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Best Studio5 podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Studio5 podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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We hope to get inspired together; creating solutions and ideas that will improve our relationships, home, and community. We've found the very best experts to make up our team of Studio 5 Contributors, sharing their advice and solutions for improving our lives, our families and even our dinner menu! It's a show about everything we're interested in and it's all right here at home! Studio 5 is hosted by KSL's Brooke Walker. Please subscribe: http://ksl360.com/studio5-podcast
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Embroidery isn't just a stitch-and-display project anymore. We're taking it to the runway! Big brands are selling embroidered pieces for big bucks, but you can do it yourself for a quarter of the cost! Jennifer Riggs shares how to embroider your clothes to make a bold statement.
Salmon is a healthy meal, and tasty too, if you're into it! Pair with butternut squash to infuse it with fall flavor for a nutritious, seasonal meal. Alex Daynes shares her recipe for baked salmon and roasted butternut squash.
Bathroom linens. There are so many ways to go about them! You can go all out with an extra fold and a frilled out washcloth. Or, you can go the simple route with a clean, layered hand towel. Lauren Oviatt shares the towel formula that works for every bathroom.
It's become somewhat of a tradition around here to instigate a gratitude practice each November. It's the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, so what better time to reflect on what we're thankful for? We know gratitude is something many of you value and try to improve upon, so we're taking it back to the basics this year and throwing out a challen ...…
We're a few days into November, and that means polls are opening soon. Do you feel like you have a grasp on the issues? Or do you need a little more info? While we often ask questions of our candidates, it's equally important to ask ourselves a few questions. Boyd Matheson shares five questions to ask yourself before you vote.…
Getting the kids all dressed up has to get you thinking about your own Halloween costumes over the years! We asked our team to take a trip down memory lane and pick out their favorite childhood Halloween costume.Mindy Dunyon, Chelsea Fairbourn, and Stephanie Bryson share the best looks from years past.…
We love putting on this show by women, for women. But every now and then, we like to bring in a few men for a peek into their perspective. Our "What's He Thinking?" series is our time to catch up with three of our favorites. Frankie Corrigan, Alex Kirry, filling in for Stephen Jones, and Sam Beeson shares their thoughts on some popular topics o ...…
A Halloween dinner needs a few things. It should be warm, it should be packed with fall flavor, and it really needs to be fast. These four ideas check all of those boxes! Wendy Paul shares some fast dinners you can whip up before you hit the streets for some candy.
What is Halloween without a costume parade?! We brought in our whole Studio 5 family to show off their cute, fun, and clever dress-ups for 2019! The Studio 5 Contributors, friends, and Brooke's family all join in the spooky fashion show.
Halloween is prime time to pull out all the tricks in your bag! Spooky special effects will get the giggles from the kids, and will set the tone for a fun night! Richard Romney shares some cool science experiments that will bring on the Halloween vibes.
It might be just a little too late to buy and set up a spooky projector. But there is still some cool, high tech Halloween fun you probably have in your house right now! Amy Iverson shares some fun ways to use gadgets you already have for some Halloween night spooks.
You can't go wrong with a scone. Add in some of your favorite fall flavors and you really can't go wrong! Chef Lesli Sommerdorf with Harmons shares how to make tasty pumpkin scones.
Goals are a big part of life. We all have them, we all try hard to achieve them. And if we keep working at it, they can become habits. But if you've ever failed at a goal, you know that is easier said than done. Dr. Matt Townsend shares his four tricks that will help you turn goals into habits.
You know those houses that go all out for Halloween? The ones that are decked out in spiderwebs and skeletons? Well, the owner of one such house is dishing her secrets for success! Emilie Peterson shares how to DIY an ultimate Halloween house.
Christmas before Halloween is even over gets mixed reactions. But we're telling you that when it comes to cute holiday decor, you gotta get it before it's gone! Mindy Dunyon shares the holiday lines to look out for before they're off store shelves.
