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Best RPG podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best RPG podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Join the RPGFan crew as they play through and discuss classic RPGs and adventure games!
Playing through your favorite movies like RPG’s and totally ruining them
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Episodes go live Mondays and Thursdays! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on twitch.tv/highrollersdnd or catch up on missed episodes on youtube.com/highrollersdnd!
RPG Backtrack is a podcast in which we reflect upon some of the staple titles in this wide-ranging genre.
This podcast is dedicated to the Genesys Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games.
The show that started it all, join us here for our general discussion and GM Theory shows.
Instead of remembering them, we go and play them.
Athena returns to her hometown to root out a conspiracy at the heart of the city.
A homebrew D&D 5e liveplay podcast.
RPGamer’s weekly podcast looks at the latest happenings in the world of Role Playing Games. From video to pen and paper, all is fair game as we go through the week’s news, latest releases, and reviews to keep you up to date on the best gaming genre out there.
RPG Site's monthly podcast where the staff discuss RPG news, share the games that we are playing or covering for the site, and go off on a tangent on current events.
The tabletop RPG weekly news show! News and chat about the latest D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games!
Square Roots is like a book club, but for classic RPGs! Each episode John, Matthew, Jim and Vanessa play through a chunkerino of one of your favorite RPGs, from Final Fantasy through Chrono Trigger. Are they experts? No. Are they qualified? Absolutely not. Are they good at RPGs? Probably not. But they're the fun kind of dumb, and that's what counts.
An irreverent look at tabletop roleplaying games and a little bit more.
Rich and Bill take on the crazy challenge of playing every JRPG / RPG form the 4th to the 6th generation of home consoles! Thats almost 500 games!!! Time for a very long quest! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rpg-golden-years/support
The Switch RPG Podcast is a show focused on bringing your ears the best place to hang out and hear about all things RPG on the Nintendo Switch. We present weekly news and offer our humble opinions for your listening pleasure. Community questions or comments are always welcome: podcast@switchrpg.com.
Professionally produced, UK and Ireland based RPG Podcast, playing Call of Cthulhu 7e and currently playing Curse of Strahd.
A biweekly role-playing podcast set in the Wrath and Glory RPG. Follow the adventures of the mostly competent explorers, Jay, Andrew, and their servo skull companion, Daniel, as they try to survive the exciting, sometimes funny, but always dangerous universe of Warhammer 40k.
An RPG podcast where we pretend to know what we are talking about.
Previously known as The Coriolis Effect, a fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien. Featuring discussion magazine episodes and Actual Play recordings.
Three dudes in a foam covered basement sit down with some microphones and deconstruct roleplaying games in order to figure out why we like them so darn much. The topics may change from episode to episode but each one will rotate around the axis of the hobby of roleplaying. So sit back, relax, and put on those headphones as we look deep into the multifaceted world of RPGs.
Pretend Friends is an actual play pen and paper podcast. Currently ‘venturin in Space Kings. Starring Nick, Paul, and Josh from Continue?! as well as Kevin Cole! New episodes every Thursday.
Jake and Josh go on an adventure through the world of Pokemon, with the help of game master Alan and numerous special guests, in this actual play RPG podcast using the Pokemon Tabletop United RPG system!
A podcast focused on long-form storytelling and character development set in the Eberron D&D game setting.
Join Ron and Veronica Blessing and Tracy Sizemore, as they discuss their favorite RPG, Savage Worlds.
The Class 1000 Podcast is a live role-play podcast using the Classic Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system. Join us for 1990's style gaming!
A tabletop role-playing game show where we learn to become better gamemasters and role-players by filling ourselves with stories and knowledge. We talk Dungeons and Dragons, film history, mythology, archaeology, literature, and much more.
Critical Bits is a new comedy RPG actual play podcast featuring Joel Ruiz as the GM and Paul Byron, Shannon Struuci, and Shelby Lee as the players. It has a bi-weekly Tuesday release schedule and uses the Masks system with the Powered by the Apocalypse rules.
Phoenix Edge is a unique weekly video game podcast that focuses on the RPG genre, as well as more broadly, video game news and listener submitted questions. We also review games such as Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts III, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic.
An RPG Podcast In Which We Take Random Ideas And Turn Them Into Runnable Games. Mostly.
