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Topical Resort
Welcome to the Topical Resort. A place to relax and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with SEGA!
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In the NiGHTS! This show is rather delightful, however you will not see ViPER standing there. However, you won't SEE, but you will hear 2 hours of the finest NiGHTS related banter and a few surprises!
It's time to get nostalgic, for the... not too distant past. Party like it's 2010!
You had a choice of episode, either SEGA PS2 Games, or a Jet Set Radio Special. And well... let's just say we're visiting an old "friend". Remind me to not ask you people anything again...
Bring your Birthday Cake (not that one), as there's a special someone's Birthday that needs celebrating. RISTA... Tails? Sonic?!
On this week's edition of the Troubled Resort, ViPER fights many #ProblemsOfTheWeek while talking about E3!
The Topical Resort continues right where it left off, with the other 7th Gen Handheld! We also get to experience Viper's usual incompetence, and TheWax of Sonic Paradox fame makes an appearance during the Discord Call-in!
It's time to go handheld, or rather, we've taken the whole resort on wheels! That makes it portable, right? Jokes aside, we take a look at SEGA's output on Sony's Portable Powerhouse!
Welcome back to the Mistake Resort, and this time, we don't have a topic and we go over the SEGA News from the past month. It also wouldn't be a RadioSEGA LiVE Show unless there was a #ProblemOfTheWeek!
Get those networks running, because it's time to visit the worlds of Rez and Child of Eden! We take a slight break from some usual segments in order to focus on the great soundtracks of both of the games!
Let's go to the movies! ViPER takes a tour of SEGA's TV Shows and Movies, while missing out most of them by accident!
It's Puyo Puyo Tetris release day here in Europe, so join ViPER as he takes a look into both of the franchises. Watch out for the falling jellybeans and blocks around the park! (Please note we are not responsible for any of the damage caused).
Don't tell the police, or SEGA's legal team, or WakuWaku Sonic Patrol, or anyone for that matter, because it's time to talk about some Sonic Fangames and Hacks!
Welcome back to the Topical Resort, or rather, if you're a podcast listener, welcome to the Topical Resort! Excuse the lack of episode 1. Anyway, in this episode, ViPER takes a look at SEGA's library of modern mobile games!
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