A Utah mom noticed that, once her son hit 16, she didn't see him as often. He was out with friends or at practice, so she decided to do something about it. Carol Huff shares how she gathers her son and his friends for Waffle Wednesdays.
Lasagna is our favorite Italian comfort food. Combine that with a fall soup and you've got yourself a perfect cozy dinner! Tom Hackett shares the recipe for a hearty, comforting Lasagna Soup.
The clock is ticking! We're getting closer and closer to Halloween, and if your not quite satisfied with the state of your decor, here's an idea for you. It takes just minutes to make, so really, there's no excuse not add a festive touch to your home! Arlene Alvey shares how to make some spooky ghosts under glass, and some life size ghosts too!…
We love taking a look at the creative genius at work. And this She Makes It is actually, a They Make It! A Utah couple uses their creative brains together to make amazing works of art. Steve and Tonya Vistaunet share how they took on a massive mural for a new bakery opening up in Utah County.
It happens everyday. The kids come home from school in a whirlwind. They're tired, they're hungry, and you're more stressed than ever! Jamie Cook and Shannon Lyon share solutions for the daily witching hour.
We all go through hard times, and one Utah couple has really weathered life's storms. Through it all, they have stayed strong under the banner of faith. Jon and Bonnie Jeppson share the lessons they have learned through the adversity of life.
The littles love the pumpkin patch. And they can be entertained with the simplest of activities. But when they get up to 13 or 14, they're looking for something more exciting. Melisa Osmond shares five fun Halloween activities for pre-teens.
We live in a time where we are constantly connected. But we are still feeling loneliness and isolation all the time. So it's time we broke through those surface relationships and forged deeper connections. Dr. Matt Townsend shares four do's that will help us create deep relationships.
Every classroom party needs a good treat. Got time to go homemade? Go for it. Need to pick something up in a hurry? Not a problem. This idea fits either need. Amy Perkins shares how to dip rice krispies in chocolate candy melts for a creative classroom treat.
It's easy to pick up a pumpkin bucket from the dollar store. Or, let's be honest, out of storage. But get a little creative this year! Give your little ballerina a tutu bag, or your astronaut a rocket. Kris Thurgood shares simple ways to make a tricked-out treat bag for the candy gathering festivities.…
It's the end of the week, and we like to round it out on a high note. Great News is a chance to reflect on some of the positive, uplifting stories from the past seven days. Shara Park and Dan Rascon share the highlights that stood out this week.
Adoption can be a huge blessing for a lot of families. And nowadays, there are a lot of options when it comes to adopting a child. Dr. Liz Hale shares a personal story about adoption that came full circle.
Homemade root beer is good. Creme soda is great. But if you serve black creme soda at you Halloween event? You'll be the coolest hostess around! Amy Richardson shares everything you'll need to pull of an All Donuts Eve party.
Bring a little life to your Halloween decor! Grab a skull from the craft store, bundle up some flowers, and you've just made a pretty, yet festive, holiday centerpiece. Brynn Larsen shares how to put together your own sugar skull flower arrangements.
There are so many activities to enjoy in October! If we were to sit down and write them out, we would probably be here until the end of the month. Britney Anderson shares five of her favorite kid-friendly Halloween activities, some of which are free!
Dyslexia is about more than flipping letters around. In fact, that has nothing to do with this learning disability. It's more about language, and there are some early signs you can pick up on. Dr. Adam Schwebach shares what to look for, and how to help a child with dyslexia.
Do you print? Do you email? The arena of invitations has gotten a little complicated in the digital age. They can be made online, but do you send it out digitally, or deliver in person? Chelsey Curtis shares when to print and when to send, and some great places to make cute invitations.
Frost, freeze, roll! These three steps make decorating the cake just as much fun as eating it! Choose your favorite Halloween shape, roll on some sprinkles, and you've got yourself a festive dessert to serve up. Mandy Merriman shares the method for making peek-a-boo stripes on this cute treat.
