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Best Euthanasia podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Euthanasia podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A weekly 'informal and informative' philosophy podcast inspiring and supporting students, teachers, academics and free-thinkers worldwide. All episodes are available at www.thepanpsycast.com.
This is the podcast for Right to Life of Central California's weekly, pro-life radio show, broadcast every Saturday from 7-9 AM on Power Talk FM 96.7 and AM 1400 in Fresno. Our host (and RLCC executive director) John Gerardi gives all the latest news on the pro-life movement in Fresno, throughout California, and nationally. Subscribe today!
The Vita Podcast
The premier pro-life podcast highlighting the amazing work people are doing in their local communities to advocate for and build up the culture of life.
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Radio Programs
This podcast will present both sides of the euthanasia and physician assisted suicide issue.
He was a trusted aide of Henry VIII, but when he supposedly opposed the monarch's second marriage, he was thrown into prison and executed for treason. More than two hundred years later, he was canonized as the patron saint of statesmen and politicians by the Catholic Church. Philosopher, writer, diplomat, lawyer, Renaissance man, avid gardener, humanist thinker and statesman are only some of the words used to describe him. A lifelong opponent of Protestantism who was rumored to have had here ...
Better Off Dead
Andrew Denton investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia - because there is no law to help them.
The High Low
A weekly pop-culture / news podcast brought to you by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes - the former co-hosts of The Pandolly Podcast.
I interview philosophers, historians, shamans, scientists, journalists and other interesting people about spirituality and healing.www.philoofhealth.org
Series focusing on foreign affairs issues
Journal of Medical Ethics is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical ethics. The journal seeks to promote ethical reflection and conduct in scientific research and medical practice. It features original, full length articles on ethical aspects of health care, as well as brief reports, responses, editorials, and other relevant material. To ensure international relevance JME has an Editorial Advisory Board from all around the world.
Ethics Bites is a fascinating and absorbing series of interviews covering topics such as animal rights, euthanasia, censorship and fertility treatment. The interviews are introduced by David Edmonds, while Open University philosopher and best-selling author, Nigel Warburton, puts the questions, rooting every subject in everyday dilemmas about how we should live. Many eminent academics have participated in this fourteen-part series such as a star trio of American-based professors, Michael San ...
A podcast for non-Catholics, new Catholics, or anyone interested in digging deeper into the Catholic faith. Hosted by K. Albert Little, a non-denominational Evangelical convert to Catholicism.
Graphically Exposing the Injustice of Abortion
Bio-Ethics Bites
Bioethics is the study of the moral implications of new and emerging medical technologies and looks to answer questions such as selling organs, euthanasia and whether should we clone people. The series consists of a series of interviews by leading bioethics academics and is aimed at individuals looking to explore often difficult and confusing questions surrounding medical ethics. The series lays out the issue in a clear and precise way and looks to show all sides of the debate.
Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was first published in 1881 and staged in 1882, and like his earlier play A Doll's House, profoundly shocked his contemporaries. Dubbed "a dirty deed done in public" by one of its critics, the play focuses on (among other things) venereal disease, euthanasia, and incest. The original title literally means "the ones who return," and the play is about how we can deal with the awful legacy of the past. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)Cast:Mrs. Alving: Elizabeth KlettOswald Alv ...
Sunday Nights with Rev. Bill Crews: Highlights
2 Hoes from Delco. Best Friends discuss everyday topics and Delaware County.
This podcast contains a one-minute radio spot, updated every weekday, from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. The themes are abortion, euthanasia, and the pro-life movement. The radio spot is broadcast on various Christian outlets nationally and internationally.
Here Be Dragons
A podcast seeking to discuss a variety of topics that are applicable to living out our faith in Vancouver right here and now. There will also be interviews with pastors, theologians, and leaders from all over the place, where we will talk to them about their area of expertise or interest, hoping to glean from their insights in a way that is helpful to all of us.
Regarding Rover
Dog training should be easy and fun for both you and your dog. It should happen as you live your life without too much extra effort. If it's too hard, you aren't doing it right! Understanding your dog means knowing how to help your dog understand you.
