ, and praying for the salvation of each of our children and all of our loved ones. Today's theme is also SURRENDERING everything in our own lives to God, including all of the details of this Christm ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How she started her path Holiday evolution for Caty Preparing your energy for the holidays Planning the days ahead of time Gift-giving Letting go of people-pleasing Feeling resistance Tips for navigating what you want Making perspective shifts Creating new traditions Food, booze, and triggers Post-holiday s ...… - in this episode Dr. Ferguson addresses how you can better deal with adversity.
Sometimes things show up and can cause total chaos. It’s important to take time daily to take care of ourselves even if it’s only five minutes. I found a great technique in the Mindfulness to go card deck by Dr. Jan Chozen Bays, MD. It’s all about looking up and looking around. I love what she wrote about opening up your field of vision and rea ...…
• The strike that led to the country's first Ethnic Studies department • Ethnic studies 50 years later: Where are we now? • San Francisco columnist Chuck (CW) Nevius brings his journalism experiences to the stageBy (KALW).
In this episode we’re talking about the science of algorithms. Where they came from, what they really are, whether they’re good or EVIL, and much, much more. Links: ‘Breakthrough’ algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one How an ex-YouTube insider investigated its secret ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: Grace during the holiday season Expectations put upon us Why you should stop trying to be enough Teaching people how to treat you Resources: Learn more: The Bliss Project March 2019 Show Notes Today I felt it really necessary to talk about expectations and not being enough. We are going to flip the script a ...…
First, an update on midterm results and what we're looking forward to. Then, from Uncuffed , the story of a prisoner who dreams of being a rancher. And, an update on Druid Heights, a bohemian escape in the backwoods of Marin County that The Cultural Landscape Foundation recently added it to its list of at-risk landscapes.…
Panel: Charles Max Wood Guest: Travis Tidwell This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Travis Tidwell (Dallas, TX) who is CTO and co-founder of Form_IO! Chuck and Travis talk about his background, open source struggles, and more. Check it out! In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 0:00 – Advertisement: Get A Coder Job! 0:49 – Chuck: ...…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How the Tribe Called Bliss book tour went Asking for help Expectations + grace Books + Podcasts Lori loves Going from an idea to reality Body image and self-worth Resources: Read: A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson Learn more: The Bliss Project March 2019 Show Notes Welcome to another Q&A Day with my Q ...…
• Cannabis tourism rolls out in San Francisco • 'Generation Priced Out’ wants San Francisco to legalize apartment buildings • San Quentin Radio: Losing your language in prisonBy (KALW).
After walking into Brain Surgery and never walked back out, Dr. Yvette Pagues lost an opportunity for fully-funded Ivy League college scholarship, Fortune 100 Executive Engineering career and the ability to walk on her own. On the other side of tragedy, she won 3-wheelchair pageant titles with platform to help children aged 7-17 years old publi ...…
Panel: Charles Max Wood Aaron Frost Shai Reznik Divya Sasidharan Joe Eames Lucas Reis Special Guest: Sean Merron In this episode, The panelist of Adventure In Angular, View on Vue, React Round-Up, and Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber speak with Sean Merron about Mastermind Groups of Startups and much more. Sean is the founder of today's topic ...…
In this mini episode, Ann Dunagan explains the vision for a Mission-Minded HUDDLE. It's a weekly video call, similar to a Mastermind group, for Christian women who are wanting authentic friendships, with a focus on God's Great Commission. Download the instruction PDF -- Request to join our private "Daring Daughters ...…
As Ji-Li Jiang describes in "Red Scarf Girl," the Cultural Revolution became more sinister over time and the psychological pressure on Ji-Li to conform became greater. When the humiliations, beatings, and deaths started hitting close to home, Mao Zedong's ultimate loyalty test was given to millions of children in China: Party or family? This is ...…
Get inspired and encouraged to get into God's Word, the Bible. Ann Dunagan, mom of 7 and author of The Mission-Minded Family shares practical ideas for busy moms, without condemnation. NOTE: Bible memory picture cards are available (FREE -- in PDF files) for Psalm 23 at…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Niyc found positive psychology The day of Niyc’s own awakening How Kundalini yoga has been a game changer Niyc’s way of creating an event How she found her value Her book writing journey Giving and receiving permission Happiness pie Resources: Learn more: Instagram: @niycpidge Read: Now ...…
Nawar Adra chats with David Parnham of Cafe Culture and Eric Baden of Coffee Commune. In this episode they discuss the history of coffee farming in Yunnan province, China and Coffee Commune's mission in helping it's development toward specialty and the future.
The origin of human alcohol consumption is a widely debated topic among many scientists and it is an interesting topic at that. What we really want to know though is, are there actual health benefits from drinking alcohol today? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week, our Quick Question focus is introducing your family to some simple Gospel-sharing tools (along with some wonderful global-impacting ministries). Today, our focus is introducing you to the EvangeCube, a simple tool which shows pictures to help share the message of the Gospel. Online at…
In This Episode You Will Learn About: How to care + make an impact We all have superpowers Releasing our energetic cords Forgiving yourself + others Resources: Learn more: The Bliss Project March 2019 Instagram: @earnyourhappy Show Notes Today, I want to talk about focus. So many of us believe that we have to care about every little thing, and ...…
In this episode we explore the transformation of the WAC from it's origins to where it is today. Tim Williams gives us an insight in to what was new this year, as WAC is hosted for the first time in Sydney with Single O.
This award-winning documentary explores the lives of Sikh youth in America, and how they confront and respond to violence, sometimes with humor.By (KALW).
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