Plot Points is a monthly podcast which discusses table-top role-playing games and their supplements as literature. Our quirky panel discusses games old and new, spotlights innovations in the hobby, and links to literature.
One Shot is a podcast about role playing games. Every month, host and Game Master James D'Amato leads a group of players on a self-contained adventure. Every adventure will be wrapped up in 4-5 episodes in time for a new story, in a new system, with new players the following month. One Shot will explore ever RP system possible to give listeners a sampling of the possibilities in the wide wild of role playing.
Cyberpunk 2020 is a pen and paper/ table top role playing game, set in a dark future, as imagined in the 1980's media (Bladerunner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell). Cyberpunk 2020 is also the inspiration for the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077. Titus referees two pen and paper RPG noobs Pat and Lindsay for their first ever campaign.
Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson of Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. Every week Jeff and a few friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different races, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!
All of Know Direction’s Shows, including Pathfinder and Starfinder News, Reviews, Interviews, and Actual Play podcasts.
I've been playing Skyrim from day one and decided to do a show about my adventures. Since then the podcast has grown and added hosts, as well as, multiple shows. Join in or just listen. You can find us at: ASAPodcasting.comaskyrimaddictpodcast@gmail.com
Roll with Advantage is a tabletop RPG podcast where seven friends sit around a table and play the best game on Earth!
Dramatic RPG adventure in a massive Mega Dungeon. Free gaming aids provided. Dark Fantasy Fiction in the classic RPG style. Listen or play!
We're the alternative RPG podcast! We feature games that aren't D&D from World of Darkness to other lesser known titles.
Five bad-ass women taking on the Galactic Empire! A live action roleplaying podcast using the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.
We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.
The UK's Premier RPG Podcast
TANGO SECTOR— Four down-on-their-luck spacefaring criminals try to eke out a living smuggling and picking up jobs in the highly-regulated world of Tango Sector, where nothing's as it seems and someone's always watching you. THE UNEXPLORED PLACES is an actual play podcast about exploring weird worlds and making bold choices. We are currently playing Scum & Villainy by Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little.
The RPG actual play arm of the Advance After Combat podcast.
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Almost two years since our first Suikoden game journal, we return to the series with three dedicated fans of the series. Our three panelists all agree Suikoden V is a return to form after the fourth entry, with arguably the finest cast in the whole series. Join us as we discuss the first half of the game, the Queendom of Falena, argue over the best…
Each week we revisit a short skit from the main podcast, a year or more back. In this one, a villager aspires to be something more and asks the question what IS a wizard exactly? I mean ANY arcane spellcaster counts, right?By Morrus
Welcome to Bill and Scott's epic review of Final Fantasy VIII. This week the guys dig into the gameplay for one of the most decisive games from the FF main line series! is this the Garden of Eden? Please support the show at https://www.patreon.com/RPGGY Join us on our Discord Server!!! https://discord.gg/6ME7Zn8 Send a Carrier Pigeon or Whatever: T…
Not satisfied with a single venture into the RPG realm, South Park returned in 2017 with another turn-based excursion through a small mountain town in Colorado. Be prepared for language that is in keeping with the source material.By Mike Moehnke
In this thrilling episode, Taiko plays along, Garrod unleashes his power, and Talon takes care of business. Closing Song: "Laserpack" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Get involved! Contact us: By email: shatteredworldspod@gmail.com or Twitter: @EI…
The crew goes dungeon diving, encounter a mythological being, and interact with spikes.By FLYPAPER
Gamemaster and game designer Ty Rucker visits the Dicegeeks.com Tabletop RPG Show today. We talk about running tabletop RPGs as well as how Ty and his gaming group play the Realms of Understreet 5e campaign setting I created. Ty is also one of the founders of Crypt Monkey Games and we discuss his games Jack the Ripper, House of Possession, and an u…