Podcast by New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
Weekly Podcasts from The Centre's evening service. Sunday Nights at 6pm
PC Podcast
Progressives and conservatives discussing the issues to see where they agree (If they agree).
Fr. Spitzer Homily
Join the Christ Cathedral campus staff as we come together to listen to Fr. Spitzer’s weekday Mass homily. Audio is recorded during Mass in the Chapel in the Sky located in the Tower of Hope on Christ Cathedral campus. Father Robert Spitzer is a Jesuit priest, philosopher, educator, author, speaker, and retired President of Gonzaga University. He has made many media appearances including Larry King Live (debating Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow, and Deepak Chopra on God and modern physics) ...
Faith, life, and theology come together in this weekly look into the people and ideas that shape Regent College.
A podcast brought to you by Heroly featuring our weekly Hero Jonas Black as he guides our listeners through the amazing world of canine psychology, news, and training advice in a format never before experienced! This is not your average dog show!
This book is set in 1980 in the Republic of Britannula, which is a fictional island near New Zealand. It deals with euthanasia as a radical solution to the problem of the aged. The novel is in the form of a personal account written by the President of Britannula about the island's recent history. It has often been said that when the book came out Trollope had reached the age of 67. Interesting is the fact that this is the exact age at which all Britannulans are required by law to retire from ...
This podcast has been created for people to come together in order to discuss interesting/unique topics and to learn more about Philosophy. Additionally, we want to create a place for people to have meaningful discussions about topics that matter. We provide a place for people to discuss their ideas about life and the world around us. Our staff encourages free speech and the ability to use reason in discussing major issues.I am a creator of the website The Philosophes (www.thephilosophes.com ...
A group of friends who aren't experts in any particular subject but love to talk and debate with each about anything and everything, including politics, gaming, science and more. Come listen to us while we try to find common ground with each other on all these topics!
Undefined Terms
Solving the world's problems one definition at a time
Common Ground
Lenore Taylor and Rebecca Huntley bring together everyday Australians to find out their opinions on the issues that matter to them.
Sllim pickings
This is a podcast designed for medical students focussing on topics suggested by the students themselves. It will incorporate a wide range of medical ethics topics, but also practice related and clinical topics.
Clarity > Resolution > Transformation
Podcast by Tabú
The Lidocaine Drip
The Lidocaine Drip - Candid conversations with two veterinarians (and guests) to inject humor into the darkness of our lives and provoke thought by discussing topics we all think about but are afraid to say. Every episode will start off with a mental health check in to promote mental health awareness in the veterinary field and mental health in general. Lets get down to it...
Catcall is a feminist podcast with Mickey Carroll, Lucy Kook and Andy Gorman. Every Thursday, the girls tackle feminist issues, discuss sex, relationships and interview people about -you guessed it- everything feminism related. Welcome to Catcall, the feminist podcast! Follow us on twitter @catcallpodcast and send us an email at: catcallpodcast@gmail.com
This volume...aims to present the lyrical poetry of Russian for the last hundred years by a selection of poems translated by the editors...The principle of selection was, so far as might be, aesthetic. Poems were chosen less for their representative quality than for their immediate worth, and of course, their ability to stand the test of translation. Represented authors are: Alexander Pushkin, Yevgeny Baratynsky, Alexey Koltzov, Mikhail Lermontov, Fyodor Tyuchev, Nikolai Nerasov, Alexy K. To ...
Platinum Ranch
Slice-of-life documentage, field recordings, conversations, and a thrilling terrain of Platinum hits.
Wake Up NZ
Bringing you the truth as we see it!
Take Me Home is an animal & pet adoption and rescue podcast. When you're looking to add a pet into your life, consider adopting a homeless animal . When you adopt a rescued pet, you are giving an animal a second chance at a new life. You also are bringing a new family member into your home, so it's not a decision you should take lightly. It's easy to look at pictures and find a cute dog or cat. But as with people, looks aren't everything. Having a good understanding a dog or cat's personalit ...
with host Fr. Barnabas Powell - Faith Encouraged Live features interviews with prominent Orthodox individuals on contemporary topics. It also includes reflections and commentary by host Fr. Barnabas Powell, as well as readings from Scripture and the Church Fathers.