You remember the leg warmers, the leotards, the punchy music? Well guess what? Pull out those Jane Fonda tapes, because some of those retro workout moves are a great way to get your heart pumping! Melanie Douglass shares which ones to bring back, and what you should leave in the past.
Messaging within video games is a fun feature. But there are times when it can be a little less than kid-friendly. New filters on the X-Box are changing that. Amy Iverson shares details about the different kinds of filters you can put on video game messaging.
You've likely felt the urge before. "Get bangs," you tell yourself. But once it's all said and done, you're over them by day three! Well now you can try out the bangs without the commitment. Megan Moore shares five different hair enhancers that will give your locks a boost.
We're about a week out from the first big holiday of the season. If you're the extra-mile room mom, you'll be on the lookout for some over-the-top fun for the classroom Halloween party. Maria Eckersley shares three unique game ideas, and a way to do treats without the mess.
Men and women communicate differently. We know this. And it is even true when it comes to emails. When a woman writes in a certain way, it can be received in a differently. Carly Hazen shares six things to never write in an email.
It's a favorite bread for sandwich making, and before now, you might have picked it up at your local bakery. But you can make this chewy, savory, foccacia bread with your own two hands! Amber Eggett shares the recipe for the best foccacia you've ever had!
Ever felt something, but didn't know how to describe it? We started the Word Snob series to help us learn new words, and hopefully help us express ourselves better! Todd Fooks shares three new vocab words to help us express emotion.
We all have one in the kitchen, and we actually use it fairly often. But probably only in one way. The box grater has so many more uses than we give it credit for! Heather Smith and Candace Heward share how to use every side of this misunderstood kitchen tool.
Every party needs some good games. The classics are a go-to, but you can take it up a notch this Halloween! With a few twists, your average party games will be a hit. Brittany Beattie shares her fun spin on these activities for class parties, house parties, and any other party you might have.
The Christmas village is making it's way to the Halloween scene! Don't worry, we're not decorating for the holidays early. We're turning this classic decoration into a haunted village! From super basic to fairly intricate, there's a spooky town for every skill level. Liz Welker shares four different ways to make a Halloween village. Pick one an ...…
She is a talented performer we love to love. She played Glinda in Wicked, had a role in Glee, along with so many other roles. And then last year, she performed with the Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square for their annual Christmas concert. Kristin Chenoweth shares her upcoming projects, details about last year's performance, and her love for ...…
Comfort food, plus a cozy aesthetic, equals the perfect fall night out! The ambiance is half of what makes a good visit to a restaurant. Add delicious food to that and you've got yourself a new go-to! Chelsea Fairbourn shares five spots to get good food and a cozy fall vibe.
You've probably seen these cakes on Instagram. They're perfectly frosted with even, straight stripes all down the side! It might look hard to do, but with a few tricks, this technique is a cake walk.Courtney Rich shares her expert advice for making perfect frosting stripes.
You have that group that you want to get in touch with multiple times a day. Whether it's your sisters, your girlfriends, your family, a new app is helping you connect with them in a different way. Amy Iverson shares details about the new Threads app.
It isn't quite time to retire your green thumb for the winter! This cool project brings the garden inside during the cold months. The Japanese Kokedama is here, and we don't know what we did without it! Bonnie Clayton shares how you can make this sculptural house plant at home.
Parenting can seem like a never ending loop. Get up, get through the day, go to bed, do it all again! But parenting with intention can help us take a more thoughtful approach to our day-to-day. Heather Johnson shares four questions to help you be a more intentional parent daily.
It's very tempting to throw that cute-but-cheap pair of Target shoes into the cart. But if you think about it for a second, your shoes are the most important part of an outfit! They're carrying you around all day, so they deserve the best. Reachel Bagley shares the five pairs of shoes every woman needs in her closet.…
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