Our Media Partner - RPGFan: http://www.rpgfan.com/index.html Check out our Discord: https://discord.gg/C3zAnQu Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhoenixEdgeRPG Podcast Topics: Pokemon DLC/Mystery Dungeon Remake Announced - 2:30 FFXV MMO Announced - 32:20 PS5 not going to be at E3 - 48:25 Microsoft no exclusives first few years for Xbox Series X - 1:00:1…
* (0:25) Holiday postmortem of our games. Wayne wastes money on nasty food. * (2:49) The case for and against soup, and the dark gluttony of Palladium books. * (9:21) Chad’s preferred cookbook for soups and stews. * (17:13) The Fallout cookbook and old-time cooking. * (20:24) Reporting on a bit of holiday loot. * (21:18) The RWBY board game. * (22:…
https://therpgacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/The-Reviews-Wildermyth.mp3 Hello and welcome to the 5th episode of our ‘The Review’ series, this is our 1st review of a non tabletop RPG. This Review is for Wildermyth a turn based strategy RPG game from Worldwalker games. Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG for …
This episode requires an extended list of apologies: apologies to Beaumont Kin fans, Dominic Monaghan, fans of Outer Wilds, Baby Yoda, Obsidian, BioWare, Bacta afficianados, Timothy Omundson and so many more. This Week: We fly out of Peragus II in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords! Next Week: We fly out of Telos back in the ol' Ebon Ha…
Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast Episode 49 – Founder Focus – Darren West Welcome back to Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast dedicated to all things Genesys, an RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. In this episode of Finding The Narrative we sit down with freelance writer and Genesys Foundry contributor, Darren West, to talk about eve…
Summary: In a hidden chamber beyond The Hall of Dreams, the Tribe of Solus at last encounters The Grumarch. Of Special Note: Level Up for Orson the Elf. Download Chapter 79: The Grumarch of the West Wall Download All Future Episodes & Bonus Episodes -HERE- The following recording for The Iron Realm Podcast by Ashley was used during the Tribal Matte…
What system neutral GM aids you keep in your toolbox, to help you craft your games and worlds? Do you have any that you find yourself coming back to time and again? Announcements Avalon Adventures on DTRPG Random Encounter Gabe aka Eirvit on our forums commented on about The Next Game The metaphor I devised for this, though perhaps I’m talking abou…
It’s Alice’s first appearance of the decade! Ther crew is rounded out by Alex, Anna Marie, Chris, Kelley and Peter who are back to discuss your treasured memories of the last decade, as well as the news, reviews, and releases from the last few weeks. Wasn’t there supposed to be a break from releases…? Question of the Week What’s your most anticipat…
The AI cast members at the theme park became a vital part of the experience; A wild assortment of characters you could talk to who would always remember your name and were always happy to see you. Then things fell apart, and the people stopped coming, and the cast members found themselves without anything to do. So they went out to find out where t…
Murder Hobo Show RPG Podcast - Episode NINE - Lost Colonoscopy Murder Hobo Show is a podcast about roleplaying games in general. We pretend to know what we are talking about, but mostly just make fart jokes and say really dumb things. Plug us into your earholes and let the stupidity sway you into a false sense of safety and comfort. In this episode…
We snuggle into our winter break by playing a session of Ten Candles. So grab some hot coco, sit by the fire, and enjoy the existential horror. Ten Candles Website Email: Polyhedronpodcast@gmail.com Twitter: Matthew (@bioimportance), Scott (@divismalkav), Ryan (@rjuous), @Polyhedroncast, Patreon: http://patreon.com/polyhedron RSS Feed: Link Reddit:…
Listen to Episode 56 of the Switch RPG Podcast, hosted by Gio (@TheNerdBasement) and Jonny (@PunkThisStudios). This week we discuss the upcoming Pokemon Direct, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, some WiiU Port rumors, and much more! Remember, we want your feedback! Just shoot an email with ideas, feedback, rumors, discussion topics and more to …
Coppertop, Teek-K-O, C-Man, & 1-0-1 head to the East River Savings & Loan to try and prevent a robbery. It goes pretty much as you would expect, although it took half the time of last episode to get there.By Gene Hendricks & Adam Worth
Dave as the DM Eric as ? Jesse as Zel "the Small"Matthew as Sir Brighton DriadsonBy gmvader
We wrap up 2019 talking about all the fun we’re going to have to start off 2020 playing Savage Worlds. Game Stores we’ve frequented on our recent travels: Lookout Games, Spearfish SD Isle of Games, Tuscon AZ Denver Area Game Stores you should check out: The Gaming Goat; Total Escape Games; Enchanted Grounds; Crit Castle; Collector Mania; Atomic Gob…
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