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Pistol Shrimps Radio
Pistol Shrimps Radio! Get the thrilling courtside action delivered straight to your ears by venerable sports acknowledgers Matt Gourley and Mark McConville. Brought to you weekly, but seasonally, wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. Support the Los Angeles Women’s Rec Basketball League no matter which jersey you wear.'Fight the rivalry, and feel the bleed. Live to dream, Die for your team.' - Shelly Long
Pistol Shrimps Radio
Pistol Shrimps Radio! Get the thrilling courtside action delivered straight to your ears by venerable sports acknowledgers Matt Gourley and Mark McConville. Brought to you weekly, but seasonally, wherever fine podcasts are downloaded. Support the Los Angeles Women’s Rec Basketball League no matter which jersey you wear.'Fight the rivalry, and feel the bleed. Live to dream, Die for your team.' - Shelly Long
So Many Shrimp Radio
So Many Shrimp Radio is a mixshow podcast hosted by David Drake & Charne Graham. It's recorded live from David's living room in Chicago 2x per month by Chill Hawkins.
The most diabolical entertaining hot topic debate show in the entire universe!!! ...Or just Lobster N Shrimp the show where everything is a topic!
DJ Shrimp Feeding the World
The 411 on DJ Shrimp
Smithsonian Channel Pick of the Week
Satisfy your curiosity with the latest in science, space, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.
Pop Topics
Pop Topics is a weekly podcast from Broadcasting live from Nashville, Tennessee, Matt Boyd and Casey Chahine bring you all of the media news you need, and none of the opinions you want. From Television to Movies, Music to Comedy, Sports and even Fashion - Matt and Casey take hard stances on even the softest of topics. // Tweet us: @MattNealBoyd & @Gymclasstryhard // // Join the babies - Click Subscribe, then Rate and Review // 7/11 was a Par ...
Walkoff Walk
Walkoff Walk's The Furious Five or Frenzied Fifteen podcast is going to be great if we ever figure it out.
Louisiana Eats!
Louisiana Eats! is a radio show for people who cook and people who love to eat well—all with a Louisiana point of view and Poppy’s distinctive Louisiana voice.In each program listeners join Poppy as she meets people who produce, cook, and eat the foods we enjoy and treasure — exploring kitchens and stores, farms and waterways where favorite foods are produced and prepared. And because Louisianans love all kinds of food, Poppy won’t limit herself to shrimp creole and hot sauce!
Tales of the Fish Patrol by LONDON, Jack
Wildest among the fisher-folk may be accounted the Chinese shrimp-catchers. It is the habit of the shrimp to crawl along the bottom in vast armies till it reaches fresh water, when it turns about and crawls back again to the salt. And where the tide ebbs and flows, the Chinese sink great bag-nets to the bottom, with gaping mouths, into which the shrimp crawls and from which it is transferred to the boiling-pot. This in itself would not be bad, were it not for the small mesh of the nets, so s ...
Morgan's Martini Hour
Morgan's Martini Hour is a complete mindfuck, ostensibly parading as a relationship advice podcast where a rotating cast of supposedly regular people give advice to callers that may or may not be real. Sometimes funny, sometimes decidedly serious, Morgan's Martini Hour serves heapin' helpins of absurd comedy, obscure musical interludes, experimental narratives, preposterous games, booty shaking and bone rattling bass, served in a somewhat straightforward manner. Produced and hosted by Seattl ...
On The Seashore by SMITH, R. Cadwallader
This gifted nature writer who is so good at describing animals and their habitat and habits here gives us a look at many of the fascinating creatures that can be found on the seashore. Starfish, the many types of crabs, shrimp, sea weed and finally something called the Precious Wentletrap which I will allow your imagination to think about for a while. His writing is clear and, as always, easy to read. Note that these are presented as educational 'lessons' on the various animals found near th ...
Symphony Sessions
Like that OTHER composer with a similar name (but without the syphillis), Mosart212 (aka Maria JoséButter, aka Boston Blackie) is a prolific creator of bad-ass funky symphonies for the post-modern era. While he’s a DJ’s DJ, he’s also so much more: composer, rabblerouser, crate-digger, beatsmith, Baseball Fury, teacher, curator, writer, bargain-hunter, philosopher, boogaloo shrimp, hep cat, and all-around artiste. Symphony Sessions is a weekly foray into the mind of Mr. Mosart212. One week yo ...
