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Topical Resort
Welcome to the Topical Resort. A place to relax and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with SEGA!
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1 year, 1 season, 1 genre. We've already covered it, but because it's lost and it's the end of the season, let's cover Rhythm Games created by SEGA again. Join us for 2 hours of the usual segments, the POPE's very own future tapping game and Shaddix's leaked copy of Bayonetta 3!
Even though this show doesn't really cover years, host ViPER wanted to look at a year that's special to him, as well as a year with great music! Join ViPER for talk, cut segments and words that we shall not say in fear of pronouncing them wrong.
50 episodes! What about instead of doing the normal episode of looking back at the show, we look back at EVERYTHING before us? Join ViPER for 3 great hours of RS LiVE history!
It's time to focus on one of SEGA's finest retro composers, the legend that is Yuzo Koshiro. Join us for talk about the man, fantastic music and of course a fantastic butchering of the English language.
A SEGA Model 2 episode was requested by electricboogaloo, so a Model 2 Episode it is! Join us for some interesting chat about the board, many failed attempts at English, and an abundance of Sonic the Fighters tracks!
We've approached the end of February, and what better way to spend the last Off-Topic of Season 1 than by talking about the news and spam!
Even though it's been covered before here on the Topical Resort, it's time to head back to Bayonetta, this time with ViPER, to celebrate the re-release of the first two games on Switch!
Some artists aren't always appreciated in their own time, and while this applies to the Wii U, probably not to ViPER. Join him for the next 2 hours as he talks Wii U and plays the best SEGA Wii U tunes.
We're finally getting back to doing the episodes that YOU want to hear, and first up on the list is a request by ShaddixCroft, an episode on Hang-On. Great tunes and worse chat coming up for the next 2 hours!
The end of the month is on our sites, so let's read news and spam as we usually do, oh, and a variety of great SEGA tunes as always!
A change of plan in episode brings about talk of SEGA's unloved stepchild of a console, the 32X. Listen to the sweet sounds of games such as Knuckles Chaotix, Tempo and best of all... the 32X version of Doom!
After a while away, the Topical Resort returns to its series of handheld retrospectives to discuss a console from the newest generation of handhelds (At least conventional handhelds).
To kick off 2018, ViPER chose a topic that he knew he'd enjoy, but would also annoy the listeners. Sounds like the perfect combo for irritation but also entertainment at other's expense, right?
What better way to round off the year then by looking back at it? The Topical Resort returns with another opinion episode, where the focus is YOUR favourite episodes!
We're approaching the end of the month, but also year, so why not take a look at the year's SEGA headlines while also playing your great requests?
RadioSEGA's WinterFest is upon us again, and it came down to ViPER to host the first show of the event. This time, we take a look at Winter levels in SEGA games, while giving away some prizes to some smart and lucky guests!
The 11th marks a year since the beginning of The Dreamcast Hour, and what better way to celebrate than spending almost 3 hours doing everything Dreamcast!
Love it or hate it, the Xbox 360 continues the Dreamcast heritage. Listen to 3 hours of pure SEGA/Microsoft Tunes!
The end of the month once again, and that means only one thing, news! On top of that, we also play you tracks eligible for RadioSEGA's Fan Choice Song of the Year 2017 (Which you can vote for at!
The underrated SEGA console finally gets a chance to shine. 2 hours of facts, talk, and most importantly... fantastic music. You in?
The Topical Resort gets a bit funkier this week, as we take a look into the Jet Set Radio series, as well as some games that are sort of Jet Set Radio, except they aren't, but we classed them anyway!
Compilations. Something we've all used many times, but not really something we've ever stopped to think about. Let's talk about them today (as well as demo discs and the SEGA Channel because we decided to count them)!
It's the end of the month so that means it's time to discuss the SEGA headlines that defined October of 2017. However, with it being Halloween, there's a slight spooky twist. Because what's scarier than modern gaming news?
The Topical Resort finally gets round to completing a request that's been there from the start of the show, an episode on the C64! There's music, chat and many, many uses of the words "Commodore 64"!