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Best Friends discussing topics and Delaware County. This week's episode, Euthanasia. No special guests.By 2HoesFromDelco
Rev. Bill Crews chats to Professor Kathy Eager from Australian Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration about the euthanasia debate putting palliative care into the spotlight.By Radio 2GB
In this challenging conversation, palliative physician Dr. Margaret Cottle sits down with us to talk about end-of-life suffering. Are we sanitizing language around assisted suicide? What is dying with dignity? Is the practice of euthanasia biblical? Join us as we discuss not only the responsibility to care for others, but also the hard work of ...…
Episode 19:Welcome back! I am sorry for our delay since July. There have been so many events that have taken place. Join my brother and I within this episode as we touch base on the philosophy of context. Additionally, this episode begins with the post that I made yesterday about suffering and suicide prevention. I am extremely honored to have ...…
Pastor Andrew Bollom shares in our Advent seriesLuke 1:1-25, 57-808th December 2019By Feast at Dural Baptist
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
Listen to Rev. Bill Crew's past interview with Greedy Smith from Mental As Anything.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews chats to Tim Costello from Alliance for Gambling Reform about calls for a royal commission into gambling that includes the sports betting industry.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews chats to Angela Lynch from Women's Legal Services Australia about changes to the family court that could compromise the safety of children and survivors of domestic violence.By Radio 2GB
Did you hear the news of Socrates? He’s finally to answer for his sophistry! At last, the great lampooning, moral gadfly is to stand before the Court of Athens and answer for his crimes. To think, one could have the audacity to trade in talentless talk and lies, to lead our youth astray, and deny our gods, only to play the fool once more, and p ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
This time we talk about the worlds democracy, otherwise known as the United Nations...Along with our usual detours.By PC Podcast
In this episode, Brett Landry sits down with pastor, author, and professor Darrell Johnson to talk about life and ministry in this post-Christian climate and why he is encouraged about the future life of the church in Vancouver. Darrell has been preaching the gospel since 1970, serving as senior pastor for a number of Presbyterian churches in C ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
Dr. Paul Stevens has dedicated most of his life to equipping the whole people of God for leadership in all spheres of life. Our conversation today revolves around money and generosity. Are Christians still required to tithe? Should we follow the Old Testament’s model of giving? How should we use our money? And how does wealth relate to the king ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
On today’s show, John gives a basic explanation of how abortion came to be legal in the US, going back through its history, and explaining Roe v. Wade in detail. Tune in!By John Gerardi
There’s a new climate of fear in Sri Lanka. This time it’s the Muslim community who are fearful of the future. The Easter bomb attacks in Sri Lanka - targeting churches and international hotels - horrified the island. It’s suffered civil war - between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils - but never known jihadi violence. But the atta ...…
In this episode of The Cordial Catholic Podcast I'm joined by Dr. Francis Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies at Baylor University to tackle a very exciting topic: Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Dr. Beckwith's new book, Never Doubt Thomas, tackles this topic from the perspective of Catholicism, Thomas Aqu ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
We talk perineum sunning, Christmas tree erection, global idioms and polygraphs. And we host the journalist and author of Jog On: How Running Saved My Life and The Jog On Journal, Bella Mackie, to discuss mental health, running and why it's nothing to do with wellness or personal bests, divorce before the age of 30 and what the media gets wrong ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
Rev. Bill Crews speaks to Peter Monk from the National Secular Lobby about the Religious Freedom bill. The government will rework its religious freedom laws in 2020. Peter Monk believes in drafting the bill the government needs to think about how it affects all communities.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews replays interview with writer, poet, critic and raconteur Clive James discussing life, faith and his career.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews speaks to Toby O'Connor from St. Vincent de Paul about the financial stress Christmas creates for many families on pensions or affected by the drought and bushfires.By Radio 2GB