Episode 26 - CEO OF DESTINY
THE JERK? "That's absolutely disgusting! I can't believe you keep stuffing yourself like that! It's so embarrassing to even come here with you. You keep going!" My older sister would stare with disbelief as time after I time I would continue to order another plate of shrimp. You see my friends; I had the core belief that I was designed for the Sizzler "All You Can Eat Shrimp Plate". Mother's Day after Mother's Day, Father's Day after Father's Day I wasn't stopping for no one. ALL GOOD THINGS ...
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On this weeks episode we take a step in to the future and try our best to come up with the new and improved version of Pumpkin Spice Latte that every millennial can slurp up. Speaking of slurping, we also rebrand the Eucharist, and find out who would voice our conscience. Other topics include : Condiments kegs, shrimp cocktail cults, salad play ...…
Juicebox Podcast - Type 1 Diabetes
Bold With Insulin t-shirts are here! Jessica was diagnosed at age 27 while in medical school. Today's episode offers the perspective of a person living with type 1 diabetes who happens to also be a physician. Show notes for people who are Bold with Insulin The Juicebox Podcast is a free show, but if you'd like to support the podcast directly, y ...…
Thomas Olander of Louisiana has been a shrimper and fisherman for about 40 years. He says his livelihood and way of life is dying out because of the growing dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. “The guys that drag across that area, they absolutely cannot catch anything alive,” he says. “Nothing lives in it.” According to the National Oceanic and At ...…
Everything I Learned From Movies
Continuing Japan Month, Steve & Izzy discuss the 2009 Japanese movie "RoboGeisha" that includes everything from ass swords to saw mouths to goblin bras to knee guns to shrimp eyes to geisha tanks to kitana armpits to shabu shabu training and just about everything in between. They also try some wonderful beverages from Henhouse & Draughtsman Ale ...…
Two Fat Guys On The Internet's Podcast
This week Two Fat Guys team up with Jess The Ska Kid to bring you an episode like no other! Robot X is there too! So are some other surprises! FRIG!
The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an oasis in the middle of the city. It is a fun place to spend a day or part of a day any time of year. There are fountains, an indoor conservatory and orchid center, a garden with a view over the Atlanta skyline, a glass windowed restaurant with views over the gardens, Chihuly glass sculptures, and a fun childre ...…
This week on Sailor Moon, it’s a shrimp, it’s a backpack, it’s Tuxedo Melvin! …I really need there to be a spinoff series about Tuxedo Melvin. Download
Fairy Tale Problems
In this episode, B & T rate shrimp, B struggles to understand people who trust treadmills and T does her best Jenny impression. Find us on social at Instagram / Facebook / Twitter. Music provided by Free Music Archive. This episode was produced by Rob Schulte.
What do pirates have to do with tacos?! Rob finds a connection between the two, & interviews Dario Wolos of NYC's Tacombi about how he took a VW bus from Mexico City to New York, all while cooking tacos out of it! Then, this week's recipe is Shrimp Tacos!By (Taco City Tacos).