Thanks to the request of a few people, we return to an old format, the opinion/question based shows! So as for the question asked in this episode, it was "What SEGA games or franchises would you like to see return?"
Thanks to the request of RadioSEGA regular electricboogaloo, we'll be taking a look into the fascinating world of the SEGA/Mega CD!
In this episode, we look at the SEGA headlines that defined the month of September 2017, and also announce the upcoming "RadioSEGA Presents: Sonic Mania"!
Nintendo's "Not a SNES" handheld had lots of potential, but more importantyl, did it have lots of SEGA games and even more great SEGA music? Let's find out!
They can do anything. Tennis, driving, dodgy motion controls. But can they complete the most important task of all: obtaining a new game?
It's the day before 9/9, and which means inevitable Dreamcast epi... Nope! We instead talk about the GameCube for it's 16th anniversary!
With there being so much Yakuza hype around, it's finally time for ViPER to take a look at the series, from the perspective of someone who has little experience with the Japanese megafranchise. There's great music, console wars and... GORO!
It's the end of the month, which means that we're discussing the month's SEGA news. We also stop to chat to you guys, as well as Jamie, AIAI and Simon Shirley in the Discord Call-In. Am I forgetting something? Ah yes, the first play of our new album!
Here at the Resort, it appears to be close to someone's Birthday, so today we're looking into SEGA's party tracks as it's times for another megamix!
This episode is mostly focused around YOU, or rather those of you who were there LiVE, sorry about that. This episode asks the question "What zones would you liked to have seen in Sonic Mania" with various responses from various people!
In this episode of the Topical Resort, ViPER goes on an on-rails journey through SEGA's great and large library of Lightgun games and Shmups!
The Topical Resort forgets the whole purpose of the show and instead discusses the latest SEGA Scoops (We wish that was a game too). From SEGA Forever to Sonic Forces, we cover all of the month's breaking news!
It's Summer here in the Resort, and that means that ViPER is rushing to finish work, as well as making sure his new PC doesn't explode. Hijinks are plentiful!
In the NiGHTS! This show is rather delightful, however you will not see ViPER standing there. However, you won't SEE, but you will hear 2 hours of the finest NiGHTS related banter and a few surprises!
It's time to get nostalgic, for the... not too distant past. Party like it's 2010!
You had a choice of episode, either SEGA PS2 Games, or a Jet Set Radio Special. And well... let's just say we're visiting an old "friend". Remind me to not ask you people anything again...
Bring your Birthday Cake (not that one), as there's a special someone's Birthday that needs celebrating. RISTA... Tails? Sonic?!
On this week's edition of the Troubled Resort, ViPER fights many #ProblemsOfTheWeek while talking about E3!
The Topical Resort continues right where it left off, with the other 7th Gen Handheld! We also get to experience Viper's usual incompetence, and TheWax of Sonic Paradox fame makes an appearance during the Discord Call-in!
It's time to go handheld, or rather, we've taken the whole resort on wheels! That makes it portable, right? Jokes aside, we take a look at SEGA's output on Sony's Portable Powerhouse!
Welcome back to the Mistake Resort, and this time, we don't have a topic and we go over the SEGA News from the past month. It also wouldn't be a RadioSEGA LiVE Show unless there was a #ProblemOfTheWeek!
Get those networks running, because it's time to visit the worlds of Rez and Child of Eden! We take a slight break from some usual segments in order to focus on the great soundtracks of both of the games!
Let's go to the movies! ViPER takes a tour of SEGA's TV Shows and Movies, while missing out most of them by accident!
It's Puyo Puyo Tetris release day here in Europe, so join ViPER as he takes a look into both of the franchises. Watch out for the falling jellybeans and blocks around the park! (Please note we are not responsible for any of the damage caused).
Don't tell the police, or SEGA's legal team, or WakuWaku Sonic Patrol, or anyone for that matter, because it's time to talk about some Sonic Fangames and Hacks!
Yep, nothing wrong here! It's just an episode about Bayonetta, where GreenViper8 has a cold and sounds Australian. What's that? The host reveals themself to be DrScottnik? Well then, it's a Bayonetta special with Scottnik!
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