Did you hear the news of Socrates? He’s finally to answer for his sophistry! At last, the great lampooning, moral gadfly is to stand before the Court of Athens and answer for his crimes. To think, one could have the audacity to trade in talentless talk and lies, to lead our youth astray, and deny our gods, only to play the fool once more, and p ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
In this episode, we have the privilege of talking with Shelley and Wayne, a couple who started a business called Dignify that works with women in Bangladesh who were previously physically and sexually exploited. They tell us about their struggles and how their time at Regent helped them shape their business practices. Listen in as Claire reconn ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
Best Friends discussing topics and Delaware County. This week's episode, New York City. No special guests.By 2HoesFromDelco
Raed Fares, founder of Syria's legendary Radio Fresh FM, was mowed down by unknown gunmen as he left his studios in rebel-held Idlib in November 2018. The death of the man who fought hatred with humour and laughed in the faces of President Assad, ISIS and al-Qaeda, sent shockwaves way beyond his troubled homeland. When ordered by Islamist extre ...…
On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about how the Supreme Court is still the most critical issue facing the country today. Tune in!By John Gerardi
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Sir Thomas More
The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. Often called the "congressional watchdog," GAO examines how taxpayer dollars are spent. Mike and Ken dig in! Join us! https://pcpodcast.netBy PC Podcast
In this episode, I'm joined by Jaymie Stuart Wolfe, Senior Editor for Ave Maria Press, to talk about women and the Catholic Church. Jaymie helps us to dig deep into the rich theological, biblical, and sociological underpinnings of how the roles of men and women are understood by the Church throughout time. We discuss the role of the priest and ...…
This week we discuss the party leaders Question Time, the tragic murder of Grace Millane (and what we have learned and still need to learn about BDSM), the incredible documentary that is For Sama and the upcoming shortage of middle-class foods. Hold on to your halloumi... And we cover the news that Victoria's Secret have axed their catwalk show ...…
On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about the philosophical differences between libertarians and more traditional conservatives, and what it means for pro-life public policy arguments.By John Gerardi
Dan Cattell speaks on the life of David within our series 24th November 2019By Feast at Dural Baptist
Pastor Ken Clendinning shares with us within our series, Noah17th November 2019By Feast at Dural Baptist
Rev. Bill Crews chats to entertainer Trevor Ashley about his latest show "The Lyin' Queen" at Sydney Opera House 26th November - 1st December.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews replays one of his favourite interviews with singer Jenny Morris about her life and career.By Radio 2GB
Rev. Bill Crews chats to Ian Henschke from National Seniors Australia about ageism and how Australian employers must change their ageist attitudes to realise treasurer Josh Frydenberg's ambition for older Australians to remain in the workforce.By Radio 2GB
Galileo Galilei is widely considered to be the father of modern science and one of the greatest philosophers to have lived. Galileo played a pivotal role in the developments of the scientific revolution, overturning key tenants of Aristotelian physics and most significantly, advocating mathematics as the language of science. For Galileo, the ph ...…
Bas Rutten was born in the Netherlands with severe asthma and severe eczema. He was bullied on a daily basis, so he learned how to fight. Bas started Mixed Martial Arts in Japan in 1993 and became the three-time undefeated World Champion. He immigrated to Los Angeles in May of 1997 and started competing for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in ...…
Debbie Shinskie’s work on behalf of human life was formed in the womb when her brave birth mother made the decision to place her for adoption with loving Catholic parents. Her entire life has been spent in the service of human life and dignity, first as an RN caring for those at the end of life in a level one trauma center, for expectant mother ...…
Debbie Shinskie’s work on behalf of human life was formed in the womb when her brave birth mother made the decision to place her for adoption with loving Catholic parents. Her entire life has been spent in the service of human life and dignity, first as an RN caring for those at the end of life in a level one trauma center, for expectant mother ...…
Domestic abuse in Russia is endemic with hundreds maybe thousands of women dying at the hands of their partners every year. Despite this a controversial law was passed in 2017, which scrapped prison sentences for first-time abusers. Beatings that do not cause broken bones or concussion are now treated as administrative offences rather than crim ...…
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