San Francisco Chronicle Food & Home - Spoken Edition
Shrimp Hush Puppies in the bar lounge of 1300 Fillmore Restaurant in San Francsico photographed on Friday, December 30, 2009. Shrimp Hush Puppies in the bar lounge of 1300 Fillmore Restaurant in San Francsico photographed on Friday, December 30, 2009. Succotash is seen at 1300 Fillmore Street on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, in San Francisco, Cali ...…
In this episode of the Table of Life podcast we are at The Seattle Fish Guys in the Central District of Seattle. You'll hear how the heart of their business is based on family and cultural traditions passed down for generations, as well as the community outside and inside the walls of their venerable seafood market and restaurant. Sal & Des's b ...…
“Look for ways to give back to the community because the more you give back to anybody the more comes back to you.” – Lisa Ramelow You’re walking down 2nd street in Belmont Shores. Your stomach growling with each restaurant you walk by. At one point, you stop at one restaurant. It’s pretty busy. Must be good. Italian? Why not? You take a seat. ...…
Did you hear about Joe? They found him dead in an all-you-can-eat restaurant bathroom after eating his weight in shrimp! Although Joe definitely got his moneys worth, that is a dumb way to die and that's what this episode is all about. Lame Ways To Die is the topic for this weeks episode and it is lame...our picks not the episode.…
Sean Boone talks with underwater camera repair pro, Fred Dion. Sponsor: Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo Show Notes Sea Hunt Nikonos Cameras Underwater Photo-Tech Boston Sea Rovers Brian Skerry Nitrox Rebreather TTL ISO Bracketing Breakwall & San Carlos Beach Ambon Indonesia Muck Diving Maluku Divers Resort Hairy Shrimp Expanded Viewdinfer ...…
Be Well, Be Keto: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results! Includes weight loss, reducing inflammation, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, high blood pressure, depression
1. Tell us about yourself before you found Keto. I was a mom of 4 kids ages 10 and under, married to a chiropractor, thought I was doing things right (gluten free, dairy free, corn free, eating according to our blood types)...but at my heaviest weight and climbing. 2. How did you find this new lifestyle? One friend posted on her personal FB tim ...…
The Lunch Ladies go around the world in 3 sandwiches! From the harsh tundra of Russia, to the shallow waters of a far-east water chestnut farm, to the muddy field of an American meat ranch...that also grows capers. A triple-threat combination of peanut butter and accouterments takes the girls by surprise, while a Pinterest favorite is exactly a ...…
Melinda Hemmelgarn - guest Andrianna Natsoulas, author of Food Voices: Stories from the People Who Feed Us, describes the principles and pillars of food sovereignty, the consequences of fish and shrimp farming, and how consumers can be advocates for food justice Food VoicesBy
This week, Logan and Mike talk about smoking (food), skillets, and shrimp, among other food topics. Learn about some of the resources you can find at your library to help your culinary creativity! There's also some discussion about Jeff Goldblum.
N | The Times-Picayune
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma pushed some unusual creatures and objects ashore. A strange-looking eel was found on a Texas City, Texas beach and a historic-looking canoe was discovered in Cocoa, Fla. In Grand Isle, officials responded to another whale washing ashore. The "whale" was later identified as Risso's dolphin.[enhanced link]WWNO coastal r ...…
According to the United States Geological Survey, 71 of the Earth s surface is water. And 96 of that in other words, almost all of it is ocean. Seeing most of the planet is ocean, you might wonder why it s called "Earth" at all. In theory, it should really be called "Water." And seeing there are billions more fish than there are humans, you wou ...…
Super friends back at it!! In this episode we talk about our hurricane preparations and the mayhem we went thru. We talk about dealing with a bank robbers fantasy and more. FUNNY SH@# PEOPLE!!
hoganj17 on Narro
GumboFor other uses, see Gumbo (disambiguation) .GumboA bowl of shrimp, chicken and sausage gumbo, served over riceRegion or stateMedia: GumboGu... stew West Africa Choctaws Louisiana stock "Holy Trinity" of vegetables celery bell peppers onions okra Choctaw Kombo powder sassafras roux Bantu Creole Cajun gree ...…
Michael Ziebell of Tru Shrimp previews the groundbreaking of their innovative new shrimping operation in the Upper Midwest
1st hour- Phil Farda is hanging around to talk about Comedy Cup, Shrimp Fest, working out at the gym and more 2nd and 3rd hour- Jerry, Devin, Sean, and Vin from the Dovetones are here to play some tunes, talk about local music, upcoming gigs, local music hall of fame and more The post 09.13.17 EC Radio with Zee, Chicken and musical guests The D ...…
Bluest Tape
Sandwich Artistry Panic Sandwiches Everyone loves a good sandwich - whether they are the kind between two pieces of bread or when Panic splits a song in half. This week’s selections are both rare (uncommon) and well done (well executed). We start with a return to Buckhannon, West Virginia (episode 1) and a rare Dirty Business sandwich from 4/20 ...…
This week, we talk about Asian culture, Brian get's passionate about some shrimp, and he makes some bad coffee. We also add some racist soundbites and talk about bad drivers.
