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In this podcast, Iโ€™m going to chat with the interesting, remarkable, and sometimes downright crazy people Iโ€™ve met from my travels and time living abroad. Iโ€™ve spent a good part of my adult life traveling, and the last decade living in places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines.During that time, Iโ€™ve run into some of the most amazing people you can imagine. This podcast is a forum for me to share their voices, their stories, and give you a glimpse into their l ...
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Today on the Who in the World podcast Iโ€™m super stoked to have on my friend Jen Queen, who I met around 2015 when we both weโ€™re living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Originally from Ohio before relocating to San Francisco, Jen is a world-class bartender and Mezcalier, the term for someone whoโ€™s an expert in Mexican mezcal spirits. Similar to a sommelier โ€ฆ
Meet Gaspar - the "Nicaraguan Ray Donovan" and on e of my best friends. One of the most memorable and positive experiences of my life was the year I lived in a local barrio in the sleepy seaside town of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. There, I met Gaspar, who was sort of like the patron saint of Barrio Chino โ€“ or, China Town. Gaspar grew up right thโ€ฆ
Today on the Who in the World Podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing my good buddy, Trevor Gibbs. Originally from Austin, Texas, Trevor studied engineering and actually completed his masters degree while living in Qatar. He went on to travel throughout the middle east, Europe, Latin and South America, and has 40-something countries under his โ€ฆ
In this podcast, I catch up with my great Aussie friend Clint G, or, 'Clint da Monsta" as I call him. I first met Clint at a remote fitness complex in Cambodia, and we hit it off immediately and started to train, travel, and do a little bit of partying together. Since then, I've hung out with Clint dozens of times throughout Cambodia, in Pattaya anโ€ฆ
In this episode, I'm thrilled to finally chat with my wonderful old friend, Sherli Quinn. I say 'finally' because I've been trying to catch up with Sherli since I started this podcast, but her busy schedule , island lifestyle, and globe-trotting ways kept it from happening. After all, Sherli works on-location for the hit TV show, Survivor, so you cโ€ฆ
In this episode, I sit down for tea with Yohaun Walker, a cool cat I met down here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Originally from the Inglewood area of Los Angeles, California, Yohaun recently relocated to the land of pura vida โ€“ or pure life. Itโ€™s a fitting setting for him to cultivate and grow his tea enterprise, Wadi Grammi (youโ€™ll find out where thaโ€ฆ
In this part 2 of my podcast interview, I sit down for cocktails with Valeria and Guadalupe Montero, Tica (Costa Rican) sisters whoโ€™ve become two of my best friends over the last seven months living in Tamarindo. If youโ€™ve traveled to that sleepy surf town, maybe youโ€™ve even seen Val or Lupe at their Tierra Bendita Cafรฉ. Thatโ€™s how I met them, and โ€ฆ
In this episode I sit down for cocktails with Valeria and Guadalupe Montera, Tica (Costa Rican) sisters whoโ€™ve become two of my best friends over the last seven months living in Tamarindo. If youโ€™ve traveled to that sleepy surf town, maybe youโ€™ve even seen Val or Lupe at their Tierra Bendita Cafรฉ. Thatโ€™s how I met them, and their cute garden cafรฉ wโ€ฆ
๐ŸŽ™ In this podcast, I interview my good friend and Shihan (karate master), Judd Reid. If that name sounds familiar itโ€™s because Judd was my victim/guest in episode #1 of this podcast and more importantly, an international Kyokushin karate legend. I wanted to circle back and chat with Judd since he just released his second book, The Ronin Years: Mas โ€ฆ
Who in the World podcast #5: Sitha Toeung ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ญ From 1975 to early 1979, for a period of more than 3 ยฝ years, the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia committed one of the most atrocious genocides in human history. Under their ruler Pol Pot, this Cambodian genocide killed up to 2.5 million men, women, and children due to starvation, being worked to death, tโ€ฆ
The Who in the World podcast episode #4: Dead Aim Amy ๐ŸฅŠ In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Dead Aim Amy, a Canadian who now lives and boxes professionally in Asia. Now based out of Manila, the Philippines, Amy has 11 pro fights under her belt, bringing her to countries such as Mexico (thatโ€™s a hella sketchy story), Thailand, Japan,โ€ฆ
Who in the World Podcast w/ Norm Schriever - episode #3: Karl Dehesa Karl is a professional basketball player in the Philippines, playing in PBA (Philippines Basketball Assoc.), the top league in that country with surprisingly good talent, including a lot of fringe NBA or US college players. Originally from California and of Filipino descent, Karl โ€ฆ
Today, I interview an old friend I call 'Big Wave' for his love of surfing, leading him to live as an expat in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and more. Big Wave and I used to live in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua at the same time, and we often trained at the boxing gym there, coming to a crescendo when he knocked me the f*ck out on my last day in town! A motโ€ฆ
The Who in the World w/ Norm Schriever Podcast #1: Judd Reid In this very first episode of The Who in the World podcast, I interview Judd Reid, the Australian karate living legend. โ€‹We talk about his 1,000 days training in Japan, winning the heavyweight championship, and, finally, completing the 100-man kumite, or fight. Judd is also the author of โ€ฆ
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