Award winning science fiction author, John C. Wright, joins the Men With Chests to discuss many important matters. He regales with the tale of his journey from vociferous atheism to a romantic love of Christ and His Church. We also discuss many apologetics-type issues that convinced him Christianity is the true faith, the role of ……
TOO MANY ERICS! Hey guys, do they play Mayonnaise vs. Ketchup in Shrimp Heaven? Eric H is back to tell us about sea animals playing with ink. Then Eric D has stories about a very special Dorkfest experience you won’t want to miss. And we’ll all learn how to say “plastic garbage” in Chinese as we say goodbye to an old friend. Love, Justin, Eric, ...…
On August 23 we had a casual dinner at Silantra Asian Street Kitchen in Lancaster PA. Tim had a wrap with coconut white rice and shrimp with lots of extra toppings and sweet and sour sauce. I had a bowl with brown rice and beef and also lots of extra toppings and yellow coconut curry sauce. Visit the Silantra Asian Street Kitchen website at sil ...…
On today’s episode, I’m tackling P is for Pink Shrimp and Pink Salmon. Listen here or download on iTunes or Google Play. If you want to read the full transcript, head to my Conservation blog. In the first part of the program, I talk about hurricanes, flooding, and how it affects marine life and fish, including my personal experience […] The pos ...…
In this episode we talk about minute 41 of Beauty and the Beast: Jennifer Dasal from the ArtCurious podcast joins us! We share our love of Cogsworth Minimalist Rococo is like jumbo shrimp If it's not Baroque, don't fix it! We talk Flying buttresses Links Beastly Minute pages on: Growler Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Facebook list ...…
Keep Right On The Escalator #KROTEpodcast
In this episode, we dicuss: America, Jumanji, and the Oxford comma. Plus all your favourite features, Where's Toadfish, Pub Tales and SHRIMP QUIZ
Topics mentioned in this episode: My entry into the record business at the 1974 Billboard Convention My Condolences to the people of Spain #TheGoodNews- Another journal entry in an ongoing series of sometime comedic reflections of life as recorded by Jan Landy for Jan Landy on 08/18/2017 while driving in my car from where I am to where I am goi ...…
Chipmunks! Today the Varmints! podcast goes into the bouncy, teeny squee-makers, chipmunks! Chipmunks are itty bitty rodents with huge charisma and everyone loves them, so, let’s check them out! But first, the news! Listening to podcasts at chipmunk speed? Podcast creators are divided on the issue. “Hmm this sounds like a bunch of chipmunks”. “ ...…
JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)
Learn 10 common English expressions that use the word "tip". You can start using these expressions in your English conversations immediately. We'll go over the different meanings of "tip", and I'll teach you some common collocations with this word. By the end of this English lesson, you will improve your vocabulary, learn useful expressions, an ...…
Viva La Round Girls
This week the Round Girls talk about how we are inspired by you, our listeners. Join us on a very emotional journey this week. We also shout out a few events happening in the Month of August. We hope you enjoy!! Don't miss out on any episodes, be sure to subscribe to our podcast. Like our podcast? We would also love it if you gave us a review. ...…
This week I've had some great interactions with other podcasters, surprisingly in my area. One little twitter follow from a podcaster in my town lead to a rabbit hole of podcast discovery from surprisingly big names in my area. The news this week is coming from all around the world, from Australia to Shanghai. The featured podcast this week is ...…
Michiel Pres. on The Air
TracKList : Michiel Basses & Deepers & Futures : 001 - Zhiwen JIN & Jiaying XU - YUANZOUGAOFEI (Michiel房 Bootleg)2017 ... 009 - Chace & Cesqeaux - Work It (Kaiway Unofficial Remix x Chace Remode) (Michiel van Case Mashup)2017 Michiel DEMO of The Month : ... 012 - Mengyuan XU - 张大仙你是妖怪吧 013 - Michiel van Case - MANLI 014 - JiaoYanpears, Arianda, ...…
His story is that of his own culinary awakening and how it drove his mission to create a product that answers a consumer need. He didn’t know what it was going to be exactly, but he knew there was a different way to deliver flavors in a quick, healthy and innovative way. Five years ago Nate started collecting pieces to the puzzle that would lea ...…
Mac Talk Live - Grand Forks, ND
The MacTalk Head Chef joins us to talk movies and food after Mac updates the latest news on North Korea. Kim reviews the movie Dunkirk (disappointed) and talks shrimp, prawns and scampi.
All Marine Radio - Podcasts
The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef joins us to talk movies and food after Mac updates the latest news on North Korea. Kim reviews the movie Dunkirk (disappointed) and talks shrimp, prawns and